Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Bible Deceived Christians


Bible Deceive Christians

Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I want to just make a short message here while I'm on my way to work in regards to the deception that Christians have about the Bible. See, a lot of Christians think that the very essence or the very pinnacle of good Christian living is reading the Bible and being like what they say, Bereans. How Acts talks about being a Berean and being noble because you read the Bible. But the thing is, as far as English-speaking people or the printing press, the Gutenberg press wasn't even invented until like around 1440. And then the first English Bible wasn't printed for almost 100 years after that. So if you do the math on how long Christendom has been around, the New Covenant, you know, believing in Jesus, His death, His resurrection, the atonement of our sins through His blood. The Bible has been only in existence for even Christians only a few years. Now, the printing press being invented in 1440 and then the English Bible after that, if you do the math on that, approximately 71 to 75% of Christians from the time of Jesus up until 2024, today's date, they have not had access to a Bible whatsoever. Yet they were still Christians. We can't say living in the age of technology and after this industrial revolution of the late or the early 1800s, we can't say now that we're all going to heaven and we're first-class Christians because we have the printing press and we have all this new technology, we have now Bibles on the internet, and so we're obviously going to heaven because we can read the Bible more and we have more access to information. Obviously that's a lie.

So about 75% of Christians in all of Christianity from the time of Jesus till this date, 2024, have not had access to the Bible, yet they were every bit as Christian as we are and they were not missing part of their identity because they did not have the Bible.

From the beginning of time until now, what God has required is faith. He requires us to have genuine faith with actions that demonstrate that our repentance and that we love God. The very essence of our faith is faith in Jesus, knowing that Jesus is the one that we worship and that we must follow Him to the very end. To take Jesus out of the equation, you do not have Christianity. That's why we're called Christians, because we follow after Christ, we follow after Jesus. But you can still be a Christian without the Bible and obviously that's true because 75% of all Christianity existed without the Bible. And I'm just talking New Testament Christians. I'm not talking about people like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I'm talking specifically after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So keep this in mind when Christians try to make you feel guilty or as if you're not a real Christian because you're not educated like they are in the Bible or because you're not reading the Bible every day. Knowing the Bible and knowing the scriptures, that's great and wonderful and it's a blessing and we have the resources to do that now, so you should. But keep in mind, reading the Bible is not the essence and the very pinnacle of our spirituality. What's important is obeying Jesus Christ. How do we obey Him? What does it mean to be holy and righteous? Well, righteous means that we are doing what is right in the eyes of God. And holy means that you're dedicated to the purpose of God, that you're set apart for Him, that you're sanctified.

Now there are a lot of Christians who are holy and righteous for the Bible. They're trying to keep the principles of the Bible. They're sanctified for reading the Bible, but that doesn't mean they're holy and righteous before the living God. They basically made the Bible an idol and they bow down, they worship the Bible in church. They bow down and they worship their pastor because the pastor has studied the Bible and he knows the Bible maybe even through the context of Greek and Hebrew. But that doesn't mean that we are safe and secure in going to heaven and righteous and holy with God because we know the Bible. I think that can be flushed out in our minds, knowing that the Pharisees probably knew their scriptures better than anyone. Yet Jesus did not speak highly of the Pharisees. He didn't say, you're going to be at the right hand of God, I'm going to share my glory with you in heaven. Jesus spoke angrily to the Pharisees because even though they searched the scriptures and they read them, they despised Jesus Christ, they rejected Him. And the Christians today are doing the same thing. They say they received the prophets; they say that they're biblical like the Bereans, yet they most often reject Jesus Christ and His words.

So think about this guys, 75% of Christianity, 75% of Christians to this date have not had a Bible, yet they are still our brothers and sisters in the Lord. They are not irrelevant, they didn't go to hell because they didn't have a Bible, they're not less of a Christian, they're not less of a brother or sister simply because they didn't have the Bible. So think about this because there's a lot of people who think in their mind that being a Christian means reading the Bible. They think that they're better than the rest of the world because they read the Bible. And that is not the fact of reality. These people haven't studied history, let alone studied God at His feet. So we need to really get to know Jesus by His feet. Of course if you have the resource of the Bible, read it. But know that you are judged according to your works and you need the holiness and righteousness that comes from God, our Father in Heaven. Be holy before Him, be dedicated to His purpose and be righteous. Seek out the truth.

I know I have bad signal through here guys, so bear with me here. Hopefully the video is clear enough that we can hear it. If not I can always make this video again later. But we as Christians have to set our holiness and righteousness in Jesus Christ and practice our holiness and righteousness for Him. Not what people think and certainly not trying to obtain holiness how they try to obtain holiness in church. With modern Christianity, with the modern churches, it's very hypocritical because out of one side of their mouth they are always talking about how they are saved by grace alone. It's through faith, not of works. They talk about that because if it was by works then it would be a salvation by works. They say that all the time but then out of their other side of their mouth they act like they have to have all these works to be saved. They have to be reading the Bible every day. They have to go to seminary, and they have to get more biblical. Then they have to pay tithe to their church and go to church every Sunday.

 So suddenly you realize they are hypocrites because out of one side of their mouth they are speaking by faith alone. And then on the other side they are saying, “oh but wait, then there are all these other laws that you have to keep in order to be a Christian like us”. So obviously it's hypocrisy.

As disciples of Jesus, we want to please our Lord and our King Jesus Christ. We want to be holy and righteous before Him. So are we doing that? Is the essence of our faith pleasing Jesus and being holy and righteous to Him? Or have we misplaced that holiness and righteousness by thinking that the Bible is God and worshiping the Bible and thinking that the Bible is the essence of our spirituality? That's all I have for today guys.