Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The true Brotherhood

The True Brotherhood
The world pretty much lumps Christians into two categories, from the far left to the far right; the far left being the hyper grace gospel, and the far right being the condemnation gospel.  You know those on the left are always saying, “grace and peace, everyone is saved”, as long as you believe in the hippie Jesus you are going to heaven… But those on the far right are preaching condemnation, hell fire and brimstone, “you are going to hell”. They are pointing out everyone’s sins.  But Jesus did not come preaching hyper grace nor did he come preaching condemnation but He came preaching the Kingdom of GOD and TRUE REPENTANCE.  It does not matter what people think of us if we are with Jesus.  They can think whatever they want, they can think we are preaching condemnation… but the truth is, if we are with Jesus and calling people to repent, we do it with a heart of love and truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit that is in us, the same Holy Spirit that is in JESUS and that resurrected Him from the dead.  Jesus didn’t say anything on His own, but that which His Father had Him speak.  Remember that the dove came upon Him when He was baptized by John, and the Holy Spirit stayed with Him.  If we received the same Spirit that Jesus Christ had, we become part of this brotherhood, and no matter where you are in the whole world, you will recognize another brother or sister.  You will recognize that they are not preaching condemnation, that they are not just a hell fire and brimstone preacher that’s pointing out people’s sins, nor or they Christians in church that are teaching and preaching hyper grace, that, “all you have to do is believe brother.”  You become part of this true brotherhood; we are all one in Jesus.  We have the SAME SPIRIT.  So, no matter where you live, you are guided by the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead!  Isn’t that incredible!  Even if you live in Africa, South America, North America, China… no matter where you live, you are hearing from the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead.  He lives in side of us.  Because Jesus lives, we also live, and we bear witness of the truth.  Jesus is alive, and His gospel still remains the same, which is- All nations, all tongues, all peoples, need to truly repent, to put on righteousness to overcome, and they will have life.  There is one that condemns you.  If you reject the truth of Jesus Christ, the one who condemns you is YOURSELF.  It’s YOUR words and your actions.  And on the last day when you stand before Jesus Christ, He will bring up the picture, or the time, the memory that you were speaking evil against the Kingdom of God and against that righteous testimony.  And the one that will condemn you is yourself, it will be your words and your actions it will be YOU that spoke against other brothers and sisters in the Lord.   YOU that spoke a word against the Holy Spirit and blasphemed Him.  Will you call on the name of Jesus and become part of the brotherhood, that royal brotherhood that belongs to Jesus Christ that receives His Spirit?  Will you belong to the everlasting King of the Everlasting Kingdom?  Or will you mock Him, will you reject Him and received the hyper grace gospel or that false gospel of condemnation that just condemns people for their sins?   Become part of the brotherhood that receives Jesus Christ, that lives for HIM because they have received that same Spirit that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead.  Does the Holy Spirit live in you?  Are you alive in Christ Jesus?   Or are you like those who are dead in church, that Jesus is just some person, some character in the bible?  Do you have Jesus living in your heart?  Or are you spiritually dead?  You need to REPENT, receive the Holy Spirit, be baptized in water and be baptize in the Holy Spirit.  RECEIVE HIS TRUTH AND YOU WILL HAVE LIFE.