Saturday, February 24, 2024

Being a Good Christian Republican won't Get You into Heaven

Well, praise Jesus today, everyone. I just wanted to make a short message here while I'm driving to my next job. And what I wanted to address is the fact that being a good Christian churchgoer, or being a moral person, or being a good Republican that wants to see our country turn around, will not help anyone enter into the kingdom of God. See, Donald Trump does stand for a lot of things that are true. And all of us know that he has character flaws, and he's not a godly man. He does stand for things that are traditionally good for Christians. He's against abortion. He's even against alcohol and tattoos and things that are not traditional for Christians. And that is wonderful. But it is not good that Christians are not really putting their faith and their hope in Jesus.

If you're putting your faith and your hope in a country or in a person or in a kingdom of this world, you can know that your empire or your president or your earthly king is going to let you down. And secondly, even if we do achieve a Republican presidency, where there are primarily Republicans in office, and the churches can have freedom, and all of those things that we want as Christians, you know, even if we can uphold the sanctity of life and be against abortion, even if we can achieve all of that, guys, that doesn't mean that we have entry into heaven. It will likely help the economy, and less babies will be aborted, and hopefully they will make some laws to keep homosexual agenda, LGBTQ, out of the curriculum of the United States, and all that kind of stuff. But even if that is achieved in America, and we hope it is, that does not mean that people are now saved and entering into the kingdom of God.

I hope this message makes sense to someone, because this is a really critical thing to understand. It seems that a lot of Christians suppose that because they're good moral people, and because they prayed a prayer in the past of salvation, and because they go to church or read the Bible, they suppose that they're going to be given access into heaven. That's not how it works. If we want to be accepted by Jesus Christ, we have to daily deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Jesus every single day to the very end of our life. And very few Christians are doing that. Most Christians want to have religion. They want to listen to their pastor, they want to go to Greg Laurie's church, or they want to listen to whoever the latest, most popular pastor is. They like all of these Hollywood sort of preachers, and people that sound good.

But who is standing up for Jesus? …that follows men, that follows the traditions of man, that follows all these ideas of the churches that are not true…Sadly, the American church at their core is following men. They're following their traditions, and they're following God their way, and they're not following God the way of the Holy Spirit, they're not following God Jesus' way. Very few Christians hear from Jesus. They do hear the preacher on Sunday. They hear the prophets, they listen to the 700 Club, they read the books that are coming out in the Christian culture, and they watch the movies that are being put out by the Christian pastors, but they're not really hearing from Jesus, and because of that they are spiritually lost. The men can't really be men, the women can't really be women. Families are broken, and that is because people are putting their faith in church, they're putting their faith in the Bible, they're putting their faith in Christian pastor, Christian doctrine, and all these Christians that are in this deception think that as long as they get Donald Trump back in, then their churches will be empowered to have more powerful worship sets where more powerful people are playing guitar up there, and they think it's all about their church ceremony, they're very deluded.

Following Jesus is not about going to church, it's not about doing worship in church, it's not about reading the Bible, following Jesus is about knowing Jesus, hearing His voice, and then going everywhere that He leads you to go. That's why Jesus said, my sheep hear my voice and they do not listen to strangers. Today we have a whole generation of Christians, a whole nation, a whole church of Christians that don't hear the voice of the Good Shepherd. And that is very sad because these Christians, even though they may get Donald Trump re-elected, even though they may get a powerful speaker at their church, although they may sing powerful worship hymns in church, they're still headed to hell because they're not following the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. They're following God their way. They're worshiping God their way. And because of that they can't follow Jesus, they can't truly be washed clean, and sadly they will not enter into the Kingdom of God. They are the five foolish virgins that have a lamp but it has no oil. Not only do we need a lamp, but we need oil in our lamp. It's like having a flashlight without batteries.

 And these Christians proclaim Jesus, they proclaim the Bible, they say they believe in the Scriptures, and they believe that Jesus died on the cross, resurrected from the dead. It's as if they have that lamp and they want to shine but they have no oil. So the question that I have for you today is, is there oil in your lamp? Do you really know Jesus Christ? Or are you like the nation of Christians that are just trying to get Donald Trump elected so they can just get back in church and just do worship and do Bible study as they always did in their churches?

Are you deceived by religion like most of this nation? Or do you really know Jesus Christ? Are you His lamb that is following the lamb wherever He leads? Do you follow the Good Shepherd? So that's my question for you guys.

If you call yourself a Christian, do you really hear Jesus Christ? You know, Christians all pray, but not many Christians are hearing Jesus back clearly. They hear their imagination, they hear the pastor, they hear the celebrity preachers, they hear the movie actors, and they hear the devil. All the time Christians are reporting that they hear Satan. They hear evil spirits in their minds. But they don't hear Jesus. That is a big problem. I want to encourage you to have a prayer life, to learn to hear Jesus Christ, to learn to obey Him, to dedicate your life to Him. And that way you can be saved. You can put your faith in Jesus Christ and obey Him and walk with Him to the very end of your life.

So I want to pray for you, if you are someone who is out there that does want to put your faith in Jesus, maybe you know that you're not hearing from the Lord. Maybe you know that you're just playing religion and that you're lost in church. Maybe you've been going to church for, you know, 3, 4, 5 decades and you know that you're not right with the Lord. I want to pray for you that you might come into a real relationship with the Lord, that you might be baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit. And in these times that we live that you might really walk with Jesus. “So Lord Jesus, I pray for your true church, the true body of Christ. I pray that people can come out of darkness and out of the deception of dead religion that leaves people void and empty even though they continue to read their Bibles and continue to go to church and continue to listen to sermons. We know that you Lord Jesus are the only one that has the power to save, not these pastors that are writing books and making movies and trying to build mega churches and kingdoms on this earth. We want to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And I pray Lord Jesus that you bring your flock into you that they may hear your voice and worship you alone and be led by you alone. So I pray for the true body of Christ. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord that they may come out of dead religion, that they may come out of sin and be unshackled from anything that binds them to worldliness and deceptions of dead religion. I pray this in your name Lord Jesus. Amen.”