Monday, March 14, 2022

God Hates Corruption: Remember Ananias and Sapphira

 God Hates Corruption:  Remember Ananias and Sapphira

These are the days to be very serious

about our life.

Many people think, that they can get away

with sin,

so they play games with God, they think,

that they're safe and secure, going to


that God will never bring judgment upon


so they continue to do sin, saying that

they are forgiven,

that they were saved long ago


they deceive themselves and they deceive


While  I was driving home the other day,

the Holy Spirit reminded me of something

and that was the story about Ananias and


and in the story of acts chapter 5, it's

the very beginning of the church age,

you have the apostles, who are

testifying that Jesus Christ is alive

and people are coming into the faith

and people are all giving to the greater

good of the church, helping one another,

being one body, the body of Christ

and you see this man, who goes out and he

buys (sells) a plot of land

and he buys it for a certain sum of

money, maybe that was about a hundred

thousand dollars

of today's money

and then he goes to the church

and he talks to Peter and he tells Peter


he has bought this plot of land for

twenty thousand dollars and he will give

ALL the proceeds


when he sold the land, I mean,

so all the money, that he got from

selling this land, he will give to the

church and Peter by the Holy Spirit immediately

knows that Ananias is lying


immediately after Peter confronts him

telling him that

he could have given any amount of money,

that he wanted to the church, but because

he's lying, he's lying to the Holy Spirit

and immediately for his corruption

Ananias falls dead and the young man, the

young men in the church drag him off to

the graveyard and they bury him.

Just a few minutes later after that of

course Ananias's wife comes in and

they do

kind of a sting operation, they,

you know, ask her, they don't just tell

her, that

her husband's dead, but the church

members, they say: How much was it, that

you bought that or you sold that land


And she says the same thing: oh, it was

$20 000, you know,

and immediately she lies and they

confront her and they say:

well, your husband is already dead and

the same feet, that

drug him out and buried him you will

also be dead with him and she falls dead

and breathes her last and they bury her

next to

her husband, you know the story most


        I have heard this story,

also taught in the churches and the

pastors act as though

God was once vengeful, He was once very

strict, He was once against sin, but now

God has changed,

now God doesn't stand up against


the pastors will come out and say: "Well

if God did that today, everyone in our

church would be dead..."

And they are right. If God did do that,

everyone would be dead and the truth is,

why God doesn't do that in the churches

today is because the churches belong to

satan. (God does not judge The Outsiders first before he judges His own people)

The churches don't belong to the Holy

Spirit, they belong to the devil.


God hates corruption and God has not


the same God who

killed Ananias and Saphira

will also kill and destroy all of those,

who are claiming to be disciples, who are

claiming to be Christians,

but who are living in corruption.

God is against corruption, He is against

the corrupt church

and the corrupt church leaders will be

killed by the hand of God.

God has not changed,

it's not that God used to be strict and

He used to love justice and He used to


discipline and now He's gone

mushy, you know, now He's 

lazy in His discipline.

God has not changed,

it is the opinions of men that have


   The church of today

is many times more corrupt,

we look back at that

situation of acts chapter 5 with Ananias

and Saphira and we just think: man,

that's how it was in the olden days, i'm

glad, God's not like that, that's not true.

God is going to discipline His children

and He's going to kill those,

who are corrupt.

When this happened in the early church,

GREAT fear fell on them, the fear of God

fell upon them, because they knew, that

God was real and He is serious.

We cannot live in any corruption,

make sure, that you get yourself and your

family out of the churches of today,

they're corrupt, more corrupt, than any


they're bringing people to hell,

the doors of the church are one in the

same as the doors to hell, you go in

there and you're walking yourself into

the pit of hell.

The pastors are agents of satan,

they are corrupt.

Don't allow corruption to come upon you

and your family and therefore

also the judgment of God. Come out and be

separate from the harlot church system,

come out and be separate from people, who

are corrupt,

people who are living in sin and in


If you come out and be separate

the Holy Spirit will receive you, you

will become a child of God, Jesus will

lead you by His Holy Spirit,

but if you continue to let men guide you,

who are corrupt in church,

for this reason the judgment of God is

coming upon many Christians, that's why

many of them are sick and dying, diseased,

their families are falling apart, this is

all due to sin

and these things are

the punishment of God.

I warn you to stay separate,

don't get into a church, get out of

church and get into a relationship with

Jesus Christ, He is alive

and He leads His little flock.

His true flock is small and they're

scattered all around the world,

different places,

but when the Holy Spirit calls them out

of the world, then they follow the lamb,

wherever He leads, they sanctify

themselves in His blood.

Jesus purges them of sin

and then they do the acts of

righteousness, every single day they wake

up praying

and praising the Lord and throughout the

day they pray continually, they rejoice

in the Lord, they sing His praises,

they do good for others,

it's not about going to church on

sundays or on Saturdays, it's not about

religion or ceremonies,

it's about living our life

under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

every moment.

Are we doing that, are we connected to

the Holy Spirit?

Are we free of sin and hypocrisy

or are we like the worldly Christians,

who are still into pornography, into

ungodly music, going out to the malls and

watching all the movies,

addicted to the media, acting just like

all the movie actors,

following celebrities,

but at the same time having bible study

in their home, thinking, that they have a

form of righteousness?

Make sure, that you stay separate, keep

yourself far away from dead religion and

people that call themselves Christians,

Churchgoers, pastors, elders,

leaders in the church, keep yourself away

from them,

because the judgment of God is coming on

those, who live disorderly.

God is against sin,

He is against hypocrisy!

and He is certainly against corruption!

May the grace of Jesus be with you.