Saturday, February 3, 2024

This world is at the brink of something big and you can feel it


The world at the Brink of Something BIG and You Can feel it

Well praise Jesus today, brothers and sisters. The whole world is at the brink of something big about to happen and people can feel the tension. Even people that are not religious, people that have never been to church, people that haven't been raised Christian at all, have this sense of urgency that something is going to happen, and it doesn't take a prophet anymore to have to warn us that something's going to happen. The world is at the brink of war. There have been major plagues that have went across the world such as COVID. Conspiracy theories are turning out to not be a conspiracy. Governments are turning out to be liars and against their people. People are turning on one another every time you see the news. People are killing one another. Love waxes cold. Just as the Bible predicts and all of these prophecies and teachings that we've read about for years are starting to come true.

 It's interesting that no matter where you live in the world, what your age is, everyone knows that this isn't something that is like before. You can look through the patterns of history and whatever is going on today is different. You know, Jesus speaks about end times in the Bible and when the disciples asked him about the end times, he said it would not come immediately, but that the world would go through these trials and tribulations.

Jesus talks about birth pains. And that as a woman who is going into labor starts to feel that labor, the closer we get to the end, the more the world will feel those birth pains. Jesus talks about men's hearts failing them for fear of the anticipation of the things coming on the world. The things that are coming on the world are fearful, things that make you stay up at night. Since the time that COVID hit this world, a lot of demons were released and around that time a lot of people, not just people that were homeless or on drugs, but people that had never experienced intrusive thoughts and extreme demonic spiritual warfare, nightmares at night. All these things started to hit the world and people that were not even spiritually minded before started to sense these things in the world. They started to have visions of demons. They started to feel more depressed, more anxious. It's just how Jesus said, people's hearts will start to fail them for the anticipation of the things that are coming on the world. Even it says that the men who have money, the kings of the earth will start digging. They will make caves. They will make underground bunkers to try to save themselves from whatever is going to happen in the world.

Some people think that if they have enough money and if they have enough wisdom, they'll be able to escape. Or maybe if they're listening to the right celebrity or the right pastor, the right doomsday prophet, maybe they can survive what's going to happen. But you're not going to be able to survive what is coming, because what is coming is the judgment of God upon the world. You can't escape God no matter how much money you have, whether you have an underground bunker. Whatever intelligence you have, you're not going to figure out a way to escape your death and judgment. And the way God is allowing the first part of this judgment that is coming on the world to happen is through the torment of men and demons and war and death. If you know about those horses of the apocalypse, they represent sickness and death and disease, or peace being taken from the earth. These aren't real horses as we think of them, but they're symbolic of worldwide events and disasters that take place on the earth.

The only way to stay secure is if we find true faith in Jesus Christ. You know a lot of people are looking for religion, and they will find religion of whatever flavor they are looking for. If you're looking for Baptist religion, you'll find that. If you're looking for New Age, whatever you're looking for, you're going to find it. But those who are truly wise will have oil in their lamp, because they know the one that sells without cost. Jesus is willing to give life and to offer repentance, forgiveness of sins to those that seek Him.

It doesn't start with bowing your knee down to a pastor in church. It doesn't start with getting into the Bible or opening your house for Bible study. But it's a very individualistic relationship that you have to have. You were born into this world with flesh and blood, and you will also die from this world. And you won't be able to bring clothes with you. You didn't bring clothes into this world, and you won't bring clothes out. So the clothes that you need to find how to wear are those spiritual clothes that clothe your spirit with righteousness, holiness, and truth. Most people haven't found how to put on righteousness, because they've put on religion. And religion lets people go around naked, with their sins being exposed. And spiritually, they are nude. And anyone who is in their right mind can see their nakedness and their blindness, and how deaf they are and how wicked they are. But the world runs to these people that are elders in the church, that seem to be prophets. They love these sorts of people because they think that they have knowledge.

Men aren't the ones that have knowledge. We have technology. We have the ability to research things. And sure, the world has gained more and more information. But the true knowledge of God and the wisdom that come from God don't grow unless we really get to know Jesus, because truth is His name. He is the truth, He is the way, and He is life.

One thing that I wanted to talk a little bit about this evening is the deception of the church hierarchy. Now, it's one thing just to think that you yourself want to be in church. Maybe you feel lonely. I think a lot of people are looking just for a good church because maybe you're single and you want to find a spouse there. But a lot of people, out of loneliness, they start to allow Christians to be part of their life. They feel the need for this community. And even though they know that they're getting themselves connected with a community that isn't truly God-fearing, a community that is spiritually blind, it's easy to think, well, it would be better that I'm around a Christian community than around people that are in a bar, or just drunkards, or prostitutes, or drug dealers, or just the kids at school who are openly atheists and openly sinners that don't care about God. So at this point, a lot of parents and a lot of us in the past have joined churches because we thought it would help us get closer to God in some way, that it would be better than the alternative.

Now a church, at its core, is a hierarchy. The top of the church is their leadership. It's their pastor. Then there are prophets, there's elders, deacons, and they find many of the justifications in the scripture, from the words of the Apostle Paul, where he says, first come prophets, and he talks about all of that. And so pastors and churches feel very entitled to set up a hierarchy that if you put yourself in their churches, that they can lord themselves over you as part of the hierarchy. You're now part of their congregation. You're part of their laity. So if you bring yourselves before this church, and you get a membership, and you start attending that church, at first it can seem fun. You pick up some new friends, you're inviting people over to your house, their kids are mingling with your kids. But as time goes on, that church starts to want more of your loyalty. They're asking for you to become a member, then they want you to teach a Bible study, and you start to realize that some things are not true with that church organization. And so you kind of do debriefings when you get home, and you speak to your wife, or you speak to your children, that some of the things that the church are teaching are not correct.

But the longer you're there, the more you're under their teachings and their hierarchy, and the more your children are learning from the lies of that church. And eventually what I have noticed, guys, is that very small deviations from the truth that seem insignificant to us in the beginning, become huge deviations a mile down the road, or a year down the road. So even though you think that it was just a small thing, and even though you yourself may not be deceived, because you introduced dead religion and false church into your family, you may lose your wife, because she may start adhering to the principles of the church, and not the true words that come from the Holy Spirit. You may end up in a divorce because of your choice to be part of that church.

A lot of people, they end up losing their children, losing their marriage, and their life is a wreck, because instead of submitting to the natural things that God has created, the natural powers that God has created, they have submitted themselves to this false hierarchy of church. And what I mean by the natural powers God has created, God has created marriage, He's created male and female. From the beginning, He created Adam and Eve, and they had children. And what the church calls this is the institution of marriage, and even the church will acknowledge that the institution of marriage was created by God Himself, and it wasn't created initially by an organization, it wasn't part of the Mosaic Law. But this went all the way back to when God created Adam and Eve. He told them to be fruitful and to multiply. And so, these powers that God set in place from the beginning, it was to be God first, Jesus Christ, and then the husband, and then the wife, and then the children. And that is the order that God established from the beginning.

But as soon as you put yourself under a fabricated false power of the hierarchy of the church, then that starts to undermine the basic powers that God has set in place from the very beginning, which is marriage, a husband, then a wife, and then the children. Now when these things get undermined, suddenly, instead of the man being the man of his house, the pastor says that he is the ruler of their marriage, and he can control what happens in their house, what happens with their sexuality, what happens with their money, and everything that you as a man, everything that God has given you will be stripped away, because now it's given under this false authority of this false hierarchy of the church. Then things get really messed up when no longer are you allowed as a parent, as a mother or a father, to take control of your children and discipline them because you have given the authority over to false things in church. Ultimately where this ends up is marriages being broken, and families being broken.

The church of today is not a place that we should be as true disciples of Jesus. The true church is made up of real people, of people that aren't part of an organization, but marriages, families, people that are devoted to God in their heart, whether they are just an individual, or whether they are a married couple, or a family. And if we get back to the very basics of how God created these things, then we will be much more protected by the Holy Spirit. This hedge of protection that the Holy Spirit has to offer, this comfort that comes from the Comforter, is only there for us when we are walking the straight and narrow path that Jesus wants for us.

But part of the reason why so much disaster is happening in the world is because Christians have no faith. Of course the world doesn't have any faith. Worldly people can tell that evil is happening in the world, but they don't have true faith in God. But the issue is, even Christians today don't have true faith in God. And they are running to the hierarchy of church for security, instead of running to Jesus Christ to lead them and to guide them into everlasting life. Anyways, I know that this message was kind of all over the place today guys, but I want to just encourage those that may feel this distress of the nations, maybe you are someone who is lost, maybe you are depressed and you are looking for an answer, maybe you don't know what is going to happen in this world and you have been deceived by worldliness or by religion, you have been deceived by something and you want to know the truth, well I want to encourage you that truth can be found in no other than Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive, He cares about you, He cares about your situation and He wants to save your soul. Today, what is going on is demons are trying to take souls to hell. And they are trying to figure out the fastest way to do that. The things that are going to happen in this world all surround the battle of Armageddon. All these demons are trying to take souls to hell.

Jesus wants to save our souls. And the way to be saved is to cry out to Jesus and to ask Him for help. Jesus is our ever present help in the time of trouble. And if we put our faith in Him, He is able to pull us up out of the grave, to pull us out of depression, to pull us out of addiction. And He is able to set us on the new path that will give us life. So I want to pray for anyone out there who is listening today that wants prayer, that wants new direction in their life, that wants to break free from just being fearful, just anticipating things that are going to happen, that you can actually have a rock to stand on. That rock is Jesus Christ. And it doesn't start with getting into a church, it doesn't start with getting into a Bible study or into a Bible college. It simply starts with prayer and getting your own personal life in order with God. So I want to pray for you today.

“Lord Jesus, I pray for those that want to repent, that want to escape the things that are going to happen on this earth. I pray that people that are watching may truly put their faith in You, that they may be set free from sin and the bondage to this world, that they may truly repent and be refreshed and renewed and partake in Your new covenant, that Your blood may cover over them, that they may be washed clean from sin and that they would become a new creation, the old gone and that the new would be in them, that Your Spirit would be indwelling in them and that they would have oil in their lamps. I pray that You give us perseverance to endure to the very end and that we would not be distracted by the world or by dead religion, the Babylon church. I pray that just the lies of the devil would be exposed and that many more people would come out to be Your true saints, that they would be washed clean and have on their new rogues to walk with You, Lord Jesus, in the newness of life. So I pray this in Your name, Lord Jesus, Amen.”