Friday, December 30, 2022

The Chosen Delusion

It is quite baffling how Christians think everything has to be "biblical", yet when a TV show comes out, such as "The Chosen" they ACCEPT a "jesus" who says and does things NOT stated or supported in the Bible! If that's not hypocrisy what is?  On the other hand, unbelievers suppose that the Bible has been dreadfully changed, they protest faith and use their uneducated excuses to justify their unbelief. Yet these Bible distrusters also LOVE "The Chosen" series and uphold it as if it's the true narrative of faith.  So, if you think the Bible has been changed and that is your reasoning to doubt and disbelieve, why would you then trust "The Chosen" that you KNOW is neither biblically accurate or historical whatever?  That is equally as delusional as the Christian hypocrisy!