Sunday, March 6, 2022

A time to fight and a time to surrender


A Time To Fight And A Time To Surrender

What the Holy Spirit desires all people to accept is the truth of God, and that message is about when we as individuals and or a nation should FIGHT, and when we as individuals or as a nation should SURRENDER.  And this is a very important question because it could determine the fate of your own life or the life of your family or the life of YOUR WHOLE NATION.  And as this war between Ukraine and Russia continues, this is also the question.  But it is no question in the mind of Zelenskyy of course.  It’s no question for those who are Ukrainians, obviously they desire to defend their homeland.  But if you are a CHRISTIAN, if you are wanting to follow JESUS CHRIST, you do want to do the best thing FOR YOUR OWN SOUL, your own family, despite what the government says, despite what the political leaders say.  So, what is the right thing to do?  When is the time to pick up weapons and defend your family, and when is the time to surrender?  Because after all, when you are killed, you will stand before God and He will either say; “Welcome into my Kingdom…”  Or “Away from Me you who commit iniquity…”   It will not matter if you were patriotic.  The only thing that will matter is if you were right with your creator.  You need to be thinking BEYOND PATRIOTISM, beyond the countries of this world.  You need to be thinking about the Kingdom of God.  Of course nation will come against nation, kings will come against kings, we know that this is all prophesied.  And people are going to fight to the death.  We will let the world do what the world is going to do and make their decisions, but the word to the WISE is this; HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT, learn what the HOLY SPIRIT said to men of old.  HEAR HIS VOICE TODAY!  Because if you don’t hear Him and you fight to the death, you may lose your own country, you may lose your own family, you may lose your OWN SOUL.  And in the afterlife you will have no hope.  You will not inherit eternal life for being patriotic.  SO, the word to the wise is; LEARN TO HEAR THE LIVING GOD YOUR CREATOR.  You are hear for a purpose and you need to  figure out what that purpose is.  You need to know when to fight and when to surrender.  You need to know WHAT to fight.  We know that the battle is not with physical bodies or the principalities of this world (flesh) But with the principalities of darkness and we need to know how to fight spiritually. 

              I want to bring to everyone’s memory what happened in the past, this was about 600 BC during the time of Jeremiah, and the Chaldeans which came in to take over, they were part of Babylon, and they came in to take over Israel.  And God warned the Prophet Jeremiah to speak to the king Zedekiah.  No one wanted to hear this message.  Because the message wasn’t to be a valiant king, it wasn’t to defend their nation, but THIS was the message that came from God: (Jeremiah 38:17-18) “Then Jeremiah said to Zedekiah, “Thus says the LOR, the God of hosts, the God if Israel:  “If you surely SURRENDER to the king of Babylon’s princes, then your soul shall live; this city shall not be burned with fire, and you and your house shall live.  But if you do not surrender to the king of Babylon’s princes, then this city shall be given into the hand of the Chaldeans; they shall burn it with fire, and you shall not escape from their hand…” 

              As we know Zedekiah did not want to be a salve.  The Word of the Lord came to Zedekiah through the Prophet Jeremiah, and Jeremiah warned him, if you surrender you will live, but if you try to fight you will die.  Now of course he prophesied over the king that Zedekiah himself would not die, but that he would die in peace, in the sense that he would be a slave until his death, but that he would not physically be beheaded (or killed in the capture).  But he was warned that if his nation fought that they would die, and this is exactly what happened.  Zedekiah basically says he doesn’t want to be a salve, he will never stand down but he will stand up and he wanted to be a war hero, he wanted people to see him as bold, as courageous, he never would be a slave, he would never let his people go into captivity.  But Jeremiah tells him in more or less words that they are slaves already, they are slaves to SIN, and because Zedekiah does not want to hear the words of the Living God, but wants to live according to his pride and defend his family, what ends up happening is they all put to death, the Chaldeans come in, they take over, they make them their slaves, they imprison them, they are prisoners of war, and all of them die. 

              So, the question here is, when is the time to stand up and fight, because there ARE times to stand up and fight, fight for our country, fight for our family… and there are other times when we are called to surrender.  What is the Word of God to us?   We are in big trouble if we cannot hear His WORD!  The word to Jeremiah to speak to Zedekiah was not to be triumphant, it was not to stand and fight, in fact it was the opposite, it was to surrender.  And because he did NOT do that, he lost the war.  They were invaded and they were destroyed as a nation. 

The answer to this question depends on where your nation is with GOD. Is your nation or your family unit, or you personally, for that matter right with God?  Are you living HOLY?  Is evil out of your life?  Are the children of your family clean and pure before GOD? Because if you are and then the LORD calls you to stand up for what is RIGHT and to FIGHT, then HE WILL BE WITH YOU.  But if the Living God is NOT with your army, your soldiers, and if He has prophesied against you because THERE IS SIN IN YOUR CAMP, then no matter how much you try to fight for FREEDOM, you will lose the battel, you will lose the WAR, and everything will be lost including your own family, your own wives, your own children and your own soul. 

We Know that after Jeremiah prophesied that even the wives and children were captured and the prophecy was this; (Jer. 38:23)  “So they shall surrender all your wives and children to the Chaldeans.  You shall not escape from their hand, but shall be taken by the hand of the king of Babylon.  And you shall cause this city to be burned with fire.”  We know that even the wives and the children did not escape.  These things will repeat again and again in history.  Men always want to be valiant; they always want to stand up, all of us want to stand up and protect our families, that is human nature.  But the question is; WHAT DOES THE LIVING GOD SAY?  ARE WE HEARING HIM? AND DO WE KNOW WHAT TO DO?  If we listen to Him we will surely live, but if we reject Him for bravery, the arm of the FLESH, for what people think, then we shall surely be put do death, just like all the old kings and all the old nations were.  History just repeats itself over and over and over again.  Who are we listening to?  Do we hear the Word of the LORD?  Can we really hear Jesus Christ?  Do we KNOW how to hear Him?  Or have we been bamboozled by the word, by what strong men look like in the flesh? 

Hearing God starts with being able to see Him in everything, hear Him in everything.  Do you hear God by being able to see Him in nature, being able to see Him work though your own children, seeing Him work through the trials and the tribulations that you see in your own life?  Are you able to overcome when you see these things happening?  And do you lean to hear His voice so that you can move forward in your faith with little steps?  Or do you continue to fall in the small things in your own life, fall to sin, fall to the lusts of the flesh, fall to greed, fall to anger, fall to drugs and alcohol, fall to pornography, fall to all these parasites that come up in your own life?  If you can’t defeat the things that come up in your own life then you can’t defeat the enemy that will come against your family, and if your family is broken down then your town is broken down.  If your town and your city is broken down then your NATION is broken down and you will not just lost the small battles, but you will lose the war. 

I fear God more than losing my own family or my own life and because of this I listen to the WORD OF GOD first!  It doesn’t matter if people think that we are valiant, strong, bold, courageous, it doesn’t matter how we appear in the eyes of the world.  WHAT MATTERS IS IF WE CAN HEAR THE LIVING GOD, IF WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT IN US.  SUPERNATURALLY IS HE PROVIDING FOR US.  Do we hear HIM?  Because if we don’t we are in very grave danger of losing our nation, losing our soul, losing our family.  No one will escape. 

Can you see Him working in your life?  Do you hear the Word of GOD, are you hearing HIS VOICE?  If you can’t, you have absolutory no direction or hope.  You will be killed; your family will be killed and all will be lost.