Thursday, January 2, 2020

How long must I spend praying to please God?

How Long Must I Spend Praying to Please God?
I get this question once in a while where people ask; “How long do I need to spend praying a day?”  If you are asking this question your heart is already is not in the right area, and I want you to imagine something with me for a minute: Imagine a 13-year-old boy who loves video games, he confesses that he loves playing video games.  Would that 13-year-old boy who loves video games EVER go up to his parents and ask; “How long do I have to play video games today?”  Would he ask his parents; “Should I only play for an hour?  Do I have to play for over 30 minutes today?”  If a 13 year old boy who is evil because he is addicted to the world and has the love of the world in his heart, has NO PROBLEM playing video games 24 hours a day straight, HOW MUCH MORE should a child of GOD who is TRULY in LOVE with JESUS and who has TRULY RECEIVED THE HOLY SPIRIT have absolutely NO PROBLEM praying ALL DAY!  If we have received the Holy Spirit we WANT to be in payer, we seek the Lord with ALL our heart ALL THE TIME.  It’s not about an hour in prayer, it’s about seeking the Lord ALL THE TIME, praying continually without ceasing.  Do we really have the love of Jesus in us? Have we really received the Holy Spirit?  Or do we have less love in us for Jesus than a junior high boy has for his video game?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.