Sunday, December 25, 2022

Hypnotism and Christians

Hypnotism And Christians 

Praise Jesus. Today everyone is celebrating Christmas, well, not everyone. For those of us that know Jesus, we honor Him and we please Him everyday. My family and I don't celebrate Christmas like the world because we actually know Jesus, we know what He commands, we know what He has asked us to do. Jesus no longer is a little baby in a manger. He is no longer a little child. But He is King of Kings, He is Lord of Lords and He is calling the world to repent, or they will perish. Many Christians are under hypnosis. They are deceived by pastors who are hypnotists and they're deceived by dead religion and their churches. The whole world is in the bonds of sin and darkness, they cannot spiritually see. And sadly most Christians are 100% spiritually blind. They cannot tell the difference between the son of God and a wolf. It is incredible how blind the world is. It's incredible how deaf people are. If you want your ears to be open and to see clearly, you need to know and get to know the son of God. Jesus Christ is the son of God, He was born into this world. He overcame the world, He died and He resurrected.

Praised Jesus everyone I see your comments coming in. I figured the other day everyone would think that it's some kind of, everyone I guess would imagine I got shut down because I spoke about Covid-19, but actually what happened was I ran out of data on my phone. And, I don't have that great of signal here anyways because we live up in the mountains. And when my phone doesn't have full service or there's a storm or if my data is low, it's not enough bandwidth to do a live stream. So anyways that's what really happened for those of you that may have been wondering. But I just thought it was a kind of funny that at the moment I started speaking about Covid-19, all of a sudden my phone just shut off, but it was a coincidence guys. If you do want to know how our faith relates with Covid-19 and everything that's happening, I made a playlist specifically on this, you can go check out my playlist, it's called Covid-19. And it's been up pretty much ever since Covid-19 came out. YouTube hasn't taken it down. It's still there for the glory of God. I make some of my videos as led by the holy spirit a bit cryptic, so that's a good thing. Jesus always spoke in parables so that those that could learn the truth would hear the truth, but those that didn't care or were enemies of the gospel would nothing would make sense to them. 

But what I wanted to talk about today is hypnotism and how it relates to the Christian church and pastors. There are some Christian pastors that openly practice hypnotism I don't know if they reveal that to their laity to their congregation. But we know of some a pastors who have practiced from people that are like witches, hypnotism. And they know how to do stuff like the whole slain in the spirit pushing people back. Guys all of that is a form of hypnotism. You go and look at videos on YouTube of how people practice, how to hypnotize people and it is identical to the whole slain in the spirit thing, how Benny Hinn and other guys push people over and they fall on the floor laughing and all that stuff. Those are evil spirits. And the people that administer those spirits, those pastors or those preachers are the people in church, many of them have directly learned this technique like from psychology. They know how to hypnotize people guys. This is a sort of witchcraft. Because if you can learn as a false preacher or pastor how to hypnotize people, you have 100% authority over them. You can make them think they're a dog, you can make them clasp their hands together and they can't move. You can get people to give you as much money as you want. So of course people want this ability. Pastors want the ability because they could get a lot of people into their congregation to give them money, and to elevate their name. They could say that it's the church of Jesus Christ of modern day, baptists or whatever they call their church, but it is a form of witchcraft. And these guys that are at the top I'm telling you, they know what they're practicing. They have practiced this form of witchcraft. You might not know it because maybe you haven't seen it directly. But I'm telling you guys, the bigger name pastors and a lot of the pastors that do this sort of miracle work, they have learned from eastern religion, they have learned on how to cast spells, they've learned how to manipulate people. And people fall into this because they seat themselves before the pastors. Everyone who practices hypnotism, they pretty much know as a general rule of thumb that they can only hypnotize the willing. 

So check it out, pretty much everyone who goes to church now walks through those doors is a candidate to be hypnotized because they willfully went through that door. And if you have walked into a church, and if you have put yourself at the feet of a preacher or a pastor, you have made yourself a subject to that person. That person can spiritual authority over you to tell you anything, and if he is able to cast that witchcraft over you, you're going to fall into his witchcraft because you have placed yourself under his teaching. And many pastors and preachers they they preached the bible from this sort of witchcraft. They set up their entire church from this sort of witchcraft. And they are able to gain many many members. They're able to get money, popularity, fame, women. They can pretty much have whatever they want in Satan's kingdom, calling it the kingdom of god. Because they have learned these techniques of manipulation and witchcraft.

 And I warn you to be very careful not to put yourself at the feet of one of these teachers. Now as some of you are probably saying, “well, I have a good church. I go to such and such a church, the guy's a really good guy, he doesn't even accept very much money.” Well that maybe true. I was also a pastor and I didn't try to purposefully control or manipulate anyone. I was deceived myself. And a lot of pastors have very good intentions but they themselves are deceived. Some of them are not trying to practice witchcraft, they're not trying to fool anyone, they're not trying to lead anyone to hell. But at the end of the day they still will accomplish Satan's work, because they also are on Satan's side.

 When I was living a double life as a baptist in the baptist church, I became very good at playing the hypocrite without looking like a hypocrite. I wasn't trying to be a hypocrite. I was just trying to keep my life together. And I had everyone convinced that I was a good Christian. I could preach any sermon and convince anyone that it was of the true faith. But at the end of the day I was still in essence leading people to hell. I was still on Satan's side because I hadn't come out of sin myself. So be very leery of putting yourself at the feet of a preacher, a bible study leader, a house group, a home gathering, whatever the case may be. Make sure that you first put yourself at the feet of Jesus Christ. Make Him your one and only teacher. That is why Jesus says things like, “we are all brethren, as one is your teacher, one is your master, He who is in heaven, He who is the Christ.”

 We need to make sure that we have received the holy spirit. And that we're being led by the spirit of life, not by someone's words or their interpretation of the scripture. Remember that even Satan used the scripture to try to cast his spell on Jesus. Obviously if Satan didn't think it would work, he wouldn't have even tried it. The fact that Satan even tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness tells me that Satan was convinced that it was a possibility. He believed that he could even deceive the son of God. That is a lot of power. If Satan was convinced he could even deceive Jesus Christ, then he has you in the bucket. He has you. You're his. You're not going to be a problem for the devil.

 The only way to be able to overcome Satan is by holding Jesus's hand, by knowing Him personally, not by just knowing the bible, not by just listening to sermons not by just knowing theology. Do we really know Jesus and have a relationship with Him? That is how we can test the spirits, that's how we can overcome sin, that is how we can distinguish between a true prophet and a false prophet.

 And on that topic guys, a lot of people, especially this month, and nearing the end of December are going to be making prophecies about what's going to happen in 2023 and many of you will be listening to those prophecies and convinced they're from God. There will be prophecies about Trump, prophecies about the election, all sorts of things that you don't need to know or to listen to. The world is going to be bamboozled by these guys because they say they're Christians and they're having words from God. We are on a need to know basis. We don't need to know everything, but we do need to know how to live holy, how to please God, how to rule our own families in purity and in righteousness.

 Most people are so concerned who the next president is going to be and when the comets going to explode the earth. And their own family is internally exploding and they're not paying any attention to that. So, this is how Satan gets people distracted and on the path to hell. He gets them convinced that they have to be having these words, and this special understanding of things that are going to be futuristic, China then Russia is gonna invade America and then a bomb is going to hit New York and then there's gonna be another pandemic that's going to take out a third of the world. And it all relates to the prophecies of revelation. And they bamboozle people with their words and they take bits and parts out of the scripture, just like Satan did tempting Jesus. And they convince all these people that their true prophets. But meanwhile while your eye is on them, they're hoodwinking you. Because your own family's falling apart, you have an addiction with pornography or drugs or alcohol or whatever your addiction is and you are going to hell. Satan has you in his grips. It doesn't matter who the next president's gonna be. It doesn't matter what the currency of the world's going to be. What matters is if you know Jesus Christ, that's what all the demons are fighting over. They’re fighting over your soul. Ultimately, Satan doesn't want earth, he doesn't want this stuff right here. He could care less about the dirt, the soil, the bricks the mortar the physical churches, the cars, none of that stuff matters. What matters is your soul. He wants to take you personally to hell. And however he can do that, whatever prophet he can use to do that he a hundred percent will. Are you hearing from Jesus? Are you right with Him? Do you know Him? Do you love Him?  

This war, this battle of Armageddon, this war, it's all over human souls. It's over souls. Is your soul going to hell because you're living in sin? Are you condemning yourself to hell because you're listening to Satan and not to the words of Jesus Christ by the power of his spirit? All of this is over your soul. It's about your destiny. And if you're hearing from God now, and if you're living for Him, or not, that is the hinge point of your destiny whether you're going to heaven or to hell.

So get your focus in the right area. Stop focusing on all the prophecies on what all these other men of renowned, what all these popular guys are doing, what Russia is doing, what Ukraine is doing, if this guy’s the anti-Christ or this anti-Christ is coming, and there's ten kings, one will be all that stuff, because you are on your way to hell if you do not repent. What does it matter if you know all the prophecies, if you know everything about how the world will end, if you even didn't know Jesus's plan from the beginning to end? What does it matter to you if in the end you are going to hell?

 Jesus wants to save you. He loves you. He cares for you. He died on the cross and resurrected from the dead so His blood would cover over your sins. That he could pick you up from the grave and give you new life. Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who lives in me will never die. Even though he dies, he will live.” Jesus came to give us everlasting life. He didn't come to condemn you and send you to hell and just throw you out because you supposedly blasphemed or said something in your mind against God. Jesus came to save you. He loves and cares about you, your children, your mother, your father, He cares about your family. And that is why you are still here. You need to put your faith in Him and get your faith off the internet, get your faith off of the church, get your faith off of all the other things that are wishy-washy sand that is falling apart. Get your faith on Jesus Christ. Start obeying Him. Start listening to Him. Learn to hear His voice, that way you're not going to be deceived and let down. When all the prophecies for 2023 fail, and you're left wondering if God exists because you yourself haven't heard from Him. Get to know Jesus for yourself. Don't put yourself at the feet of a soothsayer a lying prophet or someone doing some sort of fancy witchcraft. Make sure that you listen to Jesus alone. 

Remember that those who practice this kind of psychology, putting people in trances, it only works on the willing. And if you are making yourself willing to listen to prophets, if you're making yourself willing to listen to pastors, you will fall for their deception. As soon as you walk into their churches, you're putting yourself under their witchcraft, they will be able to control your mind, your heart. Stay away from them, we have one teacher, we have one leader, we have one who is worthy. The lamb of God is worthy to lead us and to guide us. He is worthy to lead us into everlasting life. A man or a prophet, a church leader, it doesn't matter if he's Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, whatever his stamp of religion may be, he is not worthy to lead you. Jesus is worthy to lead you and guide you.

May the grace of Jesus be with you.