Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Is your country worth dying for


Is Your County Worth Dying For?


These are days to be very serious about our relationship with the living God, with Jesus Christ.  None of us know how long we have to live. We could be killed tomorrow.  None of us know if these wars will escalate into a world war, if it will be nuclear war. And there's a lot of talk about this right now.  But more than ever we're finding ourselves in a time to be very serious, because we are in the fringes.  Jesus decides if we live or die, but many people obviously die in war, and a lot of people are willing to die for their country. It came out on the news the other day about how some of the Ukrainians stood up against the Russians and how their last words were curse words to their enemy and all 13 of them were killed, in that battle, in that war.  Do we think that they died a noble death? Will they be able to stand before God and will God say to them; “Good job for cursing your enemies, good job for your last words being profanities and hatred towards others.”? These men were patriotic and many of us are patriotic for our country, but what does it matter if we have a homeland in this world, but we have no part of the kingdom of God?   Jesus said; “What does a man gain if he gets the whole world but loses or forfeits his own soul.”  What will it matter at the end of the day if you have stood up for your homeland if you've defended your property with your own weapons, but your own life is taken, your wife is raped, your children are put in concentration camps, what's it going to matter at the end of the day that you fought for your little bit of freedom in this world?  You would be far better off surrendering, being the slave that you have spiritually been already, and let those people dominate over you, than for you to think that you're free physically, but be a slave spiritually.  Most all Americans are slaves, most of the world, all of Europe included, this continent included, we are all SLAVES TO SIN.  And whether we think we're free men and free women or not, spiritually we are slaves and God gives us into our slavery when we refuse to come out of it.  This happened time and time again with God's own children, the Israelites, they were given into the hands of the Babylonians, they were given into the hands of people who hated them, who made them slaves.  Many of them were tortured and killed.  We know that Egypt forced them in times past to do many work projects and they treated them very poorly.  These things all happened because Israel became slaves spiritually and then they became slaves physically.  

But what land are we willing to die for?  The only land that I'm willing to die for is the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Heaven, that is Zion spiritually.  If we have a land that doesn't exist here then moth and rust can't destroy thieves and armies can't break in and steal and take what we have.  Even if we're thrown in prison and put to death, nothing will be able to infiltrate and take over the land that we fight for.  But every land here can be taken over and we know that the end of the world ends in fervent heat and destruction, where the elements burn.  That could be nuclear war.   That could be the hand of God allowing nations to destroy nations bringing the end of the whole world. That could be God allowing climate change to warm up the earth so much, not that it's “climate change” (manipulative agenda from the government) as people say, but maybe God will allow humans to bring destruction upon themselves for their evil?  There's a lot of ways that the world could end, but it looks very obvious for many of us how we may die, at the hands of infidel nations, men who are ungodly, but God allows these men to bring judgment upon the world, because the sins of the world are great.

 I hope that we don't stand up for patriotism, thinking that if we're just patriotic to our own country then we'll make it into heaven, because being patriotic for Ukraine or Russia or the United States or China or whatever country you're a part of, will NOT make you inherit everlasting life.

 God's children are in every nation.  All of us who surrender to the Lamb of God all of us who surrender to him and follow Him wherever He goes, we become part of a new nation. It’s not being a patriotic to whatever our homeland is here in this world and about killing other people, but it is about bringing people into the New Jerusalem, into Zion, that is the kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of God, winning souls into everlasting life through the power of Jesus Christ.  That is the kingdom that we need to live for and die for and if we're not for that Kingdom, we're in big trouble.  Satan has got many people just to be patriotic, they hate other nations, they have murderous thoughts, even of their brothers and sisters, their own family members.  They're ready to kill for their country for being patriotic, but what do you think will happen when their country is taken over and they are dead and stand before God in judgment?  Will he say, good job?  Will He say good job, you blew up some of the infidels, you're very patriotic?  The kingdom of God is about righteousness and love, loving others as yourself, even loving your enemies. Even those who love themselves they hate their enemies, this world that hates all people, they even love their own though that are like them.  But Jesus called us to pray for people that persecute us and hate us to pray for our enemies, to love others to do good to others, to be good Samaritans.  That is not easy to do, it is easy to hate those who hate us, to have evil thoughts of those that have evil thoughts against us, to slander those that slander us and to stand up for patriotism. But if we want to win the spiritual war, this war of Armageddon, that is the REAL war.  The real war is not Ukraine against Russia, the real war isn't you know, China against the United States or some other war that may happen in the future.  The real war is satan versus your soul.  All the souls that are in this world, that is the war of Armageddon and in the end either you enter into everlasting life with Jesus Christ or into everlasting damnation.

 One of the ways satan gets all of us, is to make us doubt, we start losing hope in the revelations of the Holy Spirit and I know right now a lot of people are discouraged. They don't hear from God as clearly as they can, they're distracted by everything that's happening in the world, by this war and it's very easy to lose hope when you take your eyes off of Jesus Christ.  I don't know how many times I have had a word from the Lord and satan immediately told me; “That word is irrelevant, everyone knows that message already, don't even bother uploading that video, you already know that message that's very juvenile it's very elementary, don't worry about speaking it, you don't need to.  God's children are already safe and secure and the rest of the world won't listen anyways…”  I don't know how many times satan has tried to snatch the Word of God that has come to me and come to others.  But I upload those videos anyway.  The Lord, you know, He gives us messages and we share them with others and the devil constantly brings accusations against us as brethren, satan is called the accuser of the brethren.  And if I were to listen to satan, I wouldn't be uploading this video right now, because even this video I'm making, the devil accused me and said; “You know people already know all this, you know people are either receiving the truth or rejecting it, so don't worry, you know, don't bother preaching the truth…”  But I continue on because I want to obey the Holy Spirit and do His works even if people reject it, even if they don't listen and we can't just pay attention to how people respond.  What drives us should be just doing the work of the Holy Spirit no matter what.  What drives us should be obeying Jesus Christ, living by His words, even if people don't receive it at all.  We can't listen to satan or let him get us down or let him discourage us.  And a lot of people are losing faith because they go and say; “You know what, everyone's either safe and secured and going to heaven or they've already taken the mark of the beast, so why am I bothering anyway…”  Well the reason why you should bother, is because Jesus has called you for a specific task, that is to righteousness and you are still on this earth with a purpose, that is of love, to love others is yourself, to love your Creator and to make disciples.  Not everyone is called of course to go on Youtube, or to preach online or to go preach on the street, but everyone is called to make disciples in one way or the other. When we come to Jesus we become fishers of men, we call others with our life to repent.  There's not a formula to it, it's not about following someone else's formula, it's not about just passing out tracks or something like that religiously, but with our LIFE we have to proclaim the truth, with our life we have to bear good fruit, otherwise we'll get cut off.

A lot of people, they try to make these formulas of following God and these do's and these don’ts, it becomes a religion.  And then they feel guilty and ashamed if they don't do certain things religiously every single day.  But with following Jesus it's about doing life with Him, hearing Him, going where He calls us to go, honoring Him, having His love for others in our heart.  Loving the Lord our God with all of our heart and that out spilling of that love from the Holy Spirit is what drives us, and we want others to know the living God, so of course we tell them about the joy we have in Jesus Christ.

 So, I encourage you not to let satan get you down in these times of war and pestilence and all these things happening in the world.  Don't let satan have his arrows in you, don't let his arrows of hatefulness or bitterness be in you or discouragement or confusion.  We would do much better just keeping our eyes on him and doing the things that we know to be upright and pure every day. Praying!  Praying for others, confessing our sins, apologizing to people that we have offended and keeping ourselves unstained from the world.  If we do these things, we'll be going in the right direction, we'll be walking into everlasting life with Jesus Christ, but if we get discouraged and think; “Well I’m either just going to heaven or hell anyway and the whole world's either going to heaven or hell…”, we'll get complacent and then we won't do the work of the Holy Spirit and satan will be winning.   We don't want to give satan any ground.  We want to fortify our own country, that is our own heart.  We want to let ourselves be a temple for the Holy Spirit, we want to be the living church, that the Holy Spirit resides in.   We are the Body of Christ, we are the light of the world.   Jesus said; “You are the light of the world, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  

I want to be shining the light of Jesus. I don't want to be a coward running away, hiding, fearful, doubtful, ashamed, unwilling to apologize.  I want to be able to make it into the kingdom of God and because of that, I continue to fear God, I continue to work out my relationship with God, and as much as possible with others.  I work at peace, not making war with other people, and I diligently pursue the voice of the Lord, hearing His voice so that then I can walk by FAITH all the time.

When there's something we know that is wrong in us, whether it's doubt, a malicious thought, hatred towards, others a bad thought, instantly that stunts us from being able to grow.  If you have any doubt in you at all, then it makes it impossible for you to witness to others, you feel; “If I don't believe in God then how can I tell any anyone else about Him?”  All of that negativity you have to overcome, you have to overcome satan, don't let him speak this kind of doubt into your heart and into your mind.  And when the Holy Spirit gives you a word, don't think that it is too mundane, too boring or that everyone already knows it, but just speak it in truth and in love that others may be edified, that you may edify the true church of God, that people may see your good works that they may glorify God and come out of the world of depression, sin, drugs and alcohol, adultery, fornication and all this wickedness that's in the world.

 I pray that you will be a warrior for the kingdom of God not letting satan take any ground in THAT country.  The country we need to live for and die for is the Kingdom of God, not America or China or Ukraine or Russia or whatever country you're from, because when we have the rebirth, we leave our old nationalities behind, and we become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Are you a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you fight for that country?  Is Jesus Christ your president?  Or do you have a president here on this earth?  Will you kill and murder for the sake of your country?  Do you have hatred towards your brothers and sisters, because they're of a different worldly country than you?   Or truly are you a part of the New Jerusalem the kingdom of heaven.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.