Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Leave church and Escape HELL

 Leave "Church" and Escape HELL
The Lord Jesus is truly alive and He is speaking but most people do not hear Him because they are listening to dead religion.  They have their pastors already, they have their bible already, they have their friends already and because they surround themselves that are connected to dead religion, not to Jesus Christ, they never truly come into a relationship with Jesus where they hear Him and can start trusting Him and obeying Him.  This morning Jesus spoke to me, and He continues to show me the condition of the Christian church.  Nothing has changed with the Christian church, people do, they try to do good things, they try to be helpful, they try to help with mission projects or donating money, they try to be charitable to others, but because they don’t believe in Jesus all of their righteousness is as filthy rags, all their worship is as false.  They are not on the straight and narrow path to everlasting life.  In my dream I was trying to talk to a few friends that I knew from the old church, I was trying to tell them about Jesus, about how it is a narrow path and that there are very few people, even in the last 8 years, that I have been able to tell about Jesus in person who have believed.  There have been very few who I have spoke the truth to, that have repented, been baptized, and then continually walked in the newness of life.  There have been a lot of people though who I have talked to that were exited initially but then fell back to the world or were not exited enough to CONTINUE in the truth, they had no real foundation.  Remember the parable of the soils how only the good soil, only the seed in that good soil grew up and then started to produce good fruit, but all the other soils that fell in the rocky places or in the thorns, all those soils, the shallow soil… all those other ones they did NOT produce good fruit and they died.  If we do not produce good fruit, if we do not walk on the straight and narrow path with the Lord the axe is already at the base of every tree that does not produce good fruit, we will not inherit everlasting life, it is not good enough just to have religion.  Keep in mind that the path to everlasting life is extremely narrow.  Church is not a narrow path.  Most Americans are Christians, they are church-goers, or they agree with church theology and doctrine and the concepts that are there.  CHURCH IS NOT A NARROW PATH.  IT IS THE BROAD PATH TO HELL, AND THERE ARE MANY MANY CHRISTIANS WHO ARE ON THE BROAD PATH TO HELL THAT ARE CONNECTED TO CHURCH.  Jesus said the way to everlasting life is extremely narrow and FEW are on it.  If we stick on the straight and narrow path with Jesus, we will NOT be connected to churches, churchy ideas and churchy people.  We will be an ENEMY to them.  But we will be connected to JESUS and we will be His son or His daughter.  Don’t be like those who are turned away by the Lord and they say; “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, did we not cast out demons?”  And the Lord will say; “Away from Me you who SIN!”  Or “YOU who commit iniquity” WHICH IS SIN.   Don’t be fooled by Christians that say; “Jesus never said that sinners couldn’t enter heaven..”  LISTEN to what Jesus said INIQUITY IS SIN.  If you commit iniquity and on your last day you perish, Jesus is not going to say to you, “Welcome into My kingdom you who commit iniquity.”  He is going to say, “Away from Me you who SIN.”  Sin is iniquity, iniquity is SIN.  It still stands that if you sin, the penalty or the wages of sin is DEATH.  Only if you cry out to Jesus, put your faith in Him, actually believe Him and PROVE you faith BY WHAT YOU DO, will you be saved.  If it were true that you could just believe things ABOUT Jesus and be saved THIS WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE SAVED.  Everyone believes in Jesus except maybe a few atheists, even the DEMONS believe in God, they believe He exists. BUT, why are so many people falling into HELL?  That is because they do not believe with their LIFE, they don’t believe with their ACTIONS, they only believe carnally with their MIND.  You have to REPENT, put on righteousness and walk with the Lord Jesus, ENDURE with Him to the VERY END.  You will have salvation IF you walk with Him, but if you walk in the darkness, if you love your darkness more than the light of the truth you won’t come into the light AND THAT IS THE CONDEMNATION, THAT YOUR DEEDS ARE EVIL, THAT YOU LOVE YOUR SIN, THAT YOU LOVE YOUR INIQUITY MORE THAN THE LIGHT OF THE TRUTH.  Your iniquity WILL condemn you to HELL if you do not repent.  Cry out to Jesus, go on your knees, find a place that is quiet, pray to Him, seek Him with all your strength, push through into the Kingdom of God and let NOTHING stop you from entering into HIS kingdom.  Don’t be connected to the “church”, to church people or to church ideas, they are on their way to HELL.  Be connected to JESUS, go with Him, cry out to Him and have LIFE.  He is the ONLY WAY to LIFE ETERNAL.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.