Monday, February 10, 2020

Destroy the "don't give up the fellowship" hypocrisy.

DESTROY the “Don’t Give Up the Fellowship” Hypocrisy
Jesus never called us as His disciples to go out into all the world and seek out a good Bible fearing church. A good church where we could just sit and fellowship and listen to a pastor. Jesus called His disciples to first be holy and pure to stop sinning, to go in sin no more, and He called us to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and to teach them everything that He commanded us, which is to live HOLY, to LOVE others. He didn’t call us to sit in a church, He didn’t call us to “fellowship” with sinners.  He didn’t call us to go find some body that is called the “body of Christ” but that doesn’t follow the God they say is there Christ, and to submit ourselves to them to pretend that we are humbled and listen to their teachings. Jesus called us to listen to Him, He is the Good Shepherd and his sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. Don’t believe the Christians that are trying to deceive the world by saying that; “You have to be in church… you can’t give up the fellowship brother…” Don’t listen to that nonsense. Most all the churches today are APOSTATE, which means they have FALLEN AWAY from the love of God. They don’t follow Jesus they follow men. They are people of the “book” they are NOT people of the Spirit of God.  They have no LOVE of Jesus Christ in them. They say they love the prophets and the Bible, but they love the prophets BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD. (Thus thinking they can manipulate their words) If the prophets were alive they would rebuke them and they would not be able to manipulate their words, and they would also hate the prophets because they (false religious men) are the same ones that put Jesus Christ up on the cross, they are the same ones that murdered Him. 
Are we separate from the apostate church, the church that has no love, the church that will be held accountable to killing all the saints, all the holy profits and apostles, all those who love Jesus Christ? Will we have the blood of them on our hands also because we did not stay separate from the harlot apostate church system? These are the churches that are on all the street corners, most all the preachers belong to them, they are the churches that take your tithe.  They are the churches that like to quote the Bible and say; “You can’t give up the fellowship… it’s written in the Word of God, you can’t give up…” WELL, WHAT FELLOWSHIP ARE WE NOT TO GIVE UP?  the fellowship with sinners?  The fellowship with those addicted to pornography and drugs and alcohol? I’m not just casting my judgement on others, but they literally confess that they are sinners, they want YOU to be a SINNER and they offer NO HOPE to actually REPENT and be RIGHT with God. They teach hyper GRACE.  They think everyone is going to just continue to sin and God forgives everyone as if He’s a big hippie.  What a wicked, shameful generation this is!  What a whorehouse the church has become!  Stay separate!   Keep yourself and your family separate from the Christians… the so-called Christians that take God’s name in vain constantly saying; “Pay your tithe to a church… Come to us…You can’t give up the fellowship…” What nonsense! We need our connection to Jesus Christ. Without Jesus you have no hope of salvation. 
If you are stuck in church though, even if you’re keeping all your principles, even if you’re keeping your Bible study, even if you’re keeping all the words of the pastor, what uses it to you when you are losing your soul because you have no communion with your MAKER?  I encourage you to seek Jesus for real. Have no part of these shameful hypocrites that try to control and manipulate people. They try to get people plugged into their harlot systems, that keep them enslaved to SIN.  “Oh!  You can’t stop SINNING brother, that would be a WORK… You can’t really hear from Jesus brother, you have to listen to the PASTOR… Get more into the Word of God… You have to study the Greek, Hebrew and Ara…(Aramaic) You have to know the Lexicon… (Strong’s Concordance)” what hypocrisy!
 Are we really in love with Jesus Christ, our maker who knows us? You don’t have to know any language but the language that your mother taught you, your mother tongue. Do you speak English? Jesus will speak you in English. He speaks every single language.  Don’t get wrapped up with these hypocrites. Jesus knows your heart.  Is your heart right before your maker?  Or are you just playing Church games, religious games, Bible games, word games, semantics… Is your heat really for the true living GOD or are you just a hypocrite? A church-goer? A religious man who could care less about the God who made you because you care about what people think?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.