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Most Christians are Going to HELL, Here is Why


Most Christians are Going to HELL, Here is Why

If we confess our sins, God is faithful and he is just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  As Christians, we know this verse. We know that the Lord will cleanse us.  So we can't let the devil accuse us and tell us that we can't change, that we've committed too much evil, so we're not worthy of the Lord's blood.  Jesus did not come to die and shed his blood for the righteous, but for the sinners.  And we know that from the gospel. But even though we know this to be true, even though we know the gospel and we know what Jesus did, praise Jesus everyone, even though we know what Jesus did, most Christians that you get in contact with or that you just talk to in your everyday life have not changed.  They haven't repented. They haven't put off sinning. They haven't confessed their sins.  They're living the old life. They don't have a real testimony. And they think because of their church doctrines that they're going to heaven because once saved always saved and that Jesus' blood is covering over them.  They think they just can believe in God and they will be saved.

But what did Jesus actually say about this?  Jesus said, whoever sins is a slave of sin and a slave will not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever.  Therefore if the son makes you free, you will be free indeed.  In other words, Christians who continue to sin, even though they believe they're part of the household of faith, the household of God, they're going to be cut off from the household of God eventually due to their sin.  They won't be allowed in through the doors into heaven. They will be rejected.  God will say away from me, you who commit iniquity.

And sadly, this will be the end of most Christians, not just some, not just a few cases, but most Christians will be rejected at the gates because they never put on righteousness.  They didn't ever believe the gospel that they could be set free from sin. All throughout our culture and almost every single church, they're preaching this false doctrine that you can't stop sinning;  You're saved by Jesus' blood, but you don't have to do anything, brother.  They will say, you can just try your best, but none of us are perfect.  Just get into church because church is a place for sinners.  But they're not preaching holiness, they're not preaching righteousness, and they're not telling people what Jesus actually said, which is whoever sins is a slave of sin and a slave will not abide in God's house forever.  Eventually the sinning Christian gets cut off.

Time is ticking.  All of us have a certain amount of hours, seconds, days that we live.  And that is set for you and that is set for me. No matter how much technology changes and gets better, no matter how much they choose to do stem cell research or AI technology, no matter what comes up, we will still die.  We have a set amount of time to live. And then after that comes the judgment, and each of us will be judged according to our works.  That's what Jesus said. You will be judged according to what you said and what you did.  And either Jesus will say to you, enter into my kingdom, you who have done my will, you are my servant, you are mine.  Or he will say away from me, you who commit iniquity, I don't know you. 

And sadly, many Christians will be rejected because they never truly repented.  They believed in the blood of Jesus, they believed in Calvary's cross, they believed in the words of Jesus, what he said and the Apostle Paul, but they never really repented and they didn't come into a real relationship with Jesus. 

The other day I was listening to a sermon that happened to be playing on the radio and I just listened to a little bit of it and it was very sad because this pastor was trying to convince people that they didn't really need a testimony.  The pastor was saying how there's people that have big testimonies of, they were drug addicts or they were gang members, but you don't really need a testimony.  His point was that no matter what walk of life you are, you do have a testimony.  But what I realized was, those people in church don't really have a testimony for Jesus because they've never really repented.  They've never come into the light of the truth.

So many Christians are born Christians.  They're born Catholic, they're born Baptist, they're born into Bible study, they're born into the house of a preacher.  And in their life they're told, you're already a Christian, you've believed since you were eight years old.  And so they think that because their parents were Christians and they've been raised in church that they're already good people and they don't need to meet Jesus.  They're convinced they're already good enough. So these people never get to have a real experience with God.  They never reach the Lord in prayer. 

Church has deceived many Christians into thinking they're good enough to get to heaven just the way that they are.  So they don't repent of their sins, they don't change, they don't cry out to God for mercy or for help.  They're like the Pharisees. And Jesus said to the Pharisees, it's not the healthy that need a doctor, but it is the sick.  If you realize that you're sick with sin, even if you were born into a Christian home, even if you were born into church, then you have hope.  You have hope to call on the name of Jesus no matter what your walk of life is. Even if you realize that you're a sinner.  But as long as you think that you were born a Christian and that you had good parents and you're already making enough money, man, you're already healthy enough.  You don't need God.

Jesus came for those that need help, that realize they're a sinner, that realize they need redemption, that realize they're empty on the inside.  There is a lot of wealth in the United States. People become millionaires and billionaires.  Yet even though they have everything, they've had the religion that they've wanted, they have the money that they want, they have all the possessions, they still find that they are empty on the inside.  The only thing that can truly satisfy us is the love of God, is the truth of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that He is the truth, the way, and the life. And there is no other way to God except through Him.  You can't get there through money, you can't get there through church attendance, you can't get there through Bible study, you can't get there through knowledge. 

We know that in the beginning when Adam and Eve were in the garden, there was the tree of knowledge.  And I suppose many people believed that through the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that they could enter into the understanding of God and into eternity.  People today treat knowledge as a religion. If you go and get more and more educated, if you know more and more of the secrets of the universe, then you can be liberated and set free and be happy.  But what you find the more you study, is the more depressed you will become and the farther away you will be from God.  If you seek after knowledge and the things of this world, and just all the doctrines of the Christians and the Nicolaitans, you realize how depressed you are. 

The only thing that will satisfy us is Jesus Christ Himself, coming into a relationship with Him, receiving Him as our Lord and Savior and obeying Him.  Everyone is looking for something greater than themselves. Everyone is wondering, when I get to the end of my life, will my life have meant something or did I live without purpose?  Every soldier, every warrior, every teacher, everyone is hoping that they can live for something bigger and that when they die they donated something, some amount of information, something that was beneficial for the world.  We hope to leave the world in a better place. But people live their life and they come to their end and then you have that R.I.P. above your grave and your whole life is just that little dot between two dates.  And no matter what you did, it will all be meaningless if it wasn't done in the truth of Jesus Christ, because Jesus is the truth, He is the way and He is the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. 

I am here to tell you, you are wasting your life today if you have not put your faith fully in Jesus Christ.  Maybe you are here today and wondering how you can come into the truth, how you can better your life, how you can live a life of purpose and nothing you have tried means anything, you are depressed, you are lost, you have already tried church, you have already tried Christianity and still you don't find any joy.  That is because you have not fully dedicated yourself to Jesus Christ. Maybe you dedicated yourself to knowledge, you have dedicated yourself to religion, maybe you dedicated yourself to your parents way of Christianity.  But why would God speak to you and lead you and guide you if you are not 100% dedicated to Him?  The majority of Christians are dedicated to themselves, they serve Satan, but they are convinced that it is not Satan, because they are serving themselves and the devil is very clever to tell everyone that you can serve yourself and that is okay,  God would want you to be happy. And of course Jesus wants us all happy, but He wants us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and that is the only truly way to be happy.  You cannot be happy just seeking after your own pleasure. That is why so many movie actors and people that are billionaires are committing suicide, it's because they are not happy. 

You can have all of the things in this world and still not be happy, money, pleasure, fame, all the women, everything in this life that has to offer and still as a human you will not be happy, including knowledge you can have and you still won't be happy.  If you want to truly be happy and have the peace that passes all understanding as the Bible speaks about, you need to truly know Jesus Christ, not as the pastors are preaching in church, but you need to know God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knew God.  They had a personal relationship with God. Abraham didn't have a personal relationship with his Bible.  Noah didn't have a personal relationship with his Bible. They weren't sitting around doing Bible study or listening to Christian preachers.  They didn't think that they were saved because they were paying 10% to a church.  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked with God and they learned faith by their walk, not through a church seminar, not through a teacher, not through some kind of education or college, but they walked with God.  Jacob wrestled with God. These men of old heard from God and they were built up in their faith by God and as they walked by faith, the Lord increased their faith and they knew more and more about the true knowledge because they knew the truth, the way and the life. 

God has not changed. There is not a new way to God. It's not through aliens. It's not through demons.  It's not through psychics. It's not through New Age. It's not by educated seminaries and church pastors.  The way is still the same, which is through Jesus Christ. He is the way. He is the truth and He is the life.  And if you want to know this way, you need to really repent of your sins. You can't do it on your own.  It's not about just trying to sin less on your own, trying to smoke a little less pot on your own, look at a little less porn on your own.  You need to ask us to unshackle you and to set you free.

And I'm here today to say, Jesus is your hope.  You don't have hope in religion. You don't have hope in church, no hope in Bible study, but there is hope in Jesus.  And if you want to get to know him, it starts with prayer. And then of course, if you haven't read the gospels, go and read the gospels to get to know about Jesus more.  Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and pay very specific attention to what Jesus actually said.  I want to pray for those of you that want to be sent free from the bondage of hell, that want to be set free from the judgment of God that's coming on this world, and want to be in the newness of life and partake of the new covenant. 

“So Lord Jesus, I pray for those who are listening today that want to be set free from sin, who know that they are in sin, who know that they are sinners.  All of us have grown up in sin, all of us have been sinners, but we know that you say that those the Son sets free are free indeed.  So I pray for those that know that they are sick in sin and want to be set free from the bondage of sin and of the devil.  I pray that you open my brother and sister's eyes to the truth, that you unshackle them, that their chains may be broken off, that no longer would they be deceived by Satan and the lying prophets and the witchcraft that is in this world.  But I pray for people to truly come out of sin and to be washed clean, that you would purify their hearts and their minds, that you would renew their minds so that they would be able to hear your truth clearly and speak in their new tongues and be filled with the glory of God and be able to go out and live in the newness of life.  I pray that people would put their faith in you, Lord Jesus, and truly be cleansed by your blood, what you did on the cross, that they would be cleansed from their unrighteousness and truly walk into the newness of life.  So I pray for my brothers and sisters and anyone who is listening to this message today that wants to be set free from dead religion, from sin, from worldliness, and everything that takes souls to hell.  I pray that you would speak to people through this message and through this prayer and that they would come into everlasting life with you, Lord, and be saved and be delivered from death unto life.  In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.”

 Well, it's a blessing to be alive in Jesus.  When Jesus sets people free, they always give testimony of how a burden, a weight was taken off of them.  This same thing happened to me and it was truly wonderful. When I started seeking Jesus and asking Him to unshackle me and to bring me out of my sins, I could feel that spiritual weight dropping off of me.  It was like I was chained in a room that was 4 by 4, that I was hunched down and forced into.  And as soon as Jesus set me free, it was like that box of my prison and those chains burst open and I could walk out.  And that was truly amazing. People that truly come to Jesus, they feel this and then they have a real testimony.  They can say, praise the Lord and hallelujah, Jesus set me free.

The Christians that are in bondage to sin cannot say this.  They don't have a real testimony because they haven't ever experienced being set free from sin.  They're still slaves to sin. But if you want to be delivered, there is great hope in the name of Jesus.  He delivers those captives to freedom. They're set free from sin.  And those who are set free in Jesus' name are truly free indeed. Well, praise Jesus everyone.  I hope that you have received something from this message and that people can truly hear from the Lord and be set free in His name. 

No, I don't receive any messages on Facebook. I don't have any friends on Facebook.  I only post on Facebook, guys. If you do want to message me, I occasionally answer emails.  At my email, warningthepeople1, that's the numeric 1 @  So, occasionally I answer emails, but not all the time.  To be completely honest about it, most emails I get, a lot of them, are spam and people harassing, and I will immediately delete those emails and not even respond to them.  But occasionally I get a genuine email and I'll respond to that. So, if you would like to email me, and it's a genuine question, the email is 

Yeah, praise Jesus.  It's wonderful to see the body of Christ and people coming out of sin, coming out of the world, no matter where we are in the world.  Following Jesus is not a white thing or a black thing or an American thing or a Chinese thing.  It's a Christian thing. Following Jesus is not a white thing or a black thing or an American thing or a Chinese thing.  No matter where we are in the world and what nationality, we belong to a new kingdom if we belong to the kingdom of God.  It's not the kingdom of America, but the kingdom of God, and that is the kingdom we want to belong to.  No longer are we Americans or whatever our nationality is, but now we are one in Jesus Christ, no matter what country we're from.  There are some people that are really deceived and they make it seem as though Jesus is the white man's religion.  That's not true. Jesus isn't white or black.  He is a spirit. God is spirit. And those who want to worship the living God must learn to worship him in spirit and in truth. 

Cool. I see people are watching from all over the place. It looked like New York. Yeah, praise Jesus.  It's a blessing to be part of the body of Christ, no matter where we are.  And man, there are some places that are much more dark than others. I went to Ohio, Cincinnati last week, two weeks ago, and it's a big city.  I'm not from the city. Actually, I found most people there to be pretty nice. I took a walk through the city a few blocks down the road and got some groceries and I didn't have my own vehicle From Nepal. Yeah, praise Jesus. And I notice, obviously, all cities have problems.  In America, there's a big fentanyl problem, problems with drugs on the street. While I was walking down the street, guys, I was just going to get groceries and this person ran up behind me and I believe that they asked me if I had any fentanyl, any drugs.  And I just told this, I told this lady, yeah, praise Jesus from Australia.  I told this lady, no, I don't have drugs. I told her, I'm a child of God.  I believe in Jesus Christ, the living God. And as soon as I said that I believed in Jesus Christ, the living God, this lady turned around as fast as lightning and darted away.  I hope to speak to people about Jesus, you know, but sometimes the devil snatches away the truth from people so quick they won't listen for a second.  Or maybe people have ill intentions and they want to harm us. But if we stand up for the truth of Jesus and we're in the light, the devil flees away as quickly as he can.  Demons don't want to be in the light, they don't want to be exposed, people don't want to be exposed. 

But man, all that to say, in the cities and in certain places in the world, there is a lot of evil and we have to just continue to stay close with the Lord and be a light shining in these dark places that people can see and come out.  The light of Jesus is shining. You know, Jesus is the true light of the world, but interestingly, Jesus says, you are the light of the world and let your light so shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  And so we want to be shining for Jesus and we want our deeds to be proving the glory of the kingdom of God.  We're always trying to be the best example that we can for others so that one day, if they repent, you know, if one day the drug addict repents or the homeless person on the street, they won't say, why did you as a Christian just mock me?  Why were you so mean if you had the light of Jesus in you? Yeah, praise Jesus, I see your messages, guys.  So if we can stand up for the Lord and always be a light for Him and have love in our hearts for people, even if they're rude to us or whatever they're doing to us, then if they do, if God does grant them forgiveness, then one day they can say, man, that brother and that sister truly had the love of Jesus in them and it was compelling because they were shining, they were a shining example of the truth, you know, they were a beacon, a beacon of light and that's how we want to be, guys.  We want to be beacons of light and hope for people because the truth of Jesus is in us. 

Yeah, Vivek, I see your message. Praise Jesus, stay close with Him and listen to Jesus, let Him guide you and, you know, He will give you life if you hold on to Him.  No matter what our circumstance is, the Lord will carry us through our circumstance if we put our faith in Him and trust Him and just hold His hand and walk with Him.  I don't really keep in touch with anyone, guys.  I keep in touch with Jesus, but I don't really have, like on Facebook, I don't have a single friend on purpose, I don't really email anyone much unless it's a necessity.  I'm just online to preach Jesus, not to make friends or to be buddies with anyone.  You know, we want to encourage people in the Lord and we want to be an open book to share our testimony, but we're not on the internet to make friends or to be people's buddy or to just chit-chat or debate, nothing like that.  So, you know, I don't really watch anyone's videos on YouTube.  I don't really subscribe to anyone. I just post videos as the Lord leads me and, of course, there's other Christians out there, but even other true brothers and sisters in the Lord can be a huge distraction.  The thing that we have to do if we want to follow Jesus is just say, Lord, I want to keep my eyes on you.  I know that there's other brothers and sisters out there and, of course, there's a lot of sheep or wolves in sheep's clothing, but I don't want to be distracted by another brother or sister, whether they be true or false.  I want to just follow you, Lord, and be salt and light for you and produce good fruit. 

If we get our eyes on Jesus and off of the brother and sister, then we can start bearing good fruit.  Most Christians are, they get really fruitless really quick because they get connected with brother or sister so-and-so and they find that brother or sister so-and-so believes differently than they do and then they get really confused and brother so-and-so is saying that God told him directly this, that, and the other and it disagrees with their conscience and so now they're confused if they're hearing from God correctly and they're totally distracted from just walking the straight and narrow path that the Lord has put out for them. 

Don't get distracted by the social media, by YouTube, by other brothers and sisters. That's one of the quickest ways to get distracted and I've learned that over the years, guys.  Even other brothers and sisters will distract you. So you really have to individually follow Jesus and cut everything else off from your life.  That doesn't mean you be rude to your brothers and sisters. Obviously, the Lord put some people in our life and we need to be an encouragement to the body of Christ.  But most Christians are very distracted by their fellow brothers and sisters and they can't walk in a straight line because they're looking to the left and to the right.  If you are an athlete and you're running, you don't look to see the other athletes running.  People on the sidelines may encourage you but you have to stay in your line and you just keep on running straight but you don't look to the left or the right or backwards or start running backwards when you're trying to run a race.  And so it is with the walk of faith with Jesus. You keep going forward and if you're looking to the left or the right or trying to look backwards, then you can't pull the plow.  Way too many Christians are so distracted by other brothers' dreams and visions and supposed words from God and what they're saying.  They just get so conflicted because there's a billion different opinions about Jesus out there and there's a billion different brothers and sisters saying all sorts of different stuff.  So the surest way to get yourself in a jumble of confusion is to be listening to other brothers and sisters. 

If you want a good word of advice, it's only listen to Jesus. You could say, I hear what people are saying on the internet, I hear what my brothers and sisters are saying, but I'm only listening to Jesus all the time.  I'm not going to be distracted by what other people are saying. I'm only listening to you, Lord. That's how we need to be. 

Yes, demons do torment people in hell. There's been some recent chatter on the internet of people saying that they think that's not biblical and prove it from the Bible.  Guys, if you want some really powerful and true testimonies, go watch Howard Pittman's testimony.  It's like an hour long. Howard Pittman is a brother in the Lord that died about a year ago or so now, maybe two years, I'm not sure.  But Howard Pittman had a very true testimony. God let him see angels and demons, people tormented in hell.  Go watch that testimony. It will wake you up to the truth. There are demons that torment people.  Eventually, demons will all be cast into the lake of fire. But at this point right now, not all demons are bound in the lake of fire.  They can go in and out. They can torment people on earth or they can torment people in hell.  So don't be deceived by Christians saying, tell me where it's biblical, show me the verse, or show me all the verses where Jesus himself says that demons are tormenting people in hell.  I mean, it's pretty obvious that Jesus said, you know, hell is the place where the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.  What kind of worms do you think those are? Do you think those are just earthworms? No, those are demonic beings. Those are demons. 

I'm just seeing some of your guys' comments here. Yeah, praise the Lord.  Howard Pittman's testimony was truly a wonderful testimony. God had him go into the churches and preach all over about the apostasy of the church and the demons getting into the church.  I believe it was called, like one of his books was called The Placebo. Anyways, there's his audio books and stuff on YouTube.  They're like an hour or two long, but also Howard gave plenty of, I guess you could call it sermons, but his testimonies about this at churches across America.  So he has a lot of his information out there on YouTube and it's well worth seeing if you haven't seen it yet.  I think he does one of the best jobs at describing what's going on with spiritual warfare. 

Oh, okay, I see your comment here, Teresa. Can you speak to Paul being a false prophet? I don't agree with this belief.  Paul was a true brother in the Lord and obviously they call us all false.  You know, Christians call me a false prophet. If you choose to really follow Jesus, they'll call you a false prophet too.  So obviously they called Paul a false prophet as well because he followed Jesus.  In fact, they call Jesus a false prophet and demon possessed and all that stuff.  But there are some people that call Paul false because there's a lot of Christians that make false doctrines around Paul.  When I was in college, I realized that a lot of people really didn't like Paul.  And they have some specific reasons why they don't. A lot of Christians didn't like Paul because he seems to be anti-female.  Talking about that he only allows males to speak in the church. And then Christians give their own twist on this.  And then suddenly you have a sect of people that really hate Paul because they think he is anti-woman.  Which just isn't true either.

But long story short with all of that, don't believe people that are accusing and throwing accusations at a brother.  The world and even Christians do this all the time.  They're always trying to tear disciples of Jesus down. But the apostle Paul loved the Lord. You can see his testimony.  And you can see what other brothers and sisters said about him. Especially like in the book of Acts.  Obviously his works were ordained by God. People can't sustain themselves from like a snake bite.  And they can't open their own eyes. It was another brother in the Lord who was told to pray for Paul and give a vision about him.  And Paul's eyes were opened. And people were told that he was a true brother in the Lord.  And Paul really did repent and that was a blessing. That doesn't mean we need to hold to all of the church's doctrines of what the apostle Paul said.  Because they make false doctrines out of a lot of his words. We need to make sure that we are adhering to what Jesus actually said.  But Paul was a true brother in the Lord.

Well praise Jesus guys.  If you put your faith in Jesus four years ago and you were baptized. Then continue to follow the Lord.  A lot of people get really bogged down after a while.  They think, well I've already done the Christian thing. I came into the faith ten years ago.  And then they stop having a passion for the Lord. But we need to every day make our passion for the Lord new.  And keep our love for the Lord fresh. Not something that just happened years and years in the past.  But always walking with the Lord and keeping that joy fresh in us. 

Hey I see your email here. Conway asking for prayer for your son.  So yeah, Lord Jesus I do pray for this son with all of his heart.  And his family's heart and give them hope in your name Lord. Jesus is always with us when we call on him.  We ought to always be praying for our family members, our friends. Those that the Lord puts on our heart that people can be with us.  And that we can be with our family. And that we can be with our friends.  And that we can be with our family. Those that the Lord puts on our heart that people can be set free.  And whatever ails them that Jesus will touch them and change them. And keep us on the path to life. 

I wouldn't worry about it too much guys. I usually, I shouldn't say usually. I often do have a moderator.  Obviously there's some trolls there. But if there's too much I can always go back and just delete that block people.  Or just turn off the comments. But I know guys that can be very annoying. But yeah without a moderator people just kind of pop off and say whatever they want.  But you ought to just kind of ignore the devil you know. I had a dream some years ago that all these demons were around,  And just saying everything to try to distract me. And in the name of Jesus I just kept on preaching Jesus.  And the demons all of a sudden got silent although they were still speaking. I just totally tuned them out and continued to preach Jesus.  And there was like a bubble around me to where the demons could not enter. And that is what we have to do.  We have to just tune out the devil. Because the devil is going to be like those behind the batting cage saying hey batter, batter,  Trying to distract you, Trying to take your eyes off of the ball. But if we just put our faith in Jesus.  You know it is like the song says the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.  So just tune people out.

Yeah amen.  Resist the devil and he will flee. But we have to continue to resist the devil. It is not a one time thing.  I think a lot of Christians think that resisting the devil is something they do one day. And then they have done it forever.  But even Jesus had to continue to resist the devil. And speak against the devil.  So if Jesus had to constantly resist the devil when he was being tempted. Obviously we have to too.  The devil will continue to come against us. Tempting us or trying to discourage us.  And whenever that happens we have to continue to hold on to our faith. And continue to rebuke the devil.  And continue to stand in the light of the truth. And Jesus will give us the power over the demons when we stay in the light. 

Man if you are in a cultism you have to burn that stuff. As long as you have weird stuff in your house that is offered to demons.  That gives access to demons into your house. Even if you are a Christian or even if you pray. There are Christians who believe in Jesus and they are serious.  But they have a cult type of things in their house. You have to burn that stuff. Get it out. If you are not serious to burn your magic books so to speak.  Then you are going to still have demons in your life. But Lord Jesus I do pray for this brother that he comes out of a cultism.  That he comes out of things that are demonic. And that he will truly come to know you.  You know the Lord uses modern doctors however.  There are some Christians that will just call all medicine demonic. But the Lord often uses doctors who are using modern medical practices.  To help heal his people. So just because you have to see a doctor for some medical ailment,  Does not mean you are seeing a witch doctor. That is not necessarily a cultism. But there are a lot of things that they are calling modern technology.  That is demonic. And so those things seek the Lord on guys. Because a lot of people will run to the doctor.  Or they will run to go get their COVID vaccine. And they should have been running to Jesus for salvation.  And asking him what to do. You will never go wrong if you run to Jesus first and ask him.  But obviously guys I have been to the doctor. I think I told some of you guys.  Some months ago I got a piece of metal slag stuck in my eye. I went to the ER to get that pulled out.  And then I had to go to the optometrist to get my eyes figured out. So the Lord used those people to help me be able to physically get healthy again.  So I am not someone that is going to be against modern technology, Or against modern doctors or anything like that.  But we do just have to go to Jesus first. And ask him to guide us and show us what we have to do.  Whether we go to a doctor or we don't.

Yes Elijah there is still time for sinners to repent.  If you are still alive and you can breathe. I don't know maybe you think Jesus has turned his back on you.  But if you reach out your hand to Jesus. He is going to reach out and grab your hand and lead you. So don't be distracted by a sister or someone saying that you can't repent.  You would do much better to just reach your hand out to Jesus. And say Jesus take my hand and lead me.  Reach your hand out to Jesus and say Jesus take my hand and lead me. Alright guys I have to get going this morning.  But praise Jesus and continue to set your eyes on him.