Sunday, April 21, 2024

What God Wants From You


What God Wants From You

Well, praise Jesus today everyone. We know what the Lord Jesus wants from us. We know the great commission, Matthew chapter 28, that all power and all authority has been given to Jesus Christ, therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to do everything I have commanded you; And lo, I am with you even to the end of the age. These are the things that Jesus spoke before He ascended back up to be with His Father in heaven. And we know that we are to be separate from the world, and sanctified for the purpose of Jesus Christ to do His work.

Now I know a lot of Christians wonder how exactly do I go? The answer seems to be too simple. I think I lost signal for just a second there guys. But the answer for many people is too simple. And it all comes down to one word, which is love. God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself. And if we truly have the love of God in us, we will be worshipping Him, we will be asking Him daily for the bread of life, we will be doing His will, we will be loving our neighbor as ourself. And we will be telling other people about life that Jesus gives, because we don't want people to end up in hell. We're not going to be preaching Jesus for money like the churches, or using gimmicks as the false Christians are doing. But out of the love of our heart, and out of the walk of our life, we will be telling our physical neighbors, our spiritual neighbors about Jesus Christ, that people may come into the Lord's house.

We know about those parables that Jesus taught about how the people that were chosen were not able to enter, and then the Master tells the servants to go out into the highways and the byways, and to tell everyone about the great supper of the Lamb. And so the servants go out and they gather as many people as they can, basically from the streets, so that in the last day the Master's house will be full. That is what we're supposed to be doing. While Jesus is still going out, collecting people, doing the work that we're supposed to be doing, many Christians are sitting back saying, “well I am saved and secure, I'm going to heaven, so I don't have to do anything. I don't have to lift a finger, I don't have to preach the gospel, I don't have to live holy.” And so they've left Jesus to do the work, thinking that they're safe and secure now going to heaven. Meanwhile, Jesus is trying to save people's souls. You're not helping out the Lord if you don't have His love in your heart for other people.

And what the Lord wants you doing is, first off, being a disciple yourself, so having His love in your heart, being separate from the world, so living righteous, but then also making disciples, making disciples of your own family, calling people around you to repent, and you know, this sort of thing, I think to many Christians seems too simple. They would say, “you just want me to talk about your kingdom?” Well the thing is, that I have noticed, we have, in our hearts we have this void. We know that if we're not doing the work of Jesus, or if we are not living for Him properly, then we don't have the ability to speak about Him. We know that we're going to be in hypocrisy. And so we have this emptiness in us, this feeling that we are not fulfilled when we are away from Jesus Christ.

So if we do want to be fulfilled and be fulfilling the Great Commission, the commandments of Jesus, we have to be eating Jesus' flesh and drinking His blood, having the joy of our Father in Heaven in us, and then we have to practice preaching the gospel, speaking the things of Jesus to others. And the less that you practice something, the worse that you get at it, obviously, and the more that you practice something, the better that you get at it. And so I find the times that I go out of my way to speak about Jesus, I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, I have more messages, I have more joy in speaking about the Lord, but if for some reason I become shy or timid, or if I don't speak, then it's more natural the next time for me not to speak about Jesus. So I try always to be speaking about Jesus so I'm salt and light, that I can be used for the Kingdom of God, that I can be about my Father's business. That way I can get better at what I'm doing. And anything in life that we want to get better at, we have to practice.

So if you want to get good at following Jesus, you have to practice. It's not just going to come naturally that all of a sudden, you're a great minister of God's Word, and you're a great encouragement, you have to practice being encouraging, you have to practice praying, you have to practice praying in tongues, you have to practice doing what is right. And when we practice, then the Holy Spirit gives us more power to continue to live for Him and He fills us back up. A lot of Christians feel very beaten down, they feel like they can't stand up for the Lord. Well we have to pray for more energy, and how do you get more energy? We know how you do that physically. You don't get more energy by resting, you get more energy by exerting energy.

So if you want to be able to run a longer distance, you don't get the energy to run longer by sitting or by sleeping. You get the energy to go farther by pushing yourself farther. Of course you need to sleep and rest, but the way that you push past your plateau physically is by exerting more energy. And it is the same thing in the Kingdom of God, if you want to push past a plateau and continue to go forward with Jesus, you have to exert more energy in the right direction with the Lord. So live holy, be separate from things that are ungodly, get things that are like parasites out of your life, get pornography out of your life, get drugs and alcohol out of your life, get promiscuous women and things that cause you to stumble out of your life. So get those things out of your life, figure that out. But then make sure that you're doing what is right. Make sure that you're promoting righteousness, that you're loving your neighbor, and do things for Jesus that you know are blessing the heart of God.

You know, a lot of Christians are only trying to serve God out of guilt. They're trying to get a feeling of guilt off of their heart, so that's why they're donating money to the poor, or they're giving money to a church, or they're trying to go on a mission trip. But really, that void that is in your heart is the void that needs to be given to Jesus. He needs to fill that void, and then you need to be serving Jesus Christ His way. And it seems to me that the things that Jesus asks us to do are far too simplistic for us to think that that's what He really wants. We think that we need to be doing these huge things for God. We need to be going to a different country. We need to be giving this huge amount of money to some organization to prove ourselves to God. He isn't looking for us to buy our way into the kingdom of God with money. In fact, if you remember that poor widow's mite, she hardly gave anything, but she gave what she had. And that is what Jesus said was more money in heaven. It wasn't that she gave all this money, but she gave everything that she had to live on.

So we need to give our full dedication to Jesus Christ and love Him in the way that He wants us to love Him and others. And so that starts with just simply the love of God, praying to Him, keeping ourselves separate from the world, so that we can just pray a simple prayer like a child saying, “Dear Jesus, please show me what You have me do today. Let me be separate from ungodliness and let me be used for Your kingdom.” And then when situations come up in your life that are a fork in the road to choose good or evil, choose good every time. Choose to speak about Jesus when you have the opportunity. Choose to be salt and light. And if you start living according to your conscience, doing what you know is right, rejecting what you know is wrong, loving people the way the Lord loves you, then you will be going in the right direction. And instead of feeling like you have to appease God, you will simply be serving God His way, the way He has made for you to serve Him. And that void that was missing, Jesus, His truth, His love in your heart, will be filled and your joy will be full.

My joy is full in the Lord. Even though people accuse me, the devil accuses me, I know that Jesus hears and He answers my prayers all the time. And He leads me in righteousness. He has made me to be someone that overcomes. Every day I overcome in the name of Jesus. And that is such a blessing. But in order to get to the place where you overcome, you have to be holding Jesus hand tightly and walking with Him, not worrying what people think, not worrying what people will say, but trusting the Lord in everything, trusting Him with your life.

Do we trust Jesus? Is He filling that void in our heart? And are we doing the things that seem too simple to the world? Are we loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength? Are we loving our neighbor as our self? Are we fulfilling the great commission, the commandments of Jesus? Or are we distracted in the world like that seed that is being choked out by the weeds, or the seed that fell on the wayside that is getting eaten up by the devil? Where are you today? Are you with Jesus or are you stuck somewhere in the world?

I want to encourage you to work out your salvation with Jesus Christ. Do those basic things to overcome. Overcome sin. Make sure that you are living holy. Be separate so that you can serve Jesus and be a light shining for Him. That is what Jesus wants for you. He wants you to be able to glorify Him, to praise Him and He wants to give you everlasting life. “Lord Jesus, I pray for those who are hearing this message today that need direction from You, that need clarity from our Father in Heaven. I pray for Your true church that You would give us guidance and clarity and that we could truly be salt and light and encouraging our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, that we would push along others in righteousness. Not that we can save people, but You have called us to be salt and light and to be the light of the world. So I pray that we can be light shining for You and that You can use us for Your glory, Lord, that we call people out of sin and doubting and hatred of God and blasphemy and thoughts of evil, and that people would come into the truth and be saved. I pray that we can be partakers of Your communion and Your great commission and that we can be saved by the blood of the Lamb and encourage others also to practice what is right, that they may be saved by Your blood, Lord Jesus, and live for You with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength.”