Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Message to Steve Green and parents

Message to Steve Green and to Parents
I’m making this message for Steve Green, so Steve I hope that you see this message and that it finds you well.  Ever since I was little probably about 6 or 7 years old I listed to the “Hide ‘em in your heart” CD’s, or at that time the 2 cassette tapes.  My mom and my dad bought those and they would put them in the car when we were driving and I learned those words of Jesus in song form to those “Hide ‘em in your heart” tapes.  To this day the Holy Spirit still uses those songs to remind me of His words and it is such a blessing to have the words of Jesus hidden in my heart.  I want to encourage parents out there to really raise their children for the Lord and one thing that really helped me is listening to the words of Jesus on those cassette tapes.  Now they are on CD and I’m sure they are in a digital format also, but it is just called “Hide ‘em in your heart” by Steve Green.  My only concern is that much of the Christian church idolizes the bible and they call the bible the Word of God instead of JESUS.  And they really fall into idolatry and they set up a form of false worship.  They start worshiping the scriptures, they start worshiping their pastors and they make false doctrines, they can’t get out of their religion and out of SIN and their bondage.  They go around saying they are saved by grace so we can’t stop sinning.  But I want to encourage you Steve to listen to the Holy Spirit because as you know HE REALLY IS ALIVE, He is REAL and He is calling people OUT of the false doctrines of the church, He is calling them out of church all together.  He is calling people to live HOLY to be separate and to really have the things of JESUS in their heart and not false religion.  So, I want you to know I pray for you, and those songs that I learned when I was very young, I still sing all the time IN MY HEART to Jesus.  It’s not about religion it’s not about JUST some songs, but it is about the Song of the Redeemed!  It is about the TRUTH OF JESUS.  HE IS THE WORD OF GOD HE IS ALIVE!  And I encourage you and anyone who is listening to this to STAY CONNECTED TO JESUS, hide His truth in your heart and teach your children to also hide the words of Jesus in the heart, that you will never depart from it.  Like Jesus said, the Holy Spirit will remind you, He will teach you of things to come, and he will REMIND YOU of everything He taught you in the past.  He came to convict the world regarding sin, righteousness and judgment.  If we hold onto Jesus WE WILL NOT KEEP ON SINNING, we WILL know if we are in sin, because the Holy Spirit was given to convict us regarding SIN.  If we go with Jesus we will walk the righteous way, the righteous path to everlasting life.  So, I want to encourage you don’ t get distracted and fall because of the church, the false prophets that are in her, the false pastors and all those who practice false forms of worship.  I pray for you that you really stick close with JESUS and that you ENDURE with Him to the VERY END.  This is your brother in Christ, Andrew Tiner, I am now about 34 years old, but I still sing those songs that I learned when I was just a small child, because I have hidden the things of Jesus in my heart.  I HOPE YOU HAVE TOO!