Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to cast out demons

How to Cast Out Demons
I just want to make a quick message that I know will edify some of you, and that is when we receive the Holy Spirit, when we receive Jesus Christ, He gives us the power over demons.  He gives us power to cast OUT evil spirits.  It comes just from being with Jesus and having HIS Spirit in us.  I don’t know what you think of when you think of casting out an evil spirit, casting out a demon, maybe you think of Hollywood’s version of those exorcism’s, or maybe you think of the Catholic church and their exorcists.  But in realty casting out demons, the ability starts with your own mind.  You know, Jesus is in our heats and He will be on our mind if we are actually with Him, and when His Spirit, when His power is in us, He fortifies us that no demons can come in.  But you have to keep watch, and if you don’t keep watch those demons are going to enter.  They enter through your eyes and through your ears, they enter through your mind.  A lot of people introduce demons through the television, through music, through ungodly friends, and demons now since Covid-19  can enter in more ways than that.  People are reporting being able to hear demons more than I have ever gotten before. I’ve been getting emails from people saying they have blasphemous thoughts or they’re hearing or seeing demons.  BUT, Jesus has given us power OVER these evil spirits, in His name we can cast them OUT.  It starts with being able to rebuke a demon from your mind.  We have to take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE, it starts when you have an evil thought that you know is entering your mind, and you just say; “I rebuke you satan, in the name of JESUS.”  If you can rebuke every evil thought and cast OUT those thoughts and receive thoughts that you know are good and that are from GOD, then you are learning to cast out evil spirits, that is the very beginning.  You know, a lot of people want evil spirits, they want demons cast out of them, but what they don’t know is, if they just go somewhere to get an evil spirit cast out of them, that evil spirit is going to come RIGHT BACK if THEY don’t learn to control their MIND, if they don’t learn to control their WILL, their HEART.  It is given to each and every one of us to have power over these demons, over every demon, if we will only receive the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  If we will receive the Holy Spirt in us and live according to HIS words.  He will speak to your conscience, so listen to your conscience, God gave you your conscience, your conscience isn’t the Holy Spirit of course, but if you learn to listen to your conscience the Holy Spirit will speak to your conscience.  What you have to do is receive what is good, the things that you know are coming from God you have to receive those things, and the things that are evil you have to rebuke immediately.  Take control of your thoughts.  Fortify your heart and your mind, make sure that you are not looking at anything that is evil or listening to anything that’s evil or perverted.  Take control of your body.  Allow the Holy Spirit just to be completely in you.  The Holy Spirit will not possess you like a demon, you have to allow Him to guide you.  He will not force you; He will not control or manipulate you like an evil spirit.  Rebuke every evil spirit that comes to you, say; “I rebuke you demon, I rebuke you satan in the name of JESUS.”  And then pray to Jesus with all of your heart.  Keep your mind on the truth. Keep your mind on Jesus Christ and you will be going forward in the TRUTH.  Fortify yourself and you will be safe in Jesus.  There is no other safety other than Jesus Christ and receiving the seal of His Holy Spirit. Cast out demons in Jesus’s name and let nothing stop you.