Saturday, July 25, 2020

Can a husband and a wife baptize each other?

Can a Husband and Wife Baptize Each Other?
Here is a message that the Lord gave me immediately I asked Him if two people, that have not been baptized before, that come to believe in Him, can baptize themselves.  NOT meaning that they baptize themself, but each individual baptizes the OTHER individual.  Jesus gave me two words on this.  The first was, He told me that He will never condemn anyone who does what is done from the purity of their heart.  Secondly, He told me to remember the King David.  And what the King David did in the eyes of  the religious people was evil, he sinned in the eyes of the religious people because David and his men both at that bread, the sanctified bread, or that bread set apart JUST for the priests to eat, and even though he ate that, and it was not lawful, he was still innocent and guiltless before God.  If we do what is right before God, with the purity of our heat, Jesus does not condemn us, but His blood covers us, He sanctifies us and we are useful for His Kingdom.  If you and your wife both become believers, no matter what country you are in, and in your area there is absolutely no other believers around, and you don’t want to run to a false church because you know it’s full of FALSE brothers and sisters who have NOT been baptized in the Holy Spirit, they have just been baptized in water, if that is your scenario, and you decide to baptize yourselves, NOT meaning that you dunk yourself in your own bathtub, but the husband baptizes the wife, and the wife baptizes the husband, THAT IS PURITY BEFORE GOD!  That will be JUSTIFIED before God.  God is FOR the righteous.  He is FOR THOSE THAT TRULY REPENT!  And that husband and wife, or those two brothers or those two sisters that do this, they will be PURE before God!  Will we be pure before God in baptism, will we mean business with the Lord?  Or are we just trying to find excuses.  You now, a lot of people are just trying to baptize themselves, just trying to dunk themselves in the baptism and say; “I’m married.”  It’s kind of like a boyfriend and a girlfriend that don’t want to actually get married, so they just kind of whisper to each other before they have sex, “Let’s just SAY that we’re married…” it doesn’t work like that.  But if you have a witness on Earth, and if GOD sanctifies your marriage (true witness in heaven), or if He sanctifies your baptism, then that is ALL you need.  You need a witness on Earth, and it needs to be sanctified in heaven, whether it is baptism or whether it is marriage.  So, in your marriage, if both of you come to the LORD, you can baptize one another, and also in marriage, if there are two that want to be married, they don’t have to go before a “church” pastor, but that marriage does have to be legitimate before God and you also NEED another witness on Earth, whether that is your mother, your father, another brother, a sister… If there is a witness on earth and there is a Witness in Heaven, if it’s valid before God, then it is sanctified before GOD, and God will never cast anyone, ANYONE out, who does what is from the PURITY of their heart.