Thursday, January 23, 2020

Don't flood your mind with entertainment like a heathen

Don’t Flood Your Mind With Entertainment Like a Heathen
Don’t fill your mind with fruitless entertainment like a heathen, reading novels and books just to entertain you and to evade reality, filling your mind and your eyes with movies and with music… I’m not talking about EDUCATIONAL things like reading a math book for high school or anything like that, I’m talking about how many people just flood their minds with nonsense.  They check out book after book, of fantasy books at the library, just to take their mind off of reality.  They watch movie after movie just to entertain themselves so they can evade thinking about what they need to actually do in like to be right with their Maker, with GOD.  All of us could die today, and will we have been doing what was fruitful before our GOD, will we be found bearing good fruit, will we have been in prayer, seeking the LORD with all of our might, or will we be found as a people flooding our minds with nonsense, fruitless entertainment, fruitless LIES.  Remember that entertainment such as novels, fiction novels and  movies, THEY ARE NOT TRUE, they are just made up stories, and MOST of them are NOT as a parable (reflecting truth), they are not as something educational, THEY ARE LIES, and all liars and those who partake in a lie and let a lie entertain them, will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, where all liars go.  As Christians we have to keep ourselves separate from this wicked kind of entertainment, just flooding our mind with fruitless nonsense.  Will we have the truth of Jesus on our heart?  Will we endure with Him and will be bear GOOD FRUIT, or will we put falsehood into our life, nonsense and fruitless garbage through entertainment?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.