Friday, February 25, 2022

Stay away from debt and indoctrination

I went to a junior college not quite knowing what I wanted to do and then I transfer to a 4-year University where I got my degree in biblical literature and Christian contemporary ministries. Overall it was a blessing and the Lord led me into His plan. We learn from our mistakes and I am glad for what I have learned already. But if I were to encourage a young person in education after High School, I would recommend a trade school a vocational school. That is because both public and private schools push very wicked agendas these days, they're not so much about education but about indoctrination and making you a product of the society. Private Christian School, is every bit as wicked as a State school or any other for that matter. Vocational trade schools teach you a very specific skill that will be beneficial for you to have in life. Most likely, you will come out of that school with less debt than a four-year University and you will immediately be able to enter the workforce. This is to great benefit in following Jesus because you can be independent from debtors and ready to go where Jesus calls you, as opposed to being strapped down with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt as soon as you graduate. What are your skills and abilities and talents? What has God given you enjoyment of that is Godly? Use these things for God's glory and His purpose and you will be blessed greatly. But if you pursue worldliness and let the world indoctrinated you, you will become a product of Satan's kingdom.