Thursday, March 31, 2022

Rediculous legalism around hats


Some Christians are very concerned about the writings of the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians chapter 11 which speak to head coverings. They literally think that if a woman is not wearing a hat she is a disgrace and her hair should be cut off. They also think that if a man is wearing a hat he shouldn't be praying or prophesying. So how does that coexist with the fact that we should be praying continually without ceasing? Does that mean that men should never wear a hat? Do we supposed any true man of God wearing a hat cannot be lawfully praying? What about when your job requires you to wear a hat all day and you want to pray? Will God condemn you for prayin in your uniform?  Let's NOT fall to legalism as many have who have misinterpreted Paul's letters!  Remember that Paul spoke to Christians both Jews and gentiles around year 50 a.d.  During this time it would have been considered promiscuous for a woman to take off her head covering in public. Also, apparently it was a sign a man was being disrespectful if he did not take his head covering off during a public prayer meeting, demonstrating to others that he did not respect them or God. But what about TODAY? Some suppose that these writings of Paul should be applied to you and to me. But take this into consideration: When was the last time any man has lusted after a woman for not wearing a hat? Be honest.  Likely, the times you fell to lust as a man was NOT due to a woman not wearing a hat, but due to tight clothing; such things as yoga pants, tight skirts, short dresses, crop tops and other sorts of immodest clothing that women wear. These sorts of apparel cause men to stumble into sexual sin. But I don't know of any man who fell into lust simply because a woman was not wearing a hat over her hair on the top. Likewise, when was the last time you saw men in our culture chose to be disrespectful by holding a public prayer meeting where they all decided to wear hats to demonstrate their rebellion against God? That just never happens because it's not a thing in our culture. So what is the purpose of bringing all this up?  The fact is God is ALWAYS looking at your HEART, not if you're wearing a hat or not. In your HEART you know what it means to be modest and respectful towards other brothers. In your HEART you know what it means to be modest and respectful in your culture and in your house and in your marriage! That is what you're going to be judged on; if you love God with your HEART and your neighbor as yourself and if you kept yourself pure. But no one is going to be sent to hell for wearing a hat while praying or not wearing a hat in public as a female. So let us be mature in our understanding and not legalistic as the hypocrites.