Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Satan the Accuser

 Satan The Accuser

We know from the Scriptures that Satan is the accuser of the brethren. He accuses people day and night. If you read in Revelation, you see how Satan was thrown out of heaven. And it says, woe to the inhabitants of the Earth, because Satan’s dwelling on the Earth. We know that Satan is the principalities of evil. He is ready to accuse the Saints, and he brings up those accusations before God.  Satan's ultimate goal is to get you discouraged, to take your soul to hell. So don't expect that if you choose to follow Jesus, that you won't get accusations. A lot of people are also on Satan side, and they act like the old devil. They will constantly be accusing you, if you do choose to put your faith in Jesus, they'll accuse you of everything. Since I've been on the Internet, it's like I've seen all the new accusations that come out, all the new lies from the Devil, all the new distractions. And Satan uses technology and people who use technology to manipulate people, to control people, to deceive people, to discourage people, and ultimately to take people to hell. But over the years I've seen how the devil works, and I've learned to distinguish between the evil Spirits though serving Satan, Satan's voice, and I've learned to disregard that. And I've learned Jesus' voice, the voice of His Holy Spirit. And I’ve learned to only take direction from Him.  When you listen to the Holy Spirit, you're listening for His voice of guidance, of hope, of peace. And when He tells you something, He gives you direction. When Satan comes at you, he always comes from an angle that is an accusation with absolutely no hope for redemption. It's just bearing weight that you've done something wrong and you can't possibly reconcile it. You're just damned to hell.  And the time that we're living in right now, there are a lot of demons that are very active, and they come to people through intrusive thoughts, blasphemous thoughts, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of depression, thoughts of emptiness, a lack of hope. And if you don't realize that you're in spiritual warfare, that stuff is going to get into your mind and then into your heart, and you're going to end up killing yourself. You're going to end up either physically killing yourself or or Spiritually dying, because you're allowing the enemy to penetrate you.  We have to realize that we have a Spiritual enemy and learn to rebuke Satan in Jesus' name, and push out intrusive thoughts, push out depression, push out anxiety, push out all those thoughts that come from Satan to pull us down. If you are experiencing intrusive thoughts, or blasphemous thoughts, the thoughts that come from demons, quickly rebuke those thoughts in the name of Jesus, say, “Satan, I rebuke you. I am a child of God. I choose to follow my master Jesus Christ with all of my heart.” And whenever Satan's coming against you, as much as he comes against you, you resist the Devil, as it is written, “draw close to God, and He will draw close to you. Resist the Devil, and he will flee.”  But don't think, just because you are now a Christian and you're a disciple of Jesus, that the Devil won't be able to get to you. Because the Devil still tries his hardest to discourage and to knock off the path. Even the very best Christians, even the most very dedicated, every day you have to enter into spiritual combat with the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, sword of the Spirit, belt of truth, and the feet with the boots, ready to bring the Gospel of peace to those who are willing to listen. So will we stand with Jesus? Will we learn to hear Him and not confuse the voice, the voice of Satan and demons for the voice of the Holy Spirit? There are some Christians who do want to follow God, but they have allowed Satan to manipulate them, to control them. They have allowed Satan to become like the Holy Spirit in their life. For an example of this, is when I was leaving the Organized Church, a lot of people came to me saying that they were, essentially the Holy Spirit, and that I was going against God, and that I was doing evil in the eyes of God by leaving the church, I was abandoning family, I wasn't paying my tithes, I wasn't honoring God by honoring my parents. And the accusations went on and on and on.  If we choose to listen to people, we will fall into condemnation. Because a lot of people, especially Christians, are on Satan’s side. And Satan controls Christians by manipulation, by making them feel guilty. You'll make you feel incredibly guilty that you don't have a church gathering that you meet with every Sunday, and you're giving up the fellowship. That's guilt. Or he makes you feel guilty that you're not reading your Bible every day, you're not that dedicated, brother, you're not reading the Bible every day like Doctor so and so. Those are accusations from the Devil. The disciples weren’t reading the the scriptures every day. They were uneducated men, but they love the Lord, and they dedicated their hearts to Jesus Christ. Following Jesus is not about religion. It's not about all these things Satan is making it about. Satan will also control a lot of people saying, “if you're not giving tithe to a local church, you're a hypocrite, you're not a real Christian.” And people get discouraged, feeling like, “because I don't belong to a body of Christ, and I'm not paying tide. I'm not a genuine Christian. I might as well just live life serving the devil anyway, because I'm not going to heaven. I'm not going to make it.” So also, the day that we're living in now, that Covid has come and all these other sicknesses, and people have had certain vaccines, People just aren't sure if God will still accept them. They don't know if they have committed the unpardonable sin, and they're just accused by Satan to no end, so that they get to this point where they don't pray anymore, they don't talk to anyone about God, they're so discouraged and so run down, that they're just basically ready to crawl into a hole and die. You know, we need to push out Satan and take back what is ours. Take back the joy of the Lord, take back the Spirit of God that He gives to the righteous, that we can inherit the kingdom of God. We need to have ears that hear. Jesus has given us a conscience. And if we listen to our conscience that He has given us, if we choose not to listen to the devil, then the Holy Spirit will convict our conscience Himself. But you need to pray and ask that you can tell the difference between accusations from Satan and the Holy Spirit. Remember, Satan gives no hope. He doesn't give you a future. He just gives you accusations. He gives condemnation. He tells you you're damned no matter what, with no hope, no direction.  But when the Holy Spirit gives you direction, He may bring something up to you that you do that is wrong, that you need to change, but He gives you exact direction on what you need to do in order to be right with Him. And when you set it in your heart and in your mind to do what He has called you to do, He gives you an extraordinary amount of peace, knowing that if you do that, and when you do that, that you have peace with God and with men. Maybe sometimes not with men, but hopefully with men as well.  So are you making Jesus your teacher? Are you allowing the Spirit of God to be your guide, that He may teach you and guide you in all things? Or has Satan stolen that from you to pretend to be your counselor so that he can condemn you and bring you to hell? You need to pray in spirit and in truth. Take back what is yours. Take back your relationship with Jesus. Take back your dignity in Him. Be righteous. Be holy. Be willing to do the work of the Lord. But don't allow the Devil to push you around. And don't allow the millions of the Devil and those people that serve Satan to control you, to manipulate you, to make you feel guilty and give you false ideas and false pressings on your conscience. Make sure that your father is the one who is in heaven, not people on Earth, not people that want to manipulate you for your money. Puts your faith in Jesus. Make Him your one and only teacher, and let nothing in the world move you. There should be one that moves us, and that is our father in heaven. May the grace of Jesus be with you.