Saturday, April 13, 2024

Impure Church Full of Lust and Immodesty


Impure Church Full of Lust and Immodesty

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to make a short message here just on modesty and purity because this is a huge problem especially in the Christian realm. It's a big problem in America. It's a huge problem in California. I'm sure it's a problem where you're at. In the American culture, modesty is not a big deal. A lot of people are very immodest. This should never be in the Christian church. In the Christian church, women should be dressed modestly, men should be modest. We should be modest in our apparel, in our attitude. We should be humble before God, but we shouldn't be showing off our body parts. Now a lot of men that claim to be Christians, even good men, are very lustful. They don't know how to bounce their eye. They don't know how to cast out demons. When Satan comes against them with lust, they don't know how to overcome that lust. They're just addicted to pornography things come up on their phone and they indulge in the lusts of the flesh. We can know that if we're being overtaken by lust, we're going to be cut off from the kingdom of God.

Jesus is not going to let men who are lustful into His kingdom. We have to repent. And those that Jesus sets free are free indeed. So this means that if you truly give your life to Jesus, and if you want to be set free from lust, you can overcome. In the name of Jesus, He will set you free and He will give you the power to turn the other way, to look the other way, so that you are not controlled by the demon of lust. So many men in the world, they can't help but turn their head. They can't help but lust. They're totally given over to this. But with Jesus Christ, we are set free from lust.

Now I know there are a lot of Christian women who are also, to some extent, they're serious about God. They love Jesus. They want to do what's right. But they are very immodest. And women, if you're immodest, then you also are going to be cut off from the kingdom of God. Immodesty and impurity lead to disaster in the long run. You attract the wrong kind of attention. The wrong sorts of people will come into your life. Eventually, you'll be training your children in the wrong way. Your children will not grow up, growing to be holy and pure, but they will be immodest. They'll be sleeping around and messing around. Your sons will be looking at pornography. All of this sort of lust drives its way right into your marriage, right into your bedroom bed. And eventually, it ends in divorce. It ends in rape. It ends in every sort of evil known to man.

So we need to make sure that if this sort of thing is creeping into our lives, whether it is lust, immodesty, we need to make sure we get it out.

Now I'm not speaking about legalistic things. Some people get very legalistic about how women can't wear denim, or they have to wear a certain kind of skirt. And I know there are cults that make their women, and their men wear very specific clothing. That's not what I'm talking about here today. I'm simply talking about dressing in a way that is modest, that you are not promoting your body parts out to the world, but you're covering your skin. And if you're not sure what it means to be modest, ask your husband, ask a fellow brother or sister in the Lord. Because in your heart, you really know. You know if you're showing yourself off or if you're dressed in modesty and in purity.

But it's a huge problem in church, guys. You know, everyone ends up going to church and maybe they start with trying to be holy and just listening to a sermon and singing praises to God. And the next thing they know, they're lusting because the women are wearing immodest clothing. We need to make sure that we are clothed in purity. It's ridiculous in the summer, but even in the winter, even in the spring, every season, it can't possibly be cold enough for women to cover up. When unrighteousness gets into us, it doesn't matter what nature is doing or what God is doing. It's so rebellious that we are just given over to our lusts.

Women are given over to their lusts. They're given over to what many people call the Jezebel spirit. They're just trying to attract attention with makeup and with wearing less and less clothing. This is evil, guys. This is wicked. And if we're part of the children of God, we need to really pay attention to how we dress in modesty and in purity. And men, we have to learn how to bounce our eyes away from promiscuous women. Don't even look at them. Don't have anything to do with any promiscuous women. And make sure also that your children, if you're doing sports, make sure that whatever sport you're doing, that you're also dressed modestly. And if that sport, for whatever reason, says, we have a dress code and you have to wear this, and you notice that it's immodest, take your child out of that sport or out of that dance class or whatever it is that is causing you or your daughters to be immodest. It's more important that we guard our heart, that we keep ourselves pure than any sort of dance class or any sort of music or any sort of drama or anything going on at school, any sort of sport or hobby, it's most important that we're holy and pure and that we're dressed in modesty and that we're teaching our children to be modest, that we're teaching our girls to be clothed in righteousness, physically and spiritually, and that we're teaching our young men not to be lustful, but to be true men of God that have self-control.

One of the attributes of the Holy Spirit is self-control. So if you are a man and you find yourself lusting and given over to lust and you can't control your eyes, you can't control your body parts, then that is a telltale sign that the Holy Spirit is not working in you, but it is your lust, the lust of your flesh, and you need to repent of that.

Lust brings people to hell. Lust would have brought David to hell if he didn't repent. So many great men of God, they fall into lust, and lust is a demon. These demons often, guys, will manifest in your sleep as a past girlfriend, they will manifest as a woman that you once had desire for, and if in your dream you're getting to the point where you don't want this and you're rebuking Satan even in your dream, you will notice that these promiscuous women have evil spirits behind them. They literally turn into demons. I've experienced this multiple times and many other brothers have experienced this. Once you start to engage in spiritual warfare, you notice that it's not just you lusting, but there is a demonic entity present. They are demons. There's these seducing spirits that are given these bodies in the spiritual realm that look sensual, that men lust after. Once you know that this is not just your own imagination, but these are demons, that should put the fear of God in you to rebuke these things.

Rebuke lust. Cast out these demons. Quickly take charge of your thoughts and rebuke evil and lustful thoughts. Don't be looking at pornography. Get rid of your phone or your computer or whatever causes you to sin. Jesus said it would be better for you to cast a body part away from you completely than for your whole body to go into hell. So if your hand is causing you to sin, spiritually cut it off. If your eyes are causing you to sin, spiritually pluck them out. Because sin, especially lust, will take you to hell if you don't repent. And the farther that you go down this addiction, it's like any other drug. It starts to hold you and captivate you and that sin will hold you there much longer than you ever imagined. And it will be much harder to ever escape than you ever thought. So as quickly as you can, you need to repent of lust. You need to repent of anything that's promiscuous, including sports. If your sport is causing you to, or making you wear something that is showing off your body parts, get out of that sport. Figure out a way to cover up your body, to keep yourself pure. You don't have to be immodest to be jogging. You don't have to be immodest to be doing gymnastics or playing soccer. Guys, we can cover our bodies with holiness, with the clothes that we need, and our spiritual self also with righteousness. We don't have to be exposed as Satan is making people expose themselves. Don't let the devil rape you. Keep your mind and your heart fixed on Jesus. Keep yourself clothed in righteousness. We need our white robes on. We need to be holy and pure before God.

So women, dress modestly. Men, don't lust. If you see women that are dressed immodestly, don't even look at them. Don't associate with them. If they are your sister, call them to repent, call them to change their wardrobe. And if they won't listen, then turn the other way. Because too many women are causing men to fall into lust. It's the spirit of Jezebel, as many people call it. But simply, it's demons. A lot of these demons are entering women. Instead of women being holy and pure and wanting to be just for their husbands, now they're promoting all of their body parts out in public. It's very wicked. Make sure that you keep yourself unstained from this, especially as we go into spring and into summer. We as Christians, as disciples of Jesus, must be clothed in righteousness.

Are you clothed in righteousness? Or are you like those in the world who are giving off all of these sexual vibes? Are we truly holy? Are we pure? Are we part of the body of Christ? Or are we actually on Satan's side? May the grace of Jesus be with you.