Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Following Jesus isn't about joining a local church

Following Jesus ISN’T About Joining a Local Church

Following Jesus Christ is not about joining a local church body, it’s not about anything other than being part of the body of Christ, receiving His Holy Spirit and doing HIS will every day.  Jesus said that His sheep, they hear His voice, they don’t follow strangers, but they will run from strangers.  The Christian church today is full of hypocrisy, sin, vile sins, that even many of those in the WORLD do not commit.  Such hypocrisy GOD HATES.  Christians today are being duped to think that following Jesus means joining a church, getting plugged into a ministry.  But following Jesus has nothing to do with going to church, but everything with becoming the body of Christ.  You cannot be the body of Christ with sin in your life.  You cannot be the body of Christ simply by getting together with other so called “believers”, that is hypocrisy. (playing church)  You can be part of the body of Christ even if you are stuck on a submarine on the bottom of the ocean, or on a satellite somewhere up above the earth.  No matter where you are, if you are a child of God, if you have received His Holy Spirit, you are part of the body of Christ (not because you play church, but because you belong to JESUS) This deception about the “localized church body” is manipulation, it is wickedness.  This is satan’s way to control Christians WHO ARE NOT HEARING THE HOLY SPIRIT!  Satan tells them, “You have to be part of one local church, you have to give your tithe there, you have to submit yourself to the authority there, hear your pastor, listen to him…”  And because satan controls the pastors and the churches, because he has made them into a business, then he will control and manipulate you and your family and walk with you to hell.  Satan is on his way to hell, and he is taking as many Christians as he possibly can.  Satan will be right there by your side, walking with you, taking you and your family to hell IF YOU ALLOW him to.  Don’t be part of these local churches.  Don’t be part of their communion, don’t be part of their prayers, don’t have anything to do with the churches that are 501(c)3, don’t have anything to do with these government churches, the churches that are on all the street corners in the cities and the towns, in our communities, those are NOT the TRUE church.  The true church IS THE BODY OF CHRIST THAT FOLLOWS THE LAMB WHEREVER HE LEADS.  They are HOLY, they are separated for the PURPOSE OF GOD!  They will live for Jesus Christ and DIE FOR HIM!  They honor the brothers and sisters in the Lord because they are PART of the BODY OF CHRIST, not because they are manipulated into a church to pay tithes or to do religion on Sundays.  Don’t be duped by this foolish organization, organizations of men, owned and operated by men and controlled by satan.  Come out and be separate, have your family be separate.  You need to be separate.  And don’t JUST come out of church, but let all church come out of you and out of your family.  Don’t think they way that they do.  Be completely separate and sanctified and HOLY for the purpose of the HOLY SPIRIT of the Living GOD to be working through you.  Otherwise you are not part of the Body of Christ, that is the TRUE body of Christ, that worships the Living GOD in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  The true church is not bricks and mortar, it is not just a group that meets in a home or a house, but it is those who hear the Spirit of the Living GOD in their souls.  He is working through their heart, He is changing their mind.  Are we part of the true body of Christ or are we just running around joining local church bodies, like the hypocrites, the heathens, the infidels and those who refuse to come into the glory of God, who refuse true repentance.  Are we being deceived and duped by satan?  Satan will go with you to hell if you let him, he will take you there, but it is YOUR choice if you will follow satan or if you will cut off wickedness from your life and join the true body of Christ, if you will follow Jesus Christ with ALL your heart, all your soul, all your might and all your strength!  You can’t follow Him unless you are separate from ungodliness.  Separate yourself from people that are ungodly, family members that are ungodly.  Separate yourself from bad habits, from cursing, profanity, dirty jokes.  Separate yourself from everything that is vile on TV and on the internet, pornography etc… all these things will pollute you.  Sin will take you and your family straight to hell.  I warn you that these day are serious.  We could be dead tomorrow and you need to worry about the afterlife, not about the stock market, not about Covid, you need to worry about your soul’s destination!  You cannot control if OTHER people go to heaven or hell, but you have control over your OWN life.  You can choose to repent.  Jesus will not force you to repent.  He will never force anyone to follow Him with all their heart.  YOU have to choose to follow Jesus.  He has made the way for you to repent with His own blood.  Jesus resurrected from the dead, HE IS ALIVE.  He is willing to lead you and guide you, he loves you, but unless you dedicate your life to Him and get away from people that are causing you to sin, and to do evil, you won’t be able to follow the Holy Spirit, you will not be able to receive His Holy Spirit.  Get out of church, get out of worldliness.  Follow Jesus with all your heart or you will perish.