Saturday, July 4, 2020

Today is the day of salvation

Today is the Day of SALVATION 
Give glory to GOD today, because today is the day of SALVATION, if you realize that you need salvation.  If you realize that you need to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation!  You know, some people feel stuck, they feel like they can’t really get to God, their prayers just hit the roof and they bounce back down.  They feel like they have done so many things in their life that have separated them from God, from hearing God that they can’t possibly go the right way, that they are just seared in their sin, seared in the word.  They think the only thing left for them is hell, God’s punishment.  It is true that we can’t do it on our own, BUT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS MADE THE WAY.  The way is through JESUS, it’s not through some prophet, it’s not through bible study, it’s not through going to church…. A lot of people are misled to believe that if they want to get right with God they have to get into a “good bible study”, get a fellowship group, find some Christians… YOU NEED TO FIND JESUS!  Jesus is ALIVE and He is STILL SPEAKING TODAY!  He loves you.  But He is calling this whole world to TRULY REPENT FROM SINS.  The problem is most people love their sins more than the light of the truth.  They don’t really want to change, they don’t want to get sinful habits out of their life.  But if YOU are someone who really wants to repent and reconcile with your Creator there is HOPE FOR YOU TODAY.  Just say; “Lord Jesus, help me, I’m a sinner, I’ve done so many things to mess up my life, to mess up your creation, to hurt other people… I apologize, I want to repent, I confess… I confess my sins and I just want to be right with YOU Lord!”  If you can pray that prayer, Jesus will come to your rescue, He will HELP you, but don’t let that be your only prayer, EVERY SINGLE DAY you have to start praying to JESUS, ask HIM to help you.  Every single day deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ.  Daily live on HIS words.  Jesus is ALIVE.  He is not a dead god and we just pick up the bible and read old words from the Apostle Paul… Jesus is ALIVE.  He will speak to you in your dreams, while you are on your knees praying at your bedside, He will put His words into your heart.  He’s a LIVING GOD!  And if you want a relationship with this LIVING GOD you have to seek after Him, you have to go after Him with ALL of your might. You know people go after entertainment with all of their might, they ae always listening to music, they have those earphones on their head, they are tuned into the WORLD.  But who cares to know their Creator, their MAKER?  You have to disconnect from the world and connect to your Heavenly Father.  Jesus loves you, but He is stern, He is serious, He is judging this world and UNLESS you disconnect, SEVER yourself from this world to get to know Him and be serious, you are just NOT going to get to know Him.  Do you want to know your Creator?  Do you want salvation?  Do you want to be reconciled with Him?  Because there is HOPE, there is HOPE TODAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS for sinners to REPENT and find LIFE.  Lord Jesus I pray for anyone who does want to repent and come to you, that they would seek YOU, that You would fill them with the power of God, that they would come OUT of this world and be separate and not fall to ANY of the snares of satan.  In Jesus name I pray, amen.