Thursday, January 23, 2020

Imposter "holy" spirits and Christians

Imposter “holy” spirits and Christians 
There is only one true Holy Spirit that comes from the Father above. Jesus promised this gift of the Holy Spirit to those that would obey Him and seek Him. There are however many impostor “holy” spirits, these are actually demons, people call them spirit guides, and there are even some Christians who have received false “holy” spirits and they think that they are getting revelation from God. They start to hear very strange things from the “holy” spirit and they have strange manifestations that come from the supposed “holy” spirit. But they are actually demons that they hear.
 Because I was Baptist, I know how a lot of Christians think, they will say; “Well we have a more sure Word of God in the Bible, so don't rely on the Holy Spirt, rely on what we know which is recorded in the Bible.” This is a false train of thought because, I know you can get a dozen men who all claim to have the Holy Spirit in the same room and they can even all be reading the exact same scripture, the exact same verse from the exact same diversion and they can come up with a dozen different interpretations. The scripture did not help them to see the truth or to come into the truth. Just remember the Pharisees who had Jesus in front of them, they compared to Jesus to their scriptures, which they would say is the absolute truth, and they found Jesus to be a liar and a heretic and worthy to be killed. The point here being the scriptures will not lead you into truth, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit the scriptures are no good to you. But if you do receive the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will teach you what is meant in the scriptures and will bring to your memory all things that you have read in the scriptures and will help you distinguish between truth and error, He even tells you of things to come. 
So how can we know the difference between a lying spirit, that pretends to be the Holy Spirit, our own thinking inside of our mind, and when the Holy Spirit is actually speaking to us? If you want to know, I do encourage you to read John chapter 14-16.  In those chapters Jesus speaks about the gift of the Holy Spirit. And one disciple asked; “How is it Lord that the world won’t be old to see you but we will?” and Jesus is response to them is that the world is not going to be able to see Him, but we will know Him because He is in us and we are in Him, and if we seek Jesus with all of our heart, if we seek what is good and pleasing to God, then His Holy Spirit will be sent to us, He will manifest Himself to us and He will teach us all things, He will guide us.
 The way that you will be able to know the difference between the true Holy Spirit who will speak you and teach you, and a lying spirit, is by the Holy Spirit that’s inside of you!  And there’s no way good way to explain it until you have met Jesus for yourself and until He has given you the gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s exactly like Jesus said, the world will not see Him nor understand Him.  To the world it’s just another spirit, there’s this spirit, there’s that spirit, there’s 8 billion spirits and who could tell the difference? But if you have received the Holy Spirit and your hearing from your heavenly Father, you are one of His sheep, and His sheep KNOW His voice, they don’t listen to strangers.  And if you pray and you seek Jesus with all your heart and you do find Him, just don’t let go of His voice.  
You will know His voice, you will know the difference between Him and all the other evil spirits, all the other people that say; “I’ve heard a word from God, I’ve heard directly from Jesus that…” this that and the other… you will be able to tell the difference because you know your Master’s voice and you know the difference between that evil spirits, your own thinking and the voice of your Master the Holy Spirit. 
The only way to know is to get to know your Maker, to get to know Jesus. He made you, He made your mind, He made your soul, He made everything that is you that is physical in this realm, and everything that is you spiritually and He knows how to speak to you. So, if you want to get to know Him and know the truth and know how to distinguish truth from error, start praying to Him. Be serious to seek Him and want to do His will.  He will teach you and He will guide you.  Jesus did not promise us an elder, He did not promise us a pastor, and He did not promised us the scriptures like the Pharisees had to lead us.  Jesus promised us the better gift of His Holy Spirit.  Will you receive Him and when you make Him your ONLY Teacher?  Will you be able to tell the difference between your Master’s voice and the imposters?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.