Sunday, April 28, 2024

Crazy Church Dream


Crazy Church Dream: WARNING: Verbally Graphic Content

I wanted to share with anyone who is listening a dream that I had last night that was quite interesting to me and pretty crazy. So in this dream I found myself in a Pentecostal sort of church, the sort of church that they believe in lifting your hands in worship, dancing around the church. In this particular dream the church that I found myself observing in was televised and everyone was really dressed up in nicer clothes like the men with white shirts and black ties, the women were wearing nice white long dresses and kind of like how you would see people dress on easter. So really nice apparel and I found myself kind of in the middle observing this. I don't know to what extent I was part of this, but I was an observer in the midst of this congregation, and I saw people at the very front of this church, and they were the worship arts leaders and these worship arts leaders started the congregation in worship. When I heard the music at first, I wanted to lift my hands like everyone else and praise God. It sounded like it was music that was glorifying to Jesus. And so in a heart of worship I tried to start worshiping, but as I listened to the music that the professionals were putting on from the stage, I noticed that the music was shifting from being music that was glorifying to Jesus to a shift of it glorifying the people on the stage. So instead of it saying you know like praise be to the glory of God, it was more like, praise be to the glory of our church, Lord brings us power, give us the money that we need let our congregation, give enough money to us that we may support the things that we want to do. It became very self-centered and as the music became self-centered. I felt this force field that was kind of like a rainbow but invisible that was behind all of the people standing up in this Pentecostal church. And this force field started pushing everyone from the back of the room towards the front of the stage. And I realized at this point it was false worship, so I leaned back against that force field and dug in my heels into the floor. And this force field continued to push everyone forward. And I realized it was all to look good on tv and to look good to people from the outside so they would think that everyone was just on their own desire going forward to the front of the stage to worship God, it was all for show on TV right. So I dug in my heels as hard as I could. And when I did that, I noticed that the worship arts leader, the pastor people like that, saw that I was resisting, so they put some of their ushers and people around me or whoever it was, so that when the cameras panned, they would not be on me showing resistance to their little Pentecostal show. So as I continue to observe this then led directly into the time of giving and tithe where they were asking people for money, and people felt compelled to give by this force field that was forcing everyone to the front was making people feel guilty to not give. You would feel extremely condemned if you didn't empty your pockets. Because this force field was literally forcing everyone to the front of the room by the power of this rainbow force field.

So the next interesting thing that happened in this dream was the feeding of the flock. And I perceive this to be when the time in a church where the pastor feeds that's what they call it when the pastor gives the sermon, they call it eating the flock. But anyways in this particular dream, they were actually feeding people food. However, the food when it would leave the stage by the ushers and the leaders of the church, it wouldn't go out how Jesus fed the five thousand or anything like that. Somehow the people on the stage had physical food on kind of like beans and rice or spaghetti and meatballs. They had that in pots and things on the stage but how they would deliver it to the congregation was also through this force field that you couldn't see. And when they would deliver it, this food would basically go out I guess spiritually or intravenously, and it would enter all the men and women in the congregation as they were preparing this food from the stage. And so I would see them making the food the beans the meatballs and it would then intervene asleep go into all the people. And I had already realized at this point that all of this was garbage that it wasn't something I wanted to receive so I was still digging in my heels. And at this point of the dream, I also perceived that my wife was by me. She was by my side, and she was also seeing the same thing. And I remember in my dream in particular seeing some women one in particular was a younger girl maybe 12 13 years old. And I could see that she was intravenously taking that food like into her veins they were preparing that food on the stage. And she was taking that food. So here's the crazy part the disgusting part was these people that were receiving this food then got explosive diarrhea. And as soon as they had finished eating this food that was been given to them, they exploded with diarrhea all over their dresses. I saw this 13-year-old girl just explode diarrhea all up and down her dress. I saw women in the congregation who had explosive diarrhea, the diarrhea from the food that they were feeding with all over their beautiful easter dresses. I saw the men and everyone that was wearing all the nice clothes, they had diarrhea, they had the beans in the rice the meatballs all over their clothing diarrhea everywhere. And I turned and I saw my wife trying to help one of the women in the church scraping off all the diarrhea. And I just realized at that point there is no helping these people. Because as much as we try to help them, they're still taking this food intravenously by their choice. And that was my exit out of the church. We left the church. We got out of that Pentecostal church and realized that it was totally from Satan. This is a perfect image of what is happening in the false churches today. They are manipulating you for your money. They have false worship the force field is of the devil. It creates manipulation, manipulation to worship in the so-called church, but the worships no worship at all. They try to control you and manipulate you to give your every last penny to their organization. They prepare spiritual food from the stage to try to feed people. But at the end of the day all the congregation all the people are defiled. They have defiled and soiled their garments. All their works are as filthy rags. This is what the gospel speaks of when it speaks of all our righteousness is as filthy rags. The so-called righteousness of the church, the so-called worship is filthy in the eyes of God.

 If we want true repentance, we have to put on the robes of righteousness and we can't continue to take intravenously the garbage that is coming from the pastors and the elders and the ushers in dead religion in church. You have to get your family out. There's not enough cleaning that you can do to your family to keep them pure, because as you're cleaning them, they're going to continually be eating food that is giving them diarrhea. They're going to be exploding out the end. The churches are completely wicked. They're not preaching the true gospel. They're not nurturing people with the truth of Jesus Christ. They're giving them poison. I want to encourage you as a brother in the Lord to get out of dead religion, get out of the wicked church. It doesn't matter if it's Pentecostal, catholic, so-called Christian on non-denominational, you need to come out of the church, come out of sin, disconnect from what is disloyal to God, and start worshiping in spirit and in truth, get to know Him that He can clean you and purify you from this unrighteousness, from all this undefiledness, and that then you can have life in Him and your family your sons and your daughters can be pure. They won't be defiled by all of this, all of this nasty discharge. So I hope this makes sense to you.

I know this dream is crazy and disgusting. But this is how God sees the church today. The false church they are putrid, they're full of their own dung. And if we want to be pure and holy before God, we have to come out of this whorehouse which is defiling our men and our women. “Lord Jesus, I pray that people who are listening today would come out of the defiled church that is defiling themselves and defiling others. I pray that people would truly repent of dead religion, that they'd repent of evil, that they've repent of witchcraft and that they would come out and be separate from what's ungodly, that they may be filled with your Holy Spirit and cleansed from the inside out. I pray this, Lord Jesus, in your name.”