Friday, December 2, 2022

You can repent



Well praise Jesus today everyone.  There is a pretty common question that I am hearing as of recently, and that is, “Can I repent?”  “Do I have hope”… See, a lot of people since Covid-19 has started have fallen into depression and people have started to realize the difference between following God and following the world and some people feel completely hopeless and stuck in the world, and a lot of people are to the point that they just don’t think that God will receive them, they have done things that they don’t thing they can find forgiveness for or that God can accept them back.  And what I see is a lot of people deciding for God, they decide themselves that they are worthless, that God won’t receive them, and they are convinced that they have no hope.  And then as soon as that happens they have suicidal thoughts, they are very depressed and they are ready to take their own life.  Now, if you think about this reasonably, that is exactly what satan would want, but would your Father in HEAVEN want that?  Would Jesus have you still alive, on this earth to condemn you, to make you feel hopeless and just preparing for you to die so that you can go to hell?  Of course NOT!  We know that God does not take any pleasure in a single soul gong to hell.  And in reality Jesus quickly forgives our sin, and he EASILY forgives our sin.  And He is ready to forgive YOU and to cleanse YOU from your unrighteousness IF you are willing to come to HIM and be cleaned.  Now that is the big question ARE YOU READY TO BE CLEANED?  A lot of purging has been happening.  The true church has been being purged, meaning being cleaned of her sins, being purged of unrighteousness and a lot of things over the last 3, 4, years have been coming out in regards to the impurities in the church.  God has been showing the world the difference between purity, His true children and hypocrisy, those in dead religion.  (Revelation of TRUTH) was starting to be even more revealed through covid and all these things, churches being SHUT DOWN.  Clearly the true church is NOT the organization of men.  Men can get tother and they can say: “This is the church this is the body of Christ, we are gathered together under this roof…”  But how can the body of Christ EVER be shut down?  If we truly are a spiritual body, if we truly are God’s children, and connected to HIM in the spiritual realm, NOTHING should separate us from HIM and HIS LOVE and HIS protection and His provision, nothing should separate us from being part of HIS BODY!  But you see during this hour of covid churches being disconnected, being shut down, people not being allowed to enter into those places.  AND THIS IS ACTUALLY A WONDERFUL THING THAT HAPPEND GUYS!  People think it is Christian persecution, but in realty it is the HAND OF GOD.  God is giving YOU A CHANCE to be separate from hypocrisy, separate from dead religion, separate from even your own family.  Time to be ALONE and to THINK, time to REPENT!  Time to repair your own heart, to get your own life in order if you want to!  Jesus WILL take you back He will receive you if you are willing to go to Him.   So don’t decide for yourself (that you are going to hell).  People will say; “Well, I already got the shots, and then I have got this that and the other…”  Well don’t decide for yourself that you are condemned)  Somewhere it's written about how if our own heart condemns us… (1 John 3:20)  A lot of people’s hearts condemn them, and that excludes them from entering into the Kingdom of God.  But they haven’t heart it from Jesus.  Jesus hasn’t rejected them.  If Jesus rejects you THEN you have a problem.  But don’t just ASSUME that Jesus Christ is going to reject you.  A lot of people say; “Well how can I reach God, I am a sinner, all my life I’ve been a sinner and I know God won’t hear the prayer of sinners…”  Well, He KNOWS the HEARTS OF MEN, and He knows IF YOU DESIRE righteousness!  So, if you are a sinner today but you desire righteousness, then the Lord will start purifying your heart today.  And He WILL hear your prayer.  He will purge you of your unrighteousness and your prayers WILL BE HEARD!  But those who continue to sin and who think they are FINE before God, they are content with their churches, their DEAD RELIGION, they are content with a LUKEWARM lifestyle, they are not concerned with getting right with God, THOSE people ARE GOING TO BE REJECTED.  They are going to find themselves without oil, without light and without ENTRY into God’s Kingdom.  So, if I can say anything right now it would be LET JESUS HAVE THE FINAL WORD.  Don’t let your heart condemn you.  Sure we have all done bad things, sure we have all fallen short of the glory of God, and NONE of us will enter heaven by our OWN good works, or by the arm of our flesh.  BUT LET JESUS HAVE THE FINAL SAY IN YOUR LIFE, NOT YOURSELF!  Because a LOT of people are condemning themselves, (Judas did this too by the way) and then they have NO HOPE because they are just ready to go off and crawl into a hole and die.  It would be better that you put your life, your emotions, your wellbeing in the HANDS OF JESUS CHRIST and let HIM deal with you.  That way IF you do have hope, you WILL have hope.  But what happens if you do have some hope, but you condemn yourself?  If that happens, if you condemn yourself and you say; “I can’t pray anymore, I know God will send me to hell, I know He rejects me…”  THEN what you will do is you will walk away from your ONLY salvation, because you are convinced that God will reject you anyway, (WHICH IS A LIE) And then you won’t cry out to Jesus, you won’t ask Him for help, you will go your own way and you will just die, AND THAT WILL BE EXACTLY WHAT sATAN WANTS ANYWAY!  All of this to say, you would be FAR better of putting yourself in the hands of Jesus, asking Him to HELP YOU, to PICK YOU UP, to GIVE YOU LIFE.  You have to have a WORD FROM GOD!  Don’t buy the devils lie that Jesus won’t hear you because you are a sinner.  If you desire repentance, JESUS CAN FORGIVE YOU.  HE WILL FORGIVE YOU.  He EASILY FORGIVES sinners who desire holiness!   He sees your heart.  HE SEES WHO YOU WILL BECOME!  And He is willing to pick you up, to pure you, to purify you and to put you in NEW garments.  So don’t assume.  Don’t walk away from the LORD.  Don’t stop praying.  Don’t become discouraged in this hour.  Rather pray, push your way through to Jesus and don’t give up hope.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.