Thursday, January 23, 2020

You aren't here by chance

You Aren’t Here by Chance
 At times before I was really walking with Jesus, I would have such as spiritual low that I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about God. I just knew that if I talked to anyone about God I would be as a hypocrite because I didn’t really believe in Him myself. I was not sure if he even existed. If you have ever got to this point in your life, I want to share with you just a quick thought; I want you to imagine taking a stone some kind of a rock and just throwing it against the ground. The only thing you would expect from that rock hitting the ground is maybe it would shatter and as soon as it shattered it would break up into smaller pieces.  We would never expect out of those shattered rocks to emerge a brand new piece of technology such as a cell phone. If you see your cell phone sitting on your table, we all know that it was created by engineers, companies who put a lot of time and energy and science into that piece of technology. We don’t ever assume that it was just created by chance. We also know that we as human beings are MUCH more complex, much more sophisticated and any piece of technology. So how can we assume that all technology was created by an intellect, but that we might be chance and maybe God is just somewhere out in the universe and He doesn’t want to communicate with us? Obviously, cell phones were made to communicate, and obviously human beings were made to communicate with their Maker. We are not by chance. The world is not by accident. But the reason why we can’t hear from God clearly is due to our own sin, our own fault. It’s not that God is broken or He just somewhere out in space, it’s that people love of their sin and their darkness more than the light of the truth. Compare it to the cell phone analogy again; There are a lot of people that are just scared of technology, it’s not that the creators of the cell phone made something that is too hard to use.  It’s not hard to get on your cell phone and call someone in a different country, is not hard to upload a YouTube video, it’s actually quite easy. But if you’re just scared of technology, you’ll never pick it up and use it. And (likewise), if you just think that the only people that can hear from God are pastors and church leaders and spiritualists, then you won’t do the work of getting to know your Creator your Heavenly Father. Jesus created you and me and everyone, and you are MUCH MORE sophisticated and much more loved then any piece of technology that man has created. You’re not by mistake and you’re not by a chance. Jesus created you, and the only thing stopping you from getting to know your Creator is YOURSELF. If you get on your knees and start praying and asking Lord Jesus; “Who are You? Please open my ears to hear You...”  He will communicate with you because He is alive and He loves you. What holds you back?  What keeps you from really praying and asking for ears that here and eyes that see? May the grace of Jesus be with you.