Friday, December 30, 2022

The sure way to know God's voice


The Sure Way To Know God's Voice

Praise Jesus today everyone. I wanted to speak briefly about what it means to hear God’s voice, and the surest way to know that it is His voice, not your own voice, or your own conscience just convicting you. Because our own conscience can be wrong.

God gave us our conscience. But a lot of times people’s conscience is mutated to the world. They start thinking things are sinful that are not sinful, like there's a movement of certain people to become vegan or vegetarian because they think eating animals is a sin. They make all sorts of things sin, but the things that are truly sins before God, those things are left undone. They don't have any problem aborting a baby, killing a human child. But they think it is sinful to discipline a child, to give a child a spanking. They think that would be horrible. The world has lost their mind. They are totally brainwashed. They can't tell the difference between righteousness and the pit of hell.

So what is the sure way to hear God's voice? If you ask the preacher in church, he will say the sure way to hear God's voice is the scriptures. Get yourself into the Bible. And I am not here to bash the Bible or say that, you should not read the scriptures, because many men of God wrote down what they heard from the Holy Spirit to point you in the right direction, so that you would get to know Jesus Christ as they knew Him. That is why we have the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They wanted us to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to receive the Spirit of life. If you read in the scriptures how to hear from God, how to know Him, it is all about receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. You can read Jesus' words in John chapter 14 through 16. That is the sure way to hear God, by receiving the power of this Holy Spirit.

Many people have set out on the path to try to know God's voice by knowing the scriptures, and they've led themselves into more and more deception, such as the Pharisees, such as Jews who refuse to come to the Lord, even though they know the scriptures and have memorized them from their youth, such as those that try to keep the Torah, the prophets’ words and the 613 laws of Moses. Many people have tried to navigate their life into eternity by reading the scripture, by studying it, by knowing Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, and they have not made it into the Kingdom of God.

Jesus made it very clear that the promise to us was the gift of His Holy Spirit, and that His Spirit would lead us into all truth. So how do you know the difference? People will say, “well, read the Bible.” I want to share with you, actually, you can look it up for yourself. It's a man who passed away several years ago. Now, his name is Howard Pittman.tman, I believe, and he has a testimony on YouTube of when he died. I believe he had some kind of a heart attack or something like that, and he died, and God showed him the Spiritual realm. And he explains in his testimony how important it is to know God's voice.

And at that moment of time, when you die, guys, you're not bringing your Bible, you're not able to open up your Bible and look at the Book of Hebrews or anything like that. You will at that point have had to know God's voice. And as Howard Pittman shares his testimony, there's this point where Satan tries to convince him that the Devil is the Holy Spirit, and tells Howard Pittman in the most comforting tone, just to give up, just to stop breathing, that He will enter into bliss. And if Howard Pittman had not been able to distinguish at all between the life giver's voice and the serpent, it wouldn't have mattered how much scripture he knew.

We need to know how to distinguish in the bottom of our souls, the difference of the Lord's voice, our master and all the other spirits. Other spirits read the Bible. Satan quotes the Bible. pastors who are led by evil spirits use the scriptures, and they are able to manipulate many people. Because a lot of people just think, well, if it's from the Bible, it's true. Well, if it's coming off of the mouth of a serpent, it's false. And remember that Satan used Scripture to try to tempt Jesus. That was Scripture, but it wasn't the truth of God, even though it was Scripture, it was Satan quoting it and twisting it. And, when we are not led by the Holy Spirit, our minds can do the same thing. Our minds without us even knowing, can be twisting the scripture, or we can be listening to a lying prophet, or a supposed man of God, or a preacher, someone like that, who is reading directly from the Bible, but they are putting the interpretation of the flesh on it, and therefore they are leading you to hell.

The sure way to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and error, is not to just be reading the scriptures. Because after all, the Pharisees did that for years, and they were still led to hell. The surest way to know God's voice and not to be deceived, is to do what Jesus said, to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, that He will guide you into all truth, just as Jesus said, and to bring you a memory of things that He has already taught you. He will tell you the future. He will guide your life.

In order to receive His Spirit, you need to pray and say, “Lord, I need your baptism. I need your new tongue. I need your guidance. I don't understand how to do this. I don't understand how to truly repent. I am confused. I've listened to so many people. I am deceived by lying prophets. I am deceived by my own mind, my own conscience, my own understanding. I can't tell the difference between my own thoughts or what I might be hearing from you.” And when you pray, pray with the sincerity of your heart, and then listen in the very bottom of your soul, Jesus did make your physical ears, and He made your Spiritual ears, so He knows how to speak to the ears of your conscience, if you will make Him your one and only teacher.

Jesus did not promise that we would have many teachers. He said, one is your teacher. He said, one is our father, the Christ, Jesus. Christ wants to be your teacher. He wants to hold your hand and leads you through this life into everlasting life. But unless you're willing to go with Him, if you make other people your teacher, and you start listening to Christian radio and CDs, and you start giving your ear to that, that is the sure way to be led into more and more deception. And I'm telling you, the closer you are to Christians in Church that are in lies, the more and more lies and deception will seem appealing and appear to be the truth. The closer you get to a lie, the more deceptive it is, the more powerful that lie becomes. But the farther you get away from the lies, and the more you get into the truth, the more you can see clearly. Because you're with Jesus. It's like when the sun is going down and it is dusk. When the sun's going down and it's dusk, you can see a little bit clearly, but as soon as the sun goes behind the mountains, it gets harder and harder to see, and you start stumbling over things. Well, the closer you get to deception, the farther you're going into the night. And it's easier to just assume there are no stumbling blocks. Everything is OK. I don't need to worry. I can't see any problems. But a man who walks at night without any light is going to stumble and fall. And many Christians are falling into the pit of hell because they don't have anyone guiding them. Is the Spirit of God guiding you? Or are you being led by blind pastors and blind prophets?

 I know a lot of people, because it's coming up at the end of the year, are wanting a sign. They are wanting a word from God. God has already spoken. He wants each of us to have a personal relationship with Him. He is the word of God. He is alive. And He wants you to be hearing from Him personally and individually, not from someone else as a middle man. Are you as an individual hearing directly from God, because you're putting in the work to your relationship with Him, or are you assuming other people are going to do the work for you? Other prophets and men of God are going to hear from God, and then they're going to speak that, and you'll get a little bit of regurgitated food here and then and now when you want it. 

When everyone is looking out into the world, hoping that they will have some kind of word for the year 2023, where you should be looking is into your own heart, to see if you're right with your creator. He loves you. He cares for your soul. He didn't come to condemn you, to send you to hell, to say you've already messed up so much you can't get right with God. You are still here on this Earth for a purpose, not to end at all, not to give up hope, not to commit suicide, not to crawl into a hole and die, but that you may have life and hope and ultimately love. Lot of people at the end of their life, they ask, what is life all about? Jesus gets that question a lot. But the reason for life is very simple and each of us knows in our hearts. The reason for this life is to learn to love, to love the Lord or God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is pretty simple, guys.

Do we have the love of God in our heart? Do we have a real relationship with Him? And are we encouraging other people to be part of the body of Christ, that they may also enter life? Or are we persuading people into the darkness and into lies, to false prophets, false churches, deceptions, adultery, fornication, things that are pornographic, things that are satanic, witchcraft, music that draws people to hell. Who are we living for? And who are we persuading people to follow and obey the world or the Spirit of God?

 I hope this encourages someone to go and pray, to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that they may be guided by God Himself, and not be guided by someone else's voice that is pretending to be the Holy Spirit for them.

May the grace of Jesus be with you.