Friday, December 6, 2019

The horrible holidays: Power not to compromise when tested

 The Horrible Holidays: Power NOT to Compromise When Tested 
sATAN is a master of lies and deception, but he is also a master of getting people to compromise who WANT to follow Jesus and obey Him.  he will put you in situations that you will have to choose between JESUS and a lie.  You can be put in such a position where it will be very challenging for you to stand up for the truth because you will feel like you are being mean to somebody, someone who is just being nice to you to invite you to Thanksgiving or to Christmas, just being a friend, and for you to stand on the truth with Jesus will make you look like you are just being rude.  But you know in your heart that you are just making a stand for Jesus.  The devil puts people in these positions to compromise so that then they will be down in their faith and then maybe completely reject the truth, just stumble and fall away from the truth of Jesus and just choose to live fully for the world then.  
I had a dream this morning before I was waking up that I got invited to a get-together with a Indian Hindu family.  And they were watching movies and serving THEIR gods.  And because my family was friends with their family we went over to their house, but before they started having their thanksgiving dinner (or the like) we started to walk out the door because we were being convicted.  And as soon as I started walking out the door, (or course in my dream), a few of the people in the family came and confronted me on it, you know, “Why are you leaving, we have showed you love, have we not showed your family love?”  and I said to them; “Yes, but we serve different G(g)od’s.  You have shown that you care for us and you want to be our friends but you are serving false gods and our God JESUS has NO PART with false gods.  And in my dream of course this upset them as it would also in reality, but we stood up for the truth and we walked out.  
What the Holy Spirit has been showing me is there are many paces in our life where we are put in compromising positions to test us.  God Himself puts us through tests to see if we will stand up for His truth, but the devil also puts us in compromising positions where we have to choose either to stand up for the truth or to fall into the lie that the devil is putting before us.  We need to really take a stand with Jesus in the TRUTH and DO WHAT WE KNOW IS RIGHT.  God has given us a conscience, we will know when we are being tested, we will know when we are put in a compromising situation, and so we aught just NOT to fall into the lies and deceptions and the compromise.  PRAY and seek the Lord, ask Him how to STAND FIRM in each situation and to give you the words of love but also of strength in what to say in every situation, whether the compromise is with your family, your friends, people you know from work, whatever the situation is, if you pray and ask Jesus for the POWER, He will make you as shrewd as a serpent, as bold as a lion but as harmless as a dove.  Stick with Jesus, stay in the truth, continue to resist satan and the Spirit of God will be with you, God will draw close to you and the devil will flee away from you.  But if you don’t resist, the devil will be close with you, and you will fall farther and farther away from your faith in Jesus Christ.  Keep your feet on the ROCK and you will have everlasting life, endure with Jesus to the very end.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.