Monday, December 12, 2022

The Way isn't Marketable

The Way isn’t Marketable

In Acts chapter 19 you see all these men getting upset because the Apostle Paul is preaching the Way of Jesus Christ and he is preaching against false gods and false goddesses.  But these Ephesians have this false god called Artemis or Diana, and all these craftsmen are making images to this false goddess, and when the Apostle Paul comes in, preaching the Way of Jesus, these craftsmen fear losing their job because if people turn to Jesus Christ and repent of idolatry, they will not buy the false image of that goddess anymore and they will lose business.  It is the same exact way today; people profit and make money off of false gods, false religions, false ideas… and when we come along preaching the truth of Jesus, it makes many people upset because they will no longer be able to make money off of a LIE.  The church culture has started to do this same thing, where they have started to profit off of Jesus Christ, which Jesus is VERY upset about.  Remember when Jesus walked into the temple and He overturned all the tables and He said that; “My Fathers house shall be called a house of PRAYER but you have made it into a den of thieves/robbers.”  When Jesus saw people trying to sell things and profit off of the gospel (or prayer or finding forgiveness of sins) or off of the message of the truth, HE WAS FURIOUS.  Christians today thought, again have tried to do this same thing, they have tried to make the gospel marketable, they have made tithes into a way to make themselves rich, they sell their literature, they sell all sorts of things to make a profit for themselves.  And they are VERY wicked, because instead of calling people to REPENT, and calling people into the TRUTH, and calling people to turn from sins, rather they are trying to make the gospel look really good and sound really good to itch people’s ears, so that people give THEM more and more MONEY.  The problem is, if you serve Jesus Christ ALONE people won’t like that product, they want a product that is sellable.   They want a product that sounds good to them, that looks good to them, that FEELS good to them.  And if you don’t give them THAT product, they are UPSET, because they realize you are not working for THEM.  Will we be like the people of Paul’s day that were upset that Paul was preaching the Way?  Will we be like the false Christians of today who have itching ears, who want a MARKETABLE GOSPEL, a FALSE gospel, and EASY grace gospel?  Or will we preach the true message and LIVE the true message of the Way?  That is the way of true repentance, the Way of JESUS CHRIST!  The way of salvation!  May the grace of Jesus be with you.