Friday, February 9, 2024

The True vs. False Church


The True vs. False Church

Well praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to speak a little bit about the true body of Christ. That is, the true church versus this church of man, this idea that man sets up the church and that the church is ordained by man. And they have these, you know, a hierarchy of power that is set up by people. Ever since the Catholic church set up this sort of hierarchy saying that Peter was the first pope and that Peter had all authority, churches have been following this sort of principle or this kind of set order that the church has that there is, you know, a pastor and then the leaders of the church and then after the leaders of the church there are the laity or the people that attend that congregation. And the laity has to follow what their church leaders say, that's why they pay them, that's why they put them up on the pulpit and make them deacons and leaders over their money and all of those sorts of things. You know, we know how the church works basically. But from the beginning this was not true.

The way that the Lord Jesus set up His true church is not how the churches are set up today. The true church consists of Jesus Christ as the head and then after Jesus Christ as the head of His church you have the husband of a household, and after the husband comes the wife of the household, and after the wife comes her children. And this is the natural authority that God has given in the church. Now of course there are different groups of people in different areas and the early Christians had a way that they did it, that they organized their churches. But these specific areas that were organized like in the first century hardly are a rubric or a pattern that we have to follow today. But a lot of these patterns that we see, the Apostle Paul speaking of or from the first century, a lot of those patterns are only something that the modern day church has taken to be able to lord power and authority over their congregation. It's basically to gain power over them in a sense that allows them to have ultimate power and diminishes the God given natural authority that was established from the very beginning like by God to Adam and Eve, Adam being over his wife and Adam and Eve being over their children. So these very natural authorities that have been established by God Himself are overruled or overpowered so to speak by this new supposed power that the church has.

This is a very sad thing that happens guys because instead of families raising their children the way that they believe that they should, instead of Jesus being the authority over an individual's household, now you have a pastor who is not the natural authority, he's not actually your father. The pastor actually doesn't know what's going on in your house. But as soon as you bow down to the false authority or the false hierarchy of church, there comes a new set of rules that you allow your family to be under. And as soon as your family is under this false hierarchy of church, the pastor is able to determine what happens in your household. And there is a lot of talk in church about church authority and what it means for the church to have authority. And every church organization has their set of rules and regulations, their principles, their bylaws, their purpose statements, all of those things that you have to align with in order to be part of their congregation. And if you're not aligning with those things, you are an outsider, you're not truly part of the body of Christ. So it's not just about tithing to these churches, it's not just about paying a pastor, but it is about truly getting in a line with the hierarchy or the ruling leadership of these churches. And that's why they so desperately want you inside their churches under one building, going above and beyond paying tithe. They want you connected to their organization because the more connected to their organization you are, the more they can control and manipulate and make you feel guilty for not paying money to their organization, the more control they have over your family unit.

And many of these organizations, even though they say they cherish the family and they promote the family, they're actually against the family. They want to divide husband and wife and they want to divide mother and father from their children. That is why so many of these churches don't even allow children in big church. They will separate them and put them in the nursery. They won't allow children even with their own mother and father. Why is that? That is because they are a distraction, they say. That is because they don't really want you as the parents raising your children. They want your children somewhere else during the teaching time. Some of these churches even will separate men from women. And the reason isn't because of sexual temptation, but the reason that they will separate men from women in some of the legalistic churches is because they want to lord their authority over your natural authority as the husband of the household. So if you were able to sit with your whole family in church, that would demonstrate that you as a husband have the natural authority over your wife and that you and your wife have the natural authority over your children. But the fact that they will separate you from your wife and that your wife now has to go to a Bible study just with women and that you have to go to a Bible study just with men and that your children have to go to children's church, it divides the family right there. And even though they say they're for the family, they're just like Satan that is against the family.

 And now what the church has done is they've set up a false authority or a false hierarchy and they try to overthrow the natural given authorities that God has established from the very beginning. God has established marriage even from the very beginning. He sanctified it and he set it apart to be holy. But what the church has done is they've said, oh no, this isn't the way it truly works. Maybe in your own home a man has authority over his wife and the family has authority over the children, but that is not so in church. And then they go on to preach how the apostle Paul says that there's first apostles, then prophets, then teachers, then pastors, and then there's deacons and leaders in the church and then the laity and all you are is a donating member to the church. So get in order and realize that you are not a real man in church. All you are is someone who is part of the laity submitting to your real authority the pastor of this governing body. And they pretend that God has given them as the church, the false church, the authority to divide your family and say that your family is not a real church.

Guys, this is demonic, this is wicked, this is part of the satanic system. This is why this organization is called the Babylon church system. They want to divide your family and separate you and make you cleave and hold on to a false system that God has not created from the beginning. They divide the family.

The true church doesn't have to do with church membership or clubs or organizations of men or get togethers of unnatural things. The church that is established today is very unnatural. You have to, when you join those clubs, you have to submit yourself to some guy you don't even know. And some of their rules and regulations they have in their church are very strange and bizarre. Yet in order to be part of them you have to submit yourself to some stranger and to some strange laws that you are not even aware of. This is not the God given authority from the beginning. The true church is Jesus as the head, then the husband, then the wife, then the children. And even if you never are giving your tithe to some big organization, even if your family is never attending a church in town or in the city, you still are the body of Christ because where two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus, there His true church is. You could be on the ocean in a boat and you are part of the true church. You don't need to be connected to the cities. You don't have to be connected to the lying pulpit. You don't have to be connected to the people that say you have to be part of their organizations in order to be part of the body of Christ.

These are all hierarchies and organizations of men that are trying to strip away the true power that God has given His true church. Don't be deceived by these guys. Every church does this, whether it is Mormon, whether it is Jehovah's Witness, whether it is Catholic. They all have their governing bodies that try to empower more and more the government of their church, so to speak, and they want to disempower the people. It is just like the liberal government that tries to give more and more power to the government and less and less power to the people. As we know, the more power that goes to the government and the less power that goes to the people, the more totalitarian the government becomes, the more manipulative they become. They want to control every single aspect of your life. People want to control your life.

At the end of the day, either you are allowing Jesus Christ to be your head, or you are allowing a man to be your head. At the end of the day, you are either trying to please Jesus as your ruler, the King and Lord of you and your family, or you are allowing men to be the ruler of your family, and you are trying to please men with all of your heart. Who do we want to be as people, and who do we want to be as a nation? Do we want to be a nation of people that has bowed down to Satan, that has given full authority to a totalitarian government that manipulates us like North Korea? Do we want to be like a group of people who is always trying to please men, and all their little ideas, all the kingdoms of church, all the kingdoms of religion, are we trying to appease men, or do we want to be following the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that didn't have this sort of establishment of a church, but they did have their family. They were the leaders of their family, and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had faith, and they grew in their faith as the Lord led them along by faith. They went through hard situations in their life, they overcame, and their faith grew. And as they diligently pursued righteousness, the angel of the Lord appeared to them, and guided them, and led them into everlasting life. As for me and my family, I want to serve the Lord with all of my heart. I don't want to be bowing down to the devil, I don't want to be bowing down to this false church. I want to be worshipping the Lord in complete purity, in complete righteousness, and in complete freedom, not being manipulated by some guy called a pastor that I don't even know or approve of.

And you should be the same way, because if you are submitting yourself to the false powers and false authorities of church, then you will 100% allow Satan to control and take away your family. Many families are lost to the devil, simply because they give them over to church, the false church, instead of giving them over to Jesus. The husbands are not under the authority of Jesus, therefore the wives don't submit to the husband, and because the wives are not submitted to the husband, and the husband not submitted to Jesus, of course the children see the hypocrisy, and then the whole family falls apart. It ends in divorce, it ends in all sorts of addiction and hatred of the truth, and then suddenly you have a huge false, fake religion following a hierarchy.

So who do we want to be? Do we want to be people who are part of the true body of Christ, and follow those natural given powers that God has established from the beginning? Or do we want this false set up church that the Catholic church has made that says that Peter was the first pope, and now Peter has passed the hat on, so to speak, to the next pope, and so on and so forth, until we have pastors today, and we have to submit ourselves to these guys, even though we know that they are not really following God. Who are we going to follow, and who are we going to obey? Are we going to follow Jesus? Are we going to be part of the true body of Christ? Or are we going to be following false religion?

I hope this opens somebody's eyes to the truth, that they can be unshackled from the lies of church. Churches are lying across our nation. They make you feel guilty for not attending. They call you an apostate. They call you false. You're a third class Christian if you're not attending their church. They think that you're cut off from God. And all of that is false. God has not established these organizations. There may be some people there that are just deceived, and maybe they have a heart for the Lord. That doesn't mean everyone that's in church is going to hell. But the Lord has not established this as His church.

 The true church are the people that are families, that love and obey Jesus, and will follow the Lamb wherever He leads. They have made Jesus their teacher, their leader, their father, and they are not setting up this false hierarchy to follow men. We know that Jesus said, Call no one on earth your father, your teacher, for one is your teacher, one is your father, and that is the Christ, He who is in heaven. The pastors and these organizations don't take the words of Jesus seriously. They don't put His words into action. They cherry pick. They pick the verses from the Bible that they want. A few verses from the Apostle Paul here, and we like these verses because it promotes the government. We like these verses because it promotes giving to the church. God loves a cheerful giver. But then they don't like the sayings of Jesus where He says that you have to truly repent, that He who sins is a slave, that Jesus is the one true teacher, call no one on earth your father. The church doesn't cherry pick those out because they don't like those verses. Those deteriorate their leadership and their power and their authority. But if we want life, we have to be part of Jesus. We have to allow Him to be our head and our leadership.

I hope this encourages someone to really put their faith in the Lord and not to be part of this false, as they call it in America, this false 501c3 tax exempt status where they think they're going to be approved by God as a true church because the government says so. The government has told them that they are a 501c3 real church. They believe they're a real church because they're a real church in the eyes of the government. As if God has told us to go out and make sure that we're legitimate my Rome. If you want to be legitimate, you have to bow yourself before Jesus and say, Lord, purify me from my unrighteousness. Sanctify me for your purpose. Let me be part of your true body. Let me be washed clean in your blood and let me raise my family for the Lord that we will not be divided or separated, but all of us part of your true body.” So what is true fellowship? True fellowship is connection with Jesus Christ. And when you as a husband are truly connected with Jesus and having fellowship with Him, you will also have true fellowship with your wife. You'll become one. That is the first part and the most holy part of the church. From a husband to a wife. You know, when you get married, you can become very quickly one in flesh, but that doesn't mean you're one in spirit and have fellowship with God together. And a lot of husbands and wives, they get married and they never become one in spirit, but they become one in flesh. If we want to really be in fellowship with God and in right standing with Jesus Christ, our marriage has to become one in flesh and one in spirit. And when we are one in flesh and one in spirit with our wife, then our children also have true fellowship with us and they come to understand the things of God. They start walking with the Lord and have a true relationship with Him. And then as we focus on the head, which is Jesus, and fellowshipping with Him, sometimes He brings around other families, sometimes He brings around other people who we also fellowship with. But we don't go out looking for these false fellowships of organizations of men. The church has done that for years and I know a lot of Christians get very discouraged, they get lonely, so then they go out looking for what they call good Christian fellowship and good Bible study. And I'm telling you guys, the pursuit of Christian fellowship has derailed thousands, if not millions of Christians. Instead of having and looking for fellowship with Jesus, suddenly all they're looking for is good old fashioned Christian fellowship and they're not looking for Jesus at all. They're just trying to look for a brother to make them not feel lonely and then they totally derail from their faith in Jesus. No longer do they have their faith in Jesus as their head, but now they're chasing after other brothers and sisters and their opinions and trying to please people and they allow this sort of fellowship into their home and it starts derailing their children and then they're off to divorce and all sorts of other bad things.

You can't be focused on this sort of fellowship that the Christians in dead religion have. You have to be focused on the natural authority that God has established, which is Jesus is your head. He has to be your head. Jesus has to be the one that you fellowship with first and if you get that wrong, you're going to destroy your own life and the life of your family.

True, you don't need to be, you don't need to even be married to be a Christian, to be a disciple of Jesus, but if you believe in Jesus and you truly come to him, you will become part of the body of Christ. The Lord hasn't called everyone to be married. He calls some people to be married and other people to be single, but those who are single also are part of the body of Christ because they still have Jesus as their head. And if you're single and the Lord has called you to be single, then stay single and keep yourself unstained from the world. Keep yourself from ungodly fellowship because what fellowship does righteousness have with ungodliness or the temple of God with idols? And whoever the Lord allows in your life, speak to them about the truth of Jesus, but don't get involved with the false church.

People are very deceived by the 501c3. I suppose that's only in America though, but the false church is all across the world, guys. This false church divides people all across the world. Instead of them being connected to the Lord as their head and then connected to their family, they're divided because these churches want to preach that they are the superpower and that God has given them the power and that the power isn't in the hands of the family. They totally deny these very natural authorities that God has given. Jesus has to be your head.

Another big problem with the churches is the sin problem. The churches don't want to truly repent of sin and most of the churches are just preaching that you can go on sinning. And they follow men. They follow their leadership. As soon as you make an establishment of men and say that this guy is the pope, this guy is our leader, then you start to take your eyes off of Jesus a little bit. And then as you start following this man, if that man starts to deviate from Jesus a little bit, which men do, of course, then your whole congregation will be led astray. And many congregations are all led astray because they put all their faith in a pastor or in a group of their leaders instead of individually following Jesus as they should.

Yeah, well, praise Jesus. If you came out of the Catholic Church or whatever walk of life the Lord called you out of, that's truly a blessing if the Lord opens our eyes and opens our ears. Not everyone's ears are open. Many people are totally deaf. All they can understand is the things that are physical. They can only understand the things that are carnal. But they don't understand the things of the Holy Spirit. If we want to be connected to Jesus and to His true church, we have to worship God in spirit and in truth. We have to understand spiritually. And that will not happen unless we ask Jesus to open our eyes and to open our ears. There are people that have been Christians for years. They've read the Bible for years. They've gone to church for years. But they don't understand the first thing about spirituality. They don't understand the first thing about the Holy Spirit or about Jesus or about prayer or about faith. All these things are totally foreign to them. They have never experienced spiritual warfare. They don't know how to cast out a demon. They don't know how to take their thoughts captive. All they know how to do is read a psalm in the morning and then go to work. They're just focused on their religion and all the carnal things of their day. But if Jesus opens our eyes, it truly is a blessing because then we can walk in spirit and in truth. And we can please God by worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. You can't please God with the fleshly mindset. You have to be s. And of course we're born physically. We're born of water. And then we have to be born of spirit. We have to be born again just like Jesus talked to Nicodemus about. Without being born again, you certainly will not please God or enter His kingdom. You have to ask Jesus to be reborn.

Well praise Jesus from Palestine. I've seen your comments come in from all over guys. Praise Jesus today. Praise Jesus from Norway. Yeah, Howard Pittman. So Howard Pittman does have a really wonderful testimony. If you want to see more about spiritual warfare, I would highly recommend his testimony. Guys, for years this wonderful saint and brother in the Lord preached repentance to the false Christian church. And Jesus told this Howard Pittman that He would go around and share His testimony but only to the people that would invite Him. So Howard didn't go to churches uninvited. He wasn't going around just blabbing or preaching like the false prophets in church. Howard Pittman went around with a true message of repentance from Jesus after having an NDE, which is a near-death experience. And he preached to these guys to repent for years up until the point that he died. Howard had a sermon even right before he died of repentance calling churches to repent. His testimony is true and His testimony is powerful because Jesus is in it. And if you haven't seen His testimony yet as a Christian, I would highly recommend watching it. Because in it, He describes very articulately angels and demons and spiritual warfare and how to overcome in Jesus' name. It's well worth the watch. It's probably about an hour, I don't know, some of them are like an hour and 50 minutes long. One of them is called placebo, guys. It's worth seeing. Howard Pittman, placebo.

Yeah, some of these pastors, guys, they start out really good. When I was coming out of church, there was a few pastors that really sounded good and I got their book. And a lot of times these pastors do have a word from God. They start hearing from the Lord and then they get sucked into dead religion. I really listened to a lot of Mark Driscoll at first. I don't recommend that you listen to him. I also listened to a lot of Francis Chan. I read his book. And then as things proceeded on, it came out clearly from the Holy Spirit that these guys are not following Jesus at all. They're totally giving over to the devil. Within the last few years since COVID and stuff, so much stuff shifted and a lot of these pastors just jumped on board with creating a one world religion, getting people back into the Catholic Church, which we know is false, unifying Catholics with Protestants. All of this stuff is of the satanic empire. And a lot of these pastors that once appeared to us to be godly, really had their true colors shown. At the end of the day you have to decide, am I going to follow Jesus or am I going to follow after these pastors?

And for me, and I might be like you, I didn't really follow these pastors in a way to try to glean spirituality. I kind of just wanted to encourage them on and be encouraged by them. But once I started noticing that they weren't following Jesus at all, it became a discouragement to me. And then I had to choose to either continue to support them by getting their book or listening to them or cut them out of my life. And Jesus hasn't called us to get pastors books and support these pastors. He's called us to the holy life and he's called us to pray for people that have an ear to hear. When Jesus prayed for people, he specifically did not pray for the world at large. But he prayed for those people that his father were giving to him, that would have ears that hear and eyes that see. So we need to pray as led by the Holy Spirit.

A lot of churches will give you a list of things to pray for, even if you have no passion to pray for it. They will want you to pray for Obama. They will want you to pray for the Obamacare, pray for whatever it is that they have set up in their church that they're trying to uplift. And it just becomes as manipulation to push their agenda. It has nothing to do with where the Holy Spirit is actually leading you as an individual to pray. It just is, pray to support our troops. Pray for the war wherever the war is currently. Pray for the individuals in the government. And they have all these lists of things that they have people to pray for in the world. But they're not praying as directed by the Holy Spirit. And if we want to be led by the Holy Spirit, we have to worship the Spirit in truth. And we have to pray as he leads us. As Jesus leads you and guides you as his flock to pray. Yeah, there are some Christians, I suppose, that...

You know, there are some Christians that say that hell doesn't exist, or that you can't see the afterlife. Or that when everyone dies, they have to wait until the final judgment seat, which they think happens thousands of years in the future. So they reject any near-death experience. Obviously, near-death experiences are true. Obviously, Jesus is alive. And you can have a near-death experience and have an out-of-the-body experience. So many people have had this experience. You can't really argue against it. So people can have their own little false opinion. But obviously, people are experiencing things outside of their own physical mind that are true. A lot of these people are coming back and telling people in the physical world things that they saw in the world that actually happened, even though they were technically dead. It's impossible. It's a miracle. The only way this could happen is if there is consciousness outside of your physicality. So outside of your physical body and outside of your physical mind.

And we, as humans, are not just physicality. We're not just body and physical mind. But we are spiritual. We have a spirit and soul that is eternal. And when we physically die, that spirit and soul can come out of our physical body and still be cognitive. We can still be aware. So the people that deny this, a lot of them are people that don't believe in the afterlife. You know, in Jesus' time, these were the Sadducees. They didn't believe in the resurrection of the dead. Nowadays, some of the people that are like this are the Seventh-day Adventists. You know, Seventh-day Adventists, some of them believe, well, pretty much their church doesn't believe in the traditional afterlife. They believe that once you die, you're dead. And then at the very last day, God will resurrect those that were faithful. So they don't really believe that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the prophets like Elijah are really alive with Jesus. And they don't really believe Jesus' words either when Jesus says that God is the God of the living, not the God of the dead. They totally deny that. So these guys have their, you know, they have their heads stuck in the sand. They're not listening to what Jesus says. And they're just following their own doctrines. But if you do want to be encouraged by what is true, pay attention to what Jesus says in the Gospels. That's Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And also, don't be quick to discredit a brother or sister's testimony that has a testimony of Jesus, that has had a near-death experience, that has, you know, met Jesus personally.

 Okay, i've talked a lot about this before, guys. Why are my comments turned off on youtube? You know, I had comments on for about ten years on youtube. And I answered probably thousands, if not millions of questions on youtube. And eventually, it got to the point where I had so many videos, and so many people were trying to cause confusion and confusion. And so many people were trying to cause confusion and distraction that I turned off the comments. Because I don't want my page to be a place for people to argue and debate and spread their evil. So I want my page to be a place where people hear the words of Jesus and nothing else. You know, if you want to go and leave comments on someone else's page, there's millions of other channels you can do it on. But you're not going to do it on mine. My channel is going to be a channel to preach Jesus and for sinners to repent and come to the Lord. I hope that answers your question.

Yeah, praise Jesus. If you haven't yet read the Gospels, start with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Pay attention to what Jesus said. That will give you the best overview of what is going on in the Bible. Because that is the pinnacle of the Bible. Jesus is the head of his church. You don't need to be spending hours and hours in, I don't know, Ecclesiastes, for example. Or Proverbs. Some churches spend countless amounts of time reading Song of Solomon. Or these random books that have very little to nothing to do about God. There are some books that don't even mention the name of God. So don't spend your time just looking at, you know, like Esther, for example. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because that speaks about the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. That speaks about Jesus. And then pay very specific attention to what Jesus actually said and then obey what he says to do. And if you do that, you'll have life. But if you're just trying to, you know, read some of the Old Testament books or the Song of Solomon and paying attention to his little pithy sayings, you're not going to get very far.

Yeah, the issue, guys, with an open dialogue is most people are wanting to correct to their idea of the correction. So they want to correct Jesus. A lot of people just want to debate and correct Jesus. So I don't want to allow people to speak on my channel and to be deceiving others. I know what I know about Jesus. I know him personally. And if people want to be encouraged to follow the Lord, they can come to my channel and hear me speak. But Jesus once told me something that is quite offensive to people. And that is that I am to give but not to take. I am to give the truth of Jesus out, but I am not to take the ideas of others. I'm to listen to Jesus and to be led by him. As soon as we're giving and taking, then we allow ourselves to be hearing from Jesus, but then also listening to other people. And that's very dangerous. Most Christians want to be a little bit, picking an idea here, an idea there. They say, as iron sharpens iron. But suddenly they're led astray by 50 other mentors, and Jesus is like number 83 on the list. So it's very important that we make Jesus our one and only leader. And that if we are going to preach Jesus, that we preach him without letting others speak lies into our life. And a lot of people are trying to give their perspective, their ideas. And all it's going to do is muddy the truth and pull people away from the truth.

So again, my channel is only to promote Jesus. It's to share the things the Lord has given to me. But my channel is not for debate. It's not for people to be speaking correction into my life. I don't allow strangers to correct me. I don't allow people that are strangers to try to speak truth into my life. I just simply don't allow that. That is of the devil, guys. The people that are in my life were put into my life by God, that is my wife, that is my children. You know, the people that are physically in my family. And those people I allow into my life and to speak correction to me. But never, ever let a stranger or someone that you don't know on the internet, even if they're a so-called brother or sister, correct you because they don't know who you are. And there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing, or they're just plain, simple wolves, that will try to discourage you and try to speak what they think is truth into your life. But they will be deceiving you and leading you to hell. You need to set up Jesus as your one and only teacher. Not a church, not a mentor, not a brother or sister online. I'm telling you guys, as soon as you do that, you're going to be giving yourself over to the devil. You're going to be so distracted once you get on the internet with, you know, millions of other people, that you're not going to know which way to go when people are talking about head coverings and talking about purity rights and all of these things that you have to do as a Christian. You're not going to know truth from error. You're going to be so confused you won't be able to speak one thing about Jesus. Jesus never said, go out and make all these people your leaders and your teachers. He said, there is one who is your teacher, one who is your father. Call no one on earth your father or your leader or your teacher, for one. For one is your leader and your teacher, and that is the Christ. You know, nobody moves Satan except God. You can't control Satan, you can't tell Satan something to do. Satan is only going to move by his own mind, his own spirit, except for one person, and that is God. God will move Satan. So how is it that Satan can do whatever he wants to do, and the only person that's going to move him or control him is God, yet Christians will allow Satan to move them around, and people who are controlled by demons to move them around, and another brother or sister to move them around, but they don't allow God to move them around or to be the only one with the right to move them around. So Satan, technically, is much more stable than most Christians, because Satan is not moving around anyone, but Christians are moved around by the devil. We want to be steadfast and not be shaking when this world shakes, then we have to make Jesus our head. He has to be our head and our leader and our teacher. And as soon as Jesus is our head, then we know when people say something about us, if it is true or false.

 I hear what people say, I hear people's corrections, and if someone is trying to correct you and they are truly in Jesus, then you will know it immediately because Jesus is your head and you'll realize, yeah, I was wrong there, I need to change. But if you're not really with Jesus and people are trying to correct you, you immediately, out of humility, or you think it's humility, will go, yeah, I kind of see from their perspective, I understand what they're saying, and I really need to change, it was really wrong of me to believe, you know, I should just have Jesus as my Lord, I also need to accept these other people. And suddenly, out of your humility, Satan will destroy you. He will start to get into your heart through this false humility. And a lot of Christians, they're trying to act humble because they don't want to feel condemned by the devil. So instead of standing up and saying, no, I'm not going to be moved around by these false Christians, I'm not going to be moved around by these people, I'm not going to change my opinions on these things. Out of this false humility, they will change, and as soon as they're changing, they get so confused because now they have a dissonance between what they believe that Jesus has said and what Brother So-and-so has said. They have just pushed Jesus out of the throne of their life.

If you don't want all this confusion in your life, you have to set up Jesus as the head. You have to receive these natural authorities that God has put in place, that Jesus is the head, and then we are following Him. So get that right, guys. Put Jesus as the head of your life. Be moved by Him and you'll be in the right place. But if you start letting people push you around and listening to their comments and all that kind of stuff, you'll be like everyone else in the world who doesn't know up from down and left from right. Well, it's time for me to get going, guys, but I want to pray for those in the body of Christ that do want to be led by the Lord, that do want to lead their families in righteousness. I want to pray for you if you're discouraged or if you want clarity, you want your ears to be open to the truth, I want to pray for you to have a word from the Lord that you can be led and guided by Jesus and not distracted by people and false religion.

“So Lord Jesus, I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. I pray that they would really set you up as king and lord of their life, that they would have you in the bottom of their heart, and that they would put off the false fellowship, that they would put off the liars, the false brotherhood, that they would stand up for what is true and that they would stop being pushed around by the devil. So many Christians are allowing false comments into their life, they're allowing people to move them around that are not you, Lord Jesus. So I pray that people truly learn to have you, Lord Jesus, as their head and that they would follow you with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength, that you would be their one father, their one teacher, and that they would stop bending their knee to false teachers and to the devil. I pray that you raise up a people who are dedicated to you, Lord, unto death, that they would daily deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow you and be filled with righteousness and with truth. I pray that those listening today that want to be unshackled from worldliness and dead religion would be unchained, that they would be set free and that they would walk into the newness of life by your name, Lord Jesus. I pray this in your name. I pray that you set many people free today, that they could worship you and please you and follow you alone, Lord. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus, amen.