Saturday, October 7, 2023

Is the bible made by man?

 Is the Bible made by man? 

There are some people who disregard the Bible. They say it was just made up by man. Man fabricated it. There are the sorts of people who are always trying to make excuses about the Bible, why not to believe in Jesus Christ. They will say, "The Bible has so many errors in it, I just can't believe it. I can't believe Jesus was a real person because probably people just made up the Bible and it's been changed so much I can't believe it." They have all kinds of excuses to believe and to make themselves believe that the Bible is not valid. They love to talk about how the Bible over time must have been not even close to what it used to be. All of those lies that people have tried to spread around the Bible have been proved to be false years and years ago. 

We know for example when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the accuracy of what was found at the Dead Sea Scrolls compared to what we have today was virtually 100% accurate. So you can't say that the Bible has just mutated, it's just changed, it's either supernaturally changed or it's been changed by men or it's just been inspired by men. God spoke through His prophets. He spoke through men of God. Men like Isaiah who were filled with the Holy Spirit. People like Daniel. Even Nebuchadnezzar. Even men who you wouldn't think were men of God. They were having dreams and visions and the Holy Spirit was speaking through them. And the scriptures that we have today are incredibly accurate and it's incredibly compelling to bring us to Jesus Christ or incredibly damning if you reject Jesus Christ. 

There is enough about Jesus Christ in the scriptures to send you to hell if you reject Him because the truth is Jesus was a real person. He wasn't a fictional character. And there is a lot of evidence, as much evidence as the world exists, that Jesus was a real person. He lived, He died, He resurrected, He had a physical body and then He ascended into heaven. He paid the price on the cross. The Bible is accurate and the Bible is true. It was not just made up by men and then changed over the centuries as many mockers and haters want us to believe. If you're not sure about that fact, look up the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls that they found date way, way back, much farther than the manuscripts we had prior to that, prior to, I don't remember when it was, 1970, whatever, 1975, 1979, whatever it was. But they compared the scrolls to what we have today and to our amazement, they were preserved and what we have is accurate and true. 

The gospel is true. If you're not sure about the gospel of Jesus Christ, you can be assured that Jesus is true, that He died, He resurrected, and that He is your only hope of salvation. If you're not sure what the gospels are, you can read them. They are the synoptic gospels found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There are slight variants between them. The hand of man testified about Jesus and the hands of man recorded things about the word of God being Jesus. So with men there are always errors. There are some people that like to say that the Bible is 100% accurate, no errors, no spelling errors, nothing like that, which it's virtually impossible to find any Bible with no errors. If you look up Zondervan printing and you look through some of their Bibles, you can find basic errors in pretty much all of their Bibles, I'm sure. But that doesn't mean that the word of God is imperfect, meaning Jesus Christ. 

God had men testify about Him. And the word of men about Jesus Christ is true. The word of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is true. But we also have a living God who testifies about Himself through His Holy Spirit. And He is still doing signs and wonders today. God is not stuck in the Bible. God is not dead. He is not stuck in the walls of a church, or an institution, or a religion. Jesus is alive and if you pray to Him and say, "Lord who are you? I don't know you, I've never known you, I've prayed to you, I haven't heard anything, I've read my Bible, I haven't felt anything. Please reveal yourself to me in a way that makes sense to me." And if you pray with the sincerity of your heart, the living God will reveal to you who He is, because He is alive, and you are His child, He made you. 

We are the sons of God, made in God's image. We're not the sons of Satan. We're not the sons of a demon, or the sons of an alien, or the sons of the creations of this earth, as if earth made us. God made us out of the dust of the earth, but nature itself did not make humanity. Aliens didn't make humanity. Some aloof god that doesn't have a name did not create humanity. But Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, made people. God made people in His own image. He made us body, soul, and mind, as Jesus Christ is also body, soul, and mind. If we want to know the truth, we will go to Jesus, we will learn from Him, and we will accept what the Holy Spirit said through the prophets, and the inspired scriptures that the prophets wrote in the Bible. Believe what the prophets wrote, believe in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, be baptized, put your faith in Jesus, and you will live. 

But if you reject what Jesus said, if you reject the Gospel message, if you reject what is recorded in the Bible, you will also die, you have no hope. There is no hope in dead religion. There's no hope in purgatory, no hope in the Catholic Church. There's no hope in the dead religions of this world. But there is hope in Jesus Christ. And if you repent of your sins, and put sin behind you, and get right with Jesus Christ, He will save you from hell. He will save you from your sins that are taking you to hell. He will give you a new life, and He will bless you. It is not God's will that you go to hell. It is not God's will that anyone dies and goes to hell, but that all of us are reconciled to Him and have life. What holds you back from following Jesus? Stop making excuses and put your faith in Jesus Christ, and you will live.