Wednesday, July 8, 2020

You can't program God

You Can’t Program God 
Praise Jesus today guys because it’s another day to choose to REPENT, to fall to our knees before God, repent of dong life OUR WAY, worshiping God OUR OWN WAY, to HUMBLE ourselves before the Good Teacher Jesus Christ and do things HIS WAY.  One thing that’s really been on my heart lately is how following Jesus is truly about being led by the Holy Spirit, remember how Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to the wind? (John 3:8)  We don’t know where the winds is  going, we don’t see the wind, but we see the affects of it, we see how it moves the bushes and the trees and the grass… and if we’re being led by the Holy Spirit we aren’t controlling Him, we’re not planning out what He’s going to say through us days and years in advance.  Following Jesus is NOT about a programed worship time or programing the Holy Spirit as a lot of Christians in organized religion do.  They try to make everything into a program, they say; “Let’s do worship…  have you been part of our worship program… get on board with our bible study program…”  And everything is about programing God as if He’s a machine that they can control.  The Holy Spirit is like the wind, and He moves where He chooses.  He already has a plan, He has an agenda, and He has a path for our life, but if we are not following Him, if we are not humble before Him, we are going to (by default) be going our own way, our own agenda.  Maybe you are following the church, maybe you are following some pastor or prophet, maybe you are following your own understanding of the bible.  But you can’t follow the Holy Spirit until you have just fallen to your knees, repented of your sin and said; “Lord, I pray that YOU guide me, I want YOU to be my ONLY Teacher, help me to hear you clearly, help me to understand you, I want to hear you and know where you are going…” How can you follow a GOD that is SPIRIT?  You CAN’T follow Him in the FLESH, you have to follow Him IN THE SPIRIT. (Romans 8:14) The Kingdom of God is not here or there with physical signs, physical churches, and physical pastors, it is inside of us, it is in our midst. (Luke 17:21)  And if we want to worship this GOD that is SPIRIT, we have to worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23)  It just starts with PRAYER guys, it starts with saying;  “Jesus, show me who YOU truly are, were is YOUR SPIRIT moving, I want to be in connection with THE SPIRIT OF GOD, I want to leave the bondage of the flesh, the fleshly desires, the worldly desires, the desires for evil…”  You can’t follow Jesus and follow Mammon, money (Matt 6:24)  the desires of the world, you are going to have to choose either between righteousness, the righteousness that God requires, following Him by His Spirit, or living for yourself, living for Mammon, and trying to program God like these hypocritical Christians are that have made dead religion into their religion.  Are we going to follow Jesus and just fall to our knees before Him?  Are we going to figure out were HE is and obey Him, or do we just have a little bit of religion to make us feel good, and then we program God like He’s a robot and think that were all good?