Thursday, April 4, 2024

Come Out of Religion Get to Know Jesus


Come Out of Religion Get to Know Jesus

 Well praise Jesus today everyone. I just wanted to make a short message, a very little bit of my testimony, and just give glory to Jesus because when we are really with Jesus Christ our eyes and our ears are open to the truth and we don't fall into the deceptions that people are in in the world or in religion. See a lot of people are deceived by things in the world, you know, really basic things. They're deceived by the devil to think that sex outside of marriage is okay or that, you know, adultery is okay or abortion is okay. 

So people in the world don't really care. They're totally blind. But also a lot of Christians are blind to the truth because instead of putting themselves at the feet of Jesus Christ, they have put themselves before the indoctrination of churches. Maybe that's a Catholic church or maybe that is a Protestant Baptist church or something like that. But a lot of Christians are not at the feet of Jesus and because of this they are extremely acceptable or acceptable to deceptions that are in the Christian church. Now one of the things that Jesus taught was that we should make no one on earth our father. That doesn't mean that we can't call our blood father, father or dad or something like that. But there should be no one on earth that you're looking up to as your spiritual father and your leader. 

There can be people that tell you about Jesus that point you to the truth, but then after they point you to the truth, you should be led by God, by the gift of his Holy Spirit. See Jesus promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead us and to guide us into all truth. You can find that in the Bible in John chapter 14 through 16. Praise Jesus everyone. I see your comments coming in. But a lot of Christians open themselves up to deception, to lies, because they put themselves at the feet of a pastor or a father in the Catholic church. Now because I have been out of church and I have placed myself my entire life at the feet of Jesus Christ, not at a pastor or at a Catholic church, I can easily see the deceptions and the witchcraft in church. It's not because I'm just so special, but it's because I have been walking with Jesus and I can see things from His perspective. Now if you want to see things from my perspective, you have to see things by the perspective that will be given you by the Holy Spirit.

 We can put ourselves in other people's shoes, but you can't put yourself in my shoes unless you're walking with the Lord. Most people are not walking with the Lord and so they can never perceive how church is a deception. They can't perceive how certain people are lying to them. They can't understand the things of God because they simply have never walked with Jesus. They have never humbled themselves before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So they are constantly calling their pastor, their leader, and they go against what Jesus said. Jesus said, Call no one on earth your teacher, your leader, your father. What does the Catholic church do? They set themselves up as the father and the Pope and all of the leaders of the Catholic church, they call themselves father. And when people put themselves under that authority, they put themselves under witchcraft. And it's incredible to see because Jesus specifically warns about these things that the Catholic church are a hundred percent doing against God. They call themselves father when Jesus said, Don't call anyone father. If you don't believe me, look up what the Catholics call their leadership. They all call them father as if they're looking up to God, the father. So these guys have totally duped Christians. They have deceived people.

 And another thing that happens in church, the Catholic church or the Christian church is they fall into this sort of repetitious prayer. They're praying the rosary. They're praying these repetitious things that are witchcraft. And Jesus warned also specifically not to pray like this. The heathens pray like this. People that don't know God, they pray these repetitious prayers because they think by their many words. And this sort of repetition, even if it's praying the Lord's prayer, it's in vain. It's so repetitive. And God does not look down from heaven with pleasure upon repetitious prayers. People praying the rosary, people praying the Lord's prayer over and over again as if you're going to be accepted by God for your many words.

 The Lord is pleased with us when we bring ourselves before his feet and we just ask him very simple questions as a child would ask you. What sort of things has your child asked you? They probably asked you things like, what are we going to eat tonight? Or maybe they've asked you extremely profound questions that you couldn't answer about God. Why did God create death? They might ask. Or who is God? Or where does God live? Or why can't I see God? Sometimes children ask the most basic questions of life that leave you completely stumped. But we know that we have a Father in heaven that can answer our questions. And Jesus even says that if we pray that he will be manifesting to us. So why don't we start asking the questions that are actually on our heart to God who is alive and that will give liberally to those that ask. Why are we praying these ridiculous long prayers and calling people Father and Pastor and Leader that are not our leaders, that are not our fathers, and prayers that mean absolutely nothing to our heart?

 This becomes like a witchcraft. It sedates people. They go in and they hear the pastor and they have this certain cadence and they just fall asleep. They're not even thinking about reality. They're not praying things or even preaching things that are truly on their mind or heart. It just becomes this repetition. They're just doing religion. This is ridiculous, guys. People have become zombies. The world is so far asleep and the church is so far asleep they have no idea what pleases God. It's crazy. If you want to please God, you have to give him your heart. You have to start praying from your heart. Things that are actually on your heart and on your mind. Not things that don't make sense that some other person formulated a prayer for you to pray. That's not genuine. 

If you want to be genuine with God, you have to be genuine with yourself. What are you feeling? What things are you struggling with? And then bring those things before God and then work out those things. Do you have hate in your life? Are you envious? Are you jealous of somebody? Are you anxious about something? So wherever your heart is, bring those things before God and say, I'm anxious about this. I'm nervous about this. I'm frustrated about this. And whatever is on your heart, you bring those things to God and then you ask him, you say, Lord, please help me. Help me to see things as you see. Help me to do good as you always do good. Help me to be focused in the right area so I'm not just wasting your time or my time. And then you can start to do things that are actually beneficial for life. 

Following Jesus isn't about doing Catholic Church. It's not about doing the Eucharist. It's not about doing Baptist communion. It's not about ceremony at all. Life with Jesus is about giving your actual life to him. The things that you're actually concerned with. You have to give him your heart, your mind, your intellect, your being. And then you can make small steps forward in faith with him and he can start developing your faith. 

The news break here is that Jesus is truly alive and he wants to do life with you. You need to invite him into every aspect of your life. Following Jesus isn't about just going to church and segmenting Jesus as one aspect of 50,000 different aspects that you have about your life. You have to allow Jesus into your life to mold you to his image. It's not about Jesus becoming like you or God becoming like you, but it is about you being molded into the image of God. He loves us. He cares for us. He wants us to have a good life. But the things that we perceive to be a good life and getting connected with God, a lot of us just think it's about getting into church. And as long as we say these repetitious prayers and pay our tithe to church, then God is going to bless our life, what we really want to do.

 I've noticed a lot of Christians, they don't really care about God at all. They just kind of do church. They do worship. And for them, it's appeasing their conscience. So they feel guilty in their conscience that they're not doing enough for God. Maybe they know in their heart that they're really not right with God. So how do we appease a guilty conscience? Well, we can try to buy our way into heaven, which is obviously ridiculous. No one can buy their way into heaven. But we start to think like this. And so to appease a guilty conscience, we say, man, I will just pay 100 bucks to a church a week, or I will give one hour of my time to this church or this organization. And after you do one hour a week and $100 a week or whatever you designate, you start to appease your guilty conscience. But in reality, this guilt keeps on coming back up in you. Why is that? Why do you constantly have to appease this guilt in order to try to mend this sort of relationship with God? It's because in reality, you don't have a genuine relationship with God, and you're just trying to appease him by works of your own righteousness. 

If you really want to get right with God, it's not about running to a church. It's not about giving him $100 a week or tithe or going on a mission trip. None of that stuff will ultimately appease God. If you want to get right with God, it starts with your own heart's reconciliation. You confess your sins. I mean, that's obvious enough. You say, Lord, I know that I'm a sinner. I know that I can't do it on my own. I know that I've messed up in life. I know that I've been a failure. I know that I don't know everything. And Lord Jesus, I want you to save me. You have to start praying as a child would pray, not a theologian, not as someone that's beating around the bush or just trying to pray repetitious prayers. You have to start praying as your child would talk to you. Your child doesn't come to you as a theologian or a manipulator. They just ask you for what they want. And you as a parent, you communicate with them with what they actually need. And that is how our relationship with Jesus has to start. 

Jesus is real. And that to a lot of people is very profound because to them, Jesus has just been a figment of religion. So if you want to get right with your creator, it starts with talking straight to Jesus Christ. Not just repetitiously praying the Lord's prayer, not praying the Catholic rosary or anything like that, not going before a pastor and confessing your sins to him, but going before Jesus simply as a child would go before their parent, their earthly father, and just say, "Lord Jesus, please speak to me in a way that makes sense to me. Please guide my life. I want to give my life to you. I want to invite you, Lord, into every aspect of my life so that I can please you and truly be your child. I want to serve you. I don't want my life to be meaningless. I don't want to ruin my life. I don't want to ruin what God has given me." And if you can start praying basic prayers like this, then Jesus will come into you. He will come into your life, into your heart. He will start changing you and molding you to his image. You will start to learn the perspective of God and not the perspective any longer of false dead religion.

 If you want to see from this perspective, it has to happen by going to your creator, to Jesus. He's alive and he cares for you. "So, Lord Jesus, I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord who've been deceived by the world, who've been deceived by the false riches and pleasures of the world, but who have also been deceived by dead religion, by the Catholic church, by Baptist churches, by just all these churches that pretend to know you, but who fleece the flock, who manipulate people for money. I pray that people can truly and genuinely come into a relationship with you and that you would work miracles in their life, that they would come into the newness of life with you and partake in your new covenant. I pray that you wash people clean of their sins, let them be spotless and have their new white robes on and prepared for the wedding supper of the Lamb. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord to give up all the worries of this world, all the temptations of the flesh, all the things that lead us towards hell. I pray that we have the power to rebuke demons in your name and overcome everything that is evil, because we have the power in you, Lord Jesus, to overcome. So, I pray for the true church. I pray for your body, the body of Christ. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters to overcome in your name and come out of deception and lies that is leading so many people to hell. I pray that someone that is listening today can truly accept you, Lord Jesus, as their Lord and Savior and that you would come into their life and purify them from the inside out and that they could see and hear clearly. In your name I pray, Lord Jesus. Amen."