Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Fish for men in the right area with the right equipment


Fish For Men in the Right Area with the Right Equipment!

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to make just a short message today about something that's important in the Christian culture and that is the way we fish for men. See Jesus calls us to fish for men. When he called his first disciples he used that play on words. Instead of just fishing, going about our worldly business, we also need to fish for men, calling them into the kingdom of God so that they can be led by the Lord. But the way that the worldly church, that is the Babylon church, has taken these words is to fish for people to get them into their communities, into their organizations and pay tithe and tribute to them. So they have all of these devices to get people into church and mostly it has to do with connecting to the culture and making them feel comfortable in church, which Jesus hasn't called us to look like the culture to make the world feel comfortable.

So when I was in church for example we would have rock bands come play at the church. We would open up the youth building for even totally secular, ungodly bands to come and play and we thought to ourselves, “well at least all of these people are at church”. So one gimmick that the Christians maintain is ungodly music and they think that if they can get people on the church property with ungodly music that then they somehow will be imputing righteousness or imputing godliness into these people just because they are on the church property. One gimmick that a lot of youth groups also have is some kind of ministry that seems cool to kids, maybe it's a skate park at their church, maybe they go BMX biking together, maybe they go and they have a motocross track or something that's really cool. And so you end up collecting all of these people, praise Jesus everyone, you end up collecting all of these people that just want to ride motocross or they just want to skateboard or they just want to see the punk band come to your church. So undoubtedly it is cool, but you're not going to get people into heaven by a cool gimmick.

And that is the first thing I wanted to talk about, but I wanted to share this dream with you that I had just a few nights ago. I may not remember all of the details, but it was quite interesting and it was about this topic. In my dream I was fishing in a certain area, in a certain pond, and I don't know if I was catching any fish there or not, but I met these other fishermen who would fish in a bigger sea, it was like bigger than a lake, possibly the ocean, but I'm not sure, just a big body of water. So I followed these fishermen over to this bigger body of water that was more like an ocean, a sea, it was huge. And when I got there I took my fishing pole and I saw these other men throwing their lines into the sea. And I took my fishing pole and I threw mine in as well. And I had a thought to myself that I didn't really need a fishing line with a hook on it, that was traditional, in other words I didn't need a hook with a worm. I thought to myself, I could probably catch a fish in this sea literally with anything. I probably could just attach any piece of trash to the end and I'd get a bite from some kind of a fish. So in my dream, oddly enough, what was sitting next to me was, it was something that was kind of like a Happy Meal toy, if you can imagine that, if you get a little Happy Meal it comes with a toy for children. So it was this little piece of plastic, this little toy, and I just wrapped this toy to the end of my fishing line and I threw that fishing line into the sea. And sure enough, within minutes I had a bite, I had a tug on my line and I started telling the other people, the other fishermen, see I didn't even need a hook to catch a fish I mean. And so I started reeling this fish in and I could tell it was huge and I was hoping that I wouldn't get pulled into the ocean. So while I was reeling the line in, this fish was bumping along the bottom and hitting rocks and it was dragging along the bottom of the beach. And when I pulled it up, it had already stopped struggling. And when I pulled it up it was a huge fish that was extremely ugly, I mean it had big teeth and it just looked like a sea monster. It was the ugliest green you'd ever seen and I wondered to myself if I could eat this fish and the flesh looked like it was rotting, it was the most disgusting fish you'd ever seen. And the other more experienced fishermen that were fishing by my side, they told me that there wasn't one thing that was edible about that fish, that the only thing I could do is throw it back in the ocean because if I were to keep it, it would make me sick or it would make other people sick. So there wasn't one piece of flesh that was desirable for anything with the fish I had caught. So I just took that giant fish and I threw it back out into the sea and I decided to fish the normal way you would fish, with a fishing hook and with a worm. And so that was the end of my dream.

What this represents is two parts of my life or two parts to anyone's life that repents and comes out of dead religion. See the first part of my dream with fishing without a hook or fishing with some piece of plastic at the end of my line, represents Christians who are trying to fish for men with the gimmicks of the world and with all of the things that Satan has to offer. So Satan says, if you dress a certain way, you'll be able to fish for men because people will think that you're really well dressed, they'll think you're cool. Satan will say, if you just go out to the bar with people and you're an edgy Christian, then you're going to have a lot of friends and you'll be able to be a good Christian testimony to these people because you're in the world and not of the world. So you're trying to fish for men with this plastic, fake kind of relationship. And the kinds of people that you will collect are not the sort of people that are really interested in the gospel. You will notice that they themselves are totally fake and all they care about is the vanity of the world. And like in my dream when I caught the fish, that nothing of the flesh of the fish was good. So these people are that come to church for all the wrong reasons. They're coming to the church for all the gimmicks, for whatever ministry, outreach ministry the church was providing.

And so if we really want to fish for men, a couple things. First we need to be fishing in the right area. When I came to Jesus, He called me out of church altogether. He called me not to fish in church whatsoever because all of the fish there will not be caught or if they are, they're not caught for righteousness. So number one, you have to fish in the right area. The second thing is you have to fish with the things that the Holy Spirit gives to you, the right tackle so to speak. Because if you're fishing with the tackle of men, with fake gimmicks, you're just going to collect people who don't want to hear the truth and who are attached to that gimmick, not to the Spirit of God. So when we truly come to the Lord and when we want to be a light for the world, we have to make sure that our heart is in the right place and that the way we're trying to reach people is truly by the Holy Spirit and by the words of truth that He's putting in us. Being Jesus has nothing to do with being cool and trying to attract people to ourselves by our clothing or by the kind of music we're into or by the sports or hobbies we enjoy. All of those things are of the world and will eventually perish with the world. But the words of Jesus are everlasting and eternal and that is where we have to put our hope, our joy and when we tell people about Jesus, we have to tell people about these things, about holiness, about righteousness, being right before God, what it means to really repent, what it means to throw off ungodliness and false religion. And the people that will listen if we get rid of all those false gimmicks and all those false hooks in the world will be the people that really want to hear about Jesus Christ. But we don't want to waste our time with all of these gimmicks and catching fish, even if it seems like a big fish, because when we catch that fish it will be good for nothing except to throw back into the sea. So we need to stop wasting time as disciples of Jesus with dead religion, with all these sorts of gimmicks.

On YouTube it's the same way. People are looking just for views, they're looking for ways to boost the amount of views they have online. And so they do all of these incredible things to attract attention. But are they making disciples for Jesus? Are they being led by the Holy Spirit? Are they pure in heart? Are they holy and righteous? Or are they just trying to catch a big fish? Anyways guys, that's all I have for today. I want to encourage the true body of Christ to be fishers of men, to stay in the love of the Lord and continue to walk in holiness and righteousness. The Lord wants us to keep our eyes on Him and to continue to do what's right before God. The days that we're living in are evil, they are dark, but the Lord makes the way for His children and He makes the way for us to continue to live righteous and to fish for men. “So Lord Jesus, I pray for my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I pray for Your true church. I pray that people really stand in the light of the truth and that they would fish for men in righteousness, that they would come out and be separate from the world and that we would live by our testimonies, that we would live by Your Spirit so people would see the light of the truth in us and want to know You, not because of our clothing or outward appearance or the things that we do in the world, but because we truly are a light for You and because we're truly leading by example, seeking first Your righteousness and Your truth. So I pray for my brothers and sisters also to truly come out of ungodliness and to be worshiping You in purity and being led by Your Holy Spirit. So I pray this in Your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”