Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Why Are Christians Read to Like Babies?


Why are Christians Read to Like Babies?

Well praise Jesus today everyone. I just wanted to make a short message on this topic of why are Christians read to like children or like babies. The reason why children or little kids are read to is because they cannot read themselves. But if we are an adult, we can read for ourselves. And likely if you've been interested in something you have put forth all the effort, the money, everything that you needed to understand whatever subject you were reading. If you were interested in something you checked out the books at the library that interested, you to learn about that subject.

So why is it when it comes to the Bible do Christians instead of opening the Bible for themselves and reading about it and talking to Jesus for themselves why do they hire a pastor or someone that's ordained in church to read the Bible to them? At the end of the day if you break this idea down why they're doing it it's because they are not interested in the words of life. See anything that you're interested in you will pursue to no end because you love it you want to know more about it. That is why a lot of people search up things that are very ungodly such as aliens. They're very interested very intrigued by aliens, so they get all the information they're watching all the movies about it. They're getting all the books about aliens. Or what about basketball or any sport? If you're interested in basketball, you'll be researching all of the greats in that particular sport, and you will be doing all the work yourself. You will not be asking other people to read the literature for you as if you are an infant. The reason why you have such a passion for it is because you're interested in it yourself.

So clearly the reason why Christians are letting a pastor do all the work for them and going to the pastor as if they're children that don't know how to read is because they are not interested in the words of life. That is very sad and that is pathetic. Christians are on their way to hell because they do not know the one who has the words of life. Maybe they have read the Bible a little bit for themselves. They've listened to a whole lot of sermons, but they've never heard from Jesus. Jesus says that He is the good shepherd and that His sheep hear His voice and they will not listen by any means to a stranger. Jesus actually says that.

And all of these Christians in church, they're uninterested in the words of life and they're listening to a stranger constantly. They pay this stranger to lie to them every week in church. And they don't do the research themselves. They don't crack the Bible. They haven't read even Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and because of this they're going to hell. Do you care about the words of life? Do you care about the things that really matter? Think about this because you probably learned to read when you were in kindergarten and since that time you were in kindergarten you researched every subject that you cared about. If you cared about it, you learned about it yourself. Every resource that you wanted to learn, you gathered those resources to yourself. And so the reason why you are not learning or reading the Bible or praying or talking to Jesus is because you're not interested.

So for those of you that are interested to know the truth and come out of this deception, I encourage you to come out of dead religion. Get away from hirelings as Jesus calls them. That is paid pastors, people that are paid to itch your ears and to lie to you and spread misinformation in church. Come out from among them and don't touch anything that is unclean. Don't let them read the Bible to you. Since the printing press has been made, men have been picking up the Bible for themselves that cared to learn and they've been educating themselves in this matter. You can read the Bible for yourself. You can also pray to Jesus yourself. You don't need to go to a Catholic priest. You don't need to go to the false altars in church. You don't need to go to some paid pastor in order to be a middleman for you in between Jesus and your heart. That is why Jesus died on the cross and resurrected and that is why all power and all authority is given to Jesus Christ so that you can go to Him directly yourself.

You don't need the pastor. You don't need someone who is educated, who went to Bible college. You have the good master to teach you. That's why Jesus also said that if you receive the Holy Spirit, He will guide you into all truth. Jesus says also, call no one on earth your teacher for one is your teacher and that is the Christ. If you believe in the words of Jesus, you will accept Him as your teacher, as your Lord and you will only listen to Him. You will stop listening to those people in church who want to treat you like a baby. Don't listen to them. Don't let them read the Bible to you. Don't read their information. Don't get their book. Put your faith in Jesus. Make Him your one and only teacher. Receive His Holy Spirit and let Him alone guide you because only Jesus has the words of everlasting life.

Jesus is alive. He will give you revelation. He will lead you and your family. He is well capable of being your chief and commander but you have to put your faith fully in Him. You have to be dedicated to Him. Why would Jesus lead you if you've made all these other people your leaders and Jesus is just one of many other prophets that you don't really care about? Because Jesus is a gentleman, He will allow you to go the way you want. He's never going to force you to repent. He's not going to force you to read the Bible. He's not going to force you to pray to Him. He's not going to force you to make Him king of your heart. You have to do that. You have to choose to repent. You have to choose to have faith in Jesus and pray to Him and say, “Lord, please guide me. Show me your truth. Help me understand the gospel. Help me to live for you”.

 But if you don't care about the words of life and you care about all the things of the world, then obviously you're not going to research the words of Jesus yourself. You'll probably pay someone to do it, like a pastor. I hope this makes sense to someone out there who has been deceived by the pastors in church. I hope this makes sense. I hope that you go and research the words of Jesus for yourself. But don't stop just with research. Don't stop just with reading the Bible. Believe the words of Jesus. Receive it into your heart and make Him your one and only teacher. And He will hold your hand and He will guide you into everlasting life. Because Jesus Himself is the way, is the life, and He is the truth. May the grace of Jesus be with you.