Sunday, October 15, 2023

Two Kingdoms At War and an Eclipse

 Two Kingdoms At War and an Eclipse

We know that in the end times there will be signs in the sun, the moon, the stars. All of these signs will point to the coming of Jesus Christ. For those that are in the world, they will hate it. They will try to deny it. But those who are with Jesus Christ, they will rejoice because they know Jesus is coming quickly to this world to punish the wicked while giving the righteous the kingdom. We know about the war that's going on that has started in Israel. We know what Jesus said when you see Israel surrounded by armies, know that her destruction is near. This is not a war of good and evil. This physical war is evil versus evil, perverted men fighting perverted men. And the nations get involved with it, trying to make people choose one side or the other. 

By the way guys, right now there is an eclipse going on in California. You can see it actually right at this moment. And these signs are to show us about the imminent return of Jesus Christ, that He is coming, that we must prepare, that we need to be ready for whenever He returns. There is witchcraft going on in my town right now. There has for the last few weeks, serious witchcraft, I mean real witchcraft. They do their seances when the sun looks like this. They try to call on the spirits of the earth. They try to rub their stones in their crystals. And we have to pray against the witchcraft of our towns and our cities. The two kingdoms I am speaking of though, I am not speaking of Israel versus some other nation that is coming against her. But the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of this world. These are two huge kingdoms. And it is the same as the spirit of God and the spirit or the flesh that is in us. These two war against each other. The flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit wars against the flesh. And the one who will win will be the one that you feed, the one that you give authority to. 

The people of this world of course give power and authority to the beast. They give authority to Satan, to demons, to witchcraft. Their prayers are not to Jesus Christ for repentance. But they are prayers to the earth for their own glory, for their own satisfaction. How the economy works and how everything works is the more money you have, the more liked you are. The more that you can give to the economy, the more that you can help your community. The more friends you get, the more powerful you become. And so the better that you look, the more healthy that you look, the more money you can make, the more impact you can have on your community, the more friends you will get and the more people you will be able to influence and the more people want to be around you. They appear to love you, they will do good things for you. You will have all the worldly things, a nice house, a nice car, people that look good around you. But as soon as that crashes, as soon as God takes away the money, then all your friends will leave you and you will have nothing in this kingdom and you certainly will have nothing in the next kingdom, that is the kingdom of heaven. 

These two kingdoms are warring and either you are part of one or the other. Not to say that Christians don't operate in the world, we are in this world but not of this world. All of us have to make money and we have to be men going out and working. But that doesn't mean we do as the world or we chase after money or we serve mammon. The people of this world will do anything for money, power, fame, looks. It's very vain and when everything comes to an end, they will realize that they have no true friends, no one really loves them, no one cares about their soul. And because they rejected God and spent all their time and effort rejecting God, trying to prove God doesn't exist, trying to prove that they don't need Him. When they need God most, God will reject them because they have rejected Him. If you deny Jesus, if you reject Jesus, He will reject you. But if you put your faith in Him, if you submit to Him, if you surrender to Him and become His slave, then He will receive you and He will bless you and you will be His servant and friend forever. We want to be the servants of Jesus Christ. We want to be slaves of righteousness, not slaves to sin and to money. 

Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and mammon. Mammon is the name of a demon. The demon that says that he will provide for you and that you don't need God. He will give you all the money you need, he will give you the milk and the honey, he will give you all the provision you need. You just have to bow down and worship the devil. If you bow down and worship the devil, then he will be your security, he will give you everything that you want. You just have to sell him your soul. So whatever price that you put on your soul, whatever it takes for you to bow down, the devil will have you do that. He will gladly accept your soul because he knows that he will take you to hell. The end game is to take souls to hell. That's all the demons want. The demons are already going to hell. The battle is already lost for the devil. 

But how many souls can he take with him to hell? How many people can he convince to serve money, to serve the wealth of this kingdom here in this world? How many people can he get attached to things that don't matter, that are only temporary? So many people have their focus on the wrong things. They're not focused on Jesus, they're not focused on the kingdom to come, they're not focused on righteousness. They're focused on all the things that don't matter. And as soon as God points this fact out, as soon as the nations collapse, as soon as there's a food shortage, as soon as there's no more money, all people's friends will leave, all their provision will be gone, they will have no God to cry out to. Even though they were religious and had church, even though they had their communities, they will have nobody come to their aid. Will we serve Jesus Christ? Are we part of His kingdom? Will we be with Him to the end, during these end times? Or have we found our security in the kingdom of the world? Have we bowed our heads to Satan, as the kingdoms of this world have? 

I hope during this time, these end times, that your faith is really in Jesus Christ. I hope that you know Him. Do you know how to pray to Him? Are your prayers answered? Do you know that you have a connection with God because His Holy Spirit is in you? Do you hear messages from Jesus Christ continually because you're His child? Or do you have a severed relationship, you can't hear Him? Have you abandoned your faith? Have you backslid? Have you went into sin? Have you trusted money? Is all your trust in your own arm, in your own provision? As things progress, will you learn that you don't really hear from God, you don't know Him, and you're on your way to hell?

 I hope the times that we live in, this message, I hope something wakes you up to the truth that you need Jesus Christ in your life, that you need to serve Him, you need to serve Him. He's the only one that offers true love, true hope, true peace, true security. All those things that come from heaven. So what kingdom do you belong to? Do you belong to the kingdom of God? Do you belong to His heaven? Or do you belong to the kingdom of the world that is coming to an end? 

Well I want to pray for the true church, for those who will pray against witchcraft, who will stand up against evil, for those that want to come out of sin. “So Lord Jesus, I pray against the witchcraft that is in my town and others during this time of this eclipse, and this war that is going on. I pray that evil will fall, that evil will perish. I pray that you destroy the kingdoms of this earth, the kingdoms of wickedness, the kingdoms of Satan. And we pray that your kingdom, Lord Jesus, is set up forever. I pray for your true church, that they would have strength and power to overcome sin, that you would unshackle them, that they could be set free to be your bond servants, to live in the newness of life with you. I pray that those who want to know you, Lord, will confess their sins, that they will repent of unrighteousness, and that they will serve you with all of their heart. I pray that you give your children the ability to live for you in complete purity, and that they receive the gift of your Holy Spirit, and that they follow you with their actions, not just their words. So we pray this in your name, Lord Jesus, Amen. ”