Thursday, January 23, 2020

What we learned from the life & death of Jan Boshoff (finalcall07)

This man by the name of Jan Boshoff truly was a man of God. You can find his videos and his testimony on the internet under (finalcall07).  He passed away January 19th 2020. He taught me many things and not because it was his teachings but the Holy Spirit that worked through him. One of the things that I learned even in my more mature Christian walk is that we should never complain. Even though this man had cancer, he could barely hold up his head, he could barely speak in his last days he continued to preach Jesus and he never complained.
 Even though people persecuted him and many people hated him and any chance they got they drug his name to the mud, he did not complain but he continue to keep his eyes on Jesus and he continued to be steadfast in the truth. While most Christians would just give up he continue to push through and he never let go of Jesus and he finished on the Rock. He left a very good example for us to follow. He left all of us without excuse. If Jesus healed this man maybe we would think that we had an excuse, we could say to ourselves, "Well Jesus healed this man, why didn’t he heal me? Why didn’t he heal my mom when she passed away?"  But Jesus let this man have cancer and did not heal him, yet he continually praised Jesus even with cancer even with people against him, he praised Jesus and he never gave up. Will we follow Jesus and continue to praise Him no matter what?  Will we continue to preach Jesus even though people resist us and hate us?  No matter what our trial or tribulation will we never give up hope and to our last breath endure with Jesus to the very end?