Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Prosperity Gospel lie

 Prosperity Gospel Lie

 Well, praise Jesus today everyone. It is a blessing to follow Jesus Christ and to know Him as our father, our provision, our shelter, our protector. When we follow Him and when when we seek first His kingdom he provides for us every single thing we need. Remember that Jesus said seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And He also told us do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroyed and where thieves break in and steal, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 

The other day I had some fraud on my account and some thieves stole some were between 300, and maybe, I don't know, 300 or 500 dollars. And I've been working with the bank to get that all figured out. And I'm not worried about it. Obviously things will get worked out with the bank. But it made me think about that verse. Because thieves can steal anything from us. They can steal our car. They can break into our house. But worse than that, even if you have all these treasures on earth, you can still die, and God can send your soul to hell. It doesn't matter how much treasure we have on this earth. You know there's a lot of people who have a lot of money in the bank. And they're convinced that because they've put away 10% or however much money their whole life that they will have a good retirement, that they will have plenty of money for themselves as an old man or an old woman. But what they don't realize is God could demand their life tonight. And even though they have a big barn, a big house, plenty of food for themselves, their family, their animals and their children, God can demand their very life and he can cast their soul into hell. 

We have these days a lot of people who put their faith, their security in the arm of the flesh. They put it in the government. They put it in their brotherhood, in their family. They put it in the security of the things of this world not God. I have heard people say things like there's nothing wrong with prosperity. Well, the problem with prosperity is no matter how prosperous you are in this world, you're going to still die the same way as a poor man does. The poor man and the rich man die alike, the famous man and the man that doesn't have any fame, they die alike. Every single one of us are gonna have to look death in the face. But the question is, will we overcome in the name of Jesus Christ? 

Jesus has already beat death. Death has lost its power and its sting for those of us who put our faith in Him, who seek first His kingdom. And don't store up for ourselves treasures on this earth, but treasures that are everlasting in heaven. How do we do that? If we pray and ask Jesus for His righteousness and His truth to give us the things that come from heaven, He will start developing us. He will give us things like patience, tranquillity, hope. He will give us good attributes such as justice, mercy, true love, self-control. And when He builds us up in righteousness, we develop to be the sort of person that the Spirit of God wants us to be, and we can also encourage others to be part of the true household of faith, not a brotherhood of of Christians that belong to a Baptist church or a Pentecostal church or some earthly church. 

The Holy Spirit wants to purge and to purify and to make clean His true church. And the true church is not an organization of men but it is ordained in heaven. The true church is purified not by good deeds of the flesh, not by church attendants or paying tithes, or going on mission trips, or looking good in the community, but the true church is justified by the blood of Jesus Christ when they put their faith in Him. And then when they start doing the works that Jesus has for them. 

A lot of Christians are under this deception that they're just clean because they have believed. They say “I have believed in Jesus, I've prayed the prayer of salvation, so Jesus sees me as clean.” But these same supposed brothers are still looking at porn, they're still greedy and selfish, they're chasing money, they run after mammon. And they haven't been made clean. They're not true saints. But they're make-believers. They're pretending to be children of God and pretending to be clean when they haven't really been purified and made clean. It's obvious if someone is walking in the flesh, and it doesn't matter how much you say “well, I believe in Jesus. I believe in God. I believe in the Spirit”, it doesn't matter how much you say that, if you're still living a lifestyle of sin and you're living for all the sensations that Satan can offer you. 

The true church chooses to submit themselves to Jesus and then they prove by their actions that they truly are His disciples. By their love we will know that they truly are the children of God. Jesus said by their fruit we will know them. We know the difference between a good tree and a bad tree by the fruit. Sadly a lot of people though, are putting their hope in the world. To them, security is having money for themselves as an old man or an old woman, it's being able to support their kids,  to put their kids through college, it's being able to have a big enough house, and security in their vehicle, security in their local government and their friends that will back them if they ever run out of any kind of worldly goods. They're convinced that if they do good enough in the flesh that they'll have salvation on this earth and salvation in the life to come. 

That is the easy grace gospel! That's the gospel message of Satan! And churches across America have been preaching this gospel! It's the prosperity gospel or the grace gospel or the hyper grace gospel. These messages are like a witchcraft because they mixed the gospel message in the teachings of Jesus with the doctrines of demons, with Satan's message that you don't have to repent, that you can serve God and mammon, that you can live for the world and God, you can serve yourself and God, don't worry, God will forgive you in the end, all of us are are sinners, we're just saved by grace, brother, that's why Jesus died on the cross, so we could continue to look at porn. These people are perverts. They hate the truth of God. And unless we choose to really repent, repent of serving idols, repent of of worshiping false things such as Mary. You know Christians are worshiping Saints. They're worshiping a false image of Jesus that is in churches. They're worshiping their pastor. And one of the biggest idols that Christians are elevating and worshiping are the Scriptures. But it is sad because the Scriptures that tell them about Jesus’s love and truth and His power, they reject that. They love the Scriptures so that they can manipulate people to go to church, to pay tithes and to listen to their pastor. And they themselves are deceived thinking that they're saved because they pay tithes and listen to sermons. But for those of us that can hear the truth, if we hear Jesus and if we can see these deceptions that are obvious, then Jesus will show us those deceptions that are more subtle, that are also taking to people to hell, that are in every church. 


I was thinking the other day , to most of us it's obvious that there's witchcraft in Disney. Almost every Disney movie has witchcraft in it. That's why they always have a princess and a witch. There's always some kind of witch in the Disney movies. And they have plain and obvious witchcraft in those movies. But if you don't notice that there's witchcraft in there and there's things pornographic, how in the world will you be able to pick up on the the more subtle nuances that Satan is deceiving people with every single day in the American churches? You would never pick up on that. If you can't see that people serve money in the economy, then how in the world are you going to be able to see how the the Christian churches are manipulating people with money? You see the the great men of this world, most of them don't openly look like they serve Satan. They look like they're for political justice, they're for equality, they're for health and wellness, they’re for elevating the poor, programs for helping each community, each town, each city. Therefore, all these things that appear to be good. But behind a lot of this, the driving force are the principalities of evil which is demons. 

And the demons have a different face for different folks. So if you like education, and if you like things to seem very prestigious, and very educated, there's demons for that. That's why there's a lot of scientists that are used by the devil, because they can be very useful to Satan to convince people that it's all about evolution. You know there is no God, if you want to believe in God for your own imagination, that's great, but believe in science. And so there's all these sorts of demons for whatever you want to believe. 

But for those of us that want to follow the truth, we have to see the truth of Jesus Christ and stop letting these things deceive us. A lot of people are deceived by riches. They perceive that if a man is wealthy and if he's educated and smart, he must be in the truth. But look at all these people who were very educated yet they're not in the truth at all. Albert Einstein, for example, very educated, probably one of the smartest people in the world, yet didn't believe in God. Look at all these movie actors who clearly they're intellectuals. They know how to memorize a lot. They know how to take on all these different personas. They know how to make money. Yet they clearly reject the one true God. Look at these people that say they believe in Jesus, people like Mel Gibson, all these other people that are in Hollywood, that to an extent, I mean they know the gospel. They know truth about God. They know deep truths. But they worship demons. Just because someone is popular or famous or rich or has a lot of knowledge does not mean they're in the truth. 


Remember also, that Adam and Eve were deceived by the serpent. And that fruit that the serpent offered them was not an apple. The fruit was the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. It was knowledge, knowledge of good and evil. The devil was basically telling them “you can become like God knowing good from evil if you eat of this fruit.” You can be just like God, learn this knowledge and you'll know everything. You'll be as good of as God or better. And that was enough to deceive Adam and Eve and cause all of humanity to fall into sin.


 We need to keep our focus on Jesus Christ and know His truth. That way we will not be deceived by riches. We won't be storing up, heaping up for ourselves treasures on this earth. But we will be doing the things that Jesus requires of us and that we will be bringing souls into His kingdom, doing the work that is everlasting, that will be important a hundred, two hundred, a million years from now. 

But if you're focus just on making quick money, if you're focused just on your own pleasure, all of those things are going to be the chaff that burn up. Are you with Jesus Christ? Are you part of His kingdom for real? Or have you been bewitched and deceived by the demons, the witches, the soothsayers? All of those people in these religions of the world and the organizations of the world that just promote business, promote merchandise. They promote all the merchants of the world. They promote the brotherhood of the world. But they reject the truth of the one true living God. They reject Jesus Christ. 


Your only hope, if you want life, is to start praying say, “Lord Jesus, I pray that you open my eyes, open my ears, help me to see and make a distinction between good and evil. Help me to be able to follow you, and become the light to my feet, become the light to my path, that I may enter your presence and not be deceived or taken to hell.” 


May the grace of Jesus be with you.