Thursday, February 2, 2023

Why I deleted my email


I have deleted my warningthepeople1@gmail email due to the constant burden and harrassment it has brought into my life.  Last year the Lord Jesus put it on my heart that each person MUST hear from HIM for themselves. This is just more confirmation that each individual that wants to enter into the LIGHT needs to go directly to Jesus and not to others for personal guidance. If the Lord so wills it, I will however continue to post on YouTube, Facebook, my website, and on Twitter. I actually thought once I deleted my primary email that I couldn't access my channel. Today I was able to log back in and change a few things. If you are a brother or sister who has had translated my videos in the past and would like to continue to do so, you may message me on Facebook Messanger and I can send you a private email. May Jesus bless and sustain those who continue to do His wonderful work online and elsewhere all around the world!