Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A relationship with Jesus Christ is not cheap

A Real Relationship with Jesus Christ is NOT Cheap
Jesus Christ wants the very best life for us.  He wants us to live according to HIS purpose and to live a life that is really quality.  We serve a quality GOD.  He is NOT cheap.  You know, some time ago I bought a pare or shoes at Costco and they were like $16 and they were well worth that $16.  If we buy shoes that are cheap, they fall apart within a few days, but if we buy shoes that are a little bit more expensive, they may not fit comfortably immediately because we have to wear them in, but they may last as long as 5 years!  If we want a relationship with Jesus that LASTA and endures we cannot expect that it will all happen in 5 minutes and that it will all be comfortable and easy sailing.  A relationship with Jesus is quality, it takes time and effort as ANYTHING does that is worth anything in this world.  The GOD that we serve is not of this world, and if we really want to worship Him, we have to worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  He is NOT a God of our convenience or our comfort.  BUT HE IS QUALITY and He wants you to have a QUALITY relationship with Him that you put HIM first in EVERYTHING and that He will just supply your needs, that you will go to Him as your Father, that you will trust Him and that He will give you everything you need to navigate through this life.  Don’t go the easy cheep way, just trying to find all your answers really quick from people, by going to a church or going to a pastor.  Really seek the Lord Jesus through PRAYER.  Fast if it is necessary and be really persistent to work out your relationship with Jesus.  Be diligent about it, because He is not a cheap and easy God.  He is quality and He is the real thing.  Do you want a relationship that is quality with your Creator?  Or are you content with just a cheap meaningless fake relationship with dead religion?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.