Saturday, April 17, 2021

Be serious or God will curse you


Be Serious or God Will Curse You

I had this memory of my childhood of when I was probably about 8 or 10 years old swinging on a swing, it was a tire swing and it was heavy but the rope wasn’t very strong and there were probably 5 kids all on that rope swing and as our parents were pushing us the rope snaped, and when that rope snapped the whole tire and all those kids that were on that tire swing all fell on top of me, and I just remember as a kid thinking I was going to die getting the air knocked out of me.  Probably a lot of us have an experience kind of like that as a child, just getting the air knocked out of us or falling off a swing, but wouldn’t you as a parent want to protect your child from harm?  Wouldn’t you want to protect your child from falling or getting hurt?  Now when I make a swing for my children I make sure that the rope is strong, that the chain is not wearing and that when I push them they are not by rocks or an area that they are going to get injured.  I try my best as a parent to take care of my children.  And I know that you would do the same thing, BUT a lot of parents are not securing themselves in the Lord and their family in the Lord.  And if we are not serous to obey Jesus and to be free of hypocrisy then we become like a weak link in that chain, it only takes one line, one weak link in a generation for true faith in Jesus to be LOST and for it to break.  And what happens when your entire life is suspended on that chain?  What happens when your family, your children are all suspended on that chain and there is a weak link?  It will break and your children will perish.   Remember that how in the bible over and over again we are told how God visits the iniquity even to the 3rd and the 4th generation, He curses the wicked even to the 3rd and 4th generation, He doesn’t forget but He remembers the sins of the wicked, and if you continue to sin and you are a parent and you are living hypocritically then you are not just affecting yourself, but that sin is being passed into generations, you are the weakest link and that is being passed on from you into your children and will be passed onto your children and your children’s children’s children.  That is a very scary thing to know that our actions will affect people down the road, and very well because of our actions others may be led by hell because of our poor judgment.  Don’t be that weakest link that makes the chain break and that sends your children to hell.  Every single person will be responsible for their own actions, it won’t just be your children (their responsibility alone) or you that is responsible alone.  You are responsible for your actions, and then your children are held responsible for their actions.  But it is hundreds of times more likely that your children will follow Jesus and be free of hypocrisy and free of the lusts of the flesh and of the world if YOU raise them up in Godliness, and that starts when your children are VERY VERY young.  You can’t start when your children are 17 or 18, by that time they are already set in their ways, and as a parent you’ve either raised them for the Lord already or you have lost them.  YOU CAN STILL REPENT, but it’s very possible that that curse from your sin is already manifesting in your generation.  That is a very scary thing, and we need to make sure that we really get our lives in order because if we don’t, God remembers our iniquity even to the 3rd and the 4th generation.  But the blessing is, if you and if I raise our families for the LORD, if we set it in us to live in purity and righteousness, and we dedicate every part of us to the LORD, then God blesses THOUSANDS OF GENERATIONS, thousands of generations for those who seek Him and who will live righteously and who will put their faith in Him, not just to the 3rd and 4th generation but thousands of generations!  Don’t you want your family to inherit everlasting life?  You can’t do it by working more hours and providing in the worldly sense for your family.  The only way to secure your generation is by ridding yourself of hypocrisy, by getting YOUR OWN LIFE IN ORDER with the Lord.  Your children are watching you.  Your friends and your family will watch you like a hawk especially if you call yourself a Christian.    Are you free of hypocrisy?  Are you living for Jesus Christ with all of your heart?  Or are your children going to pick up on your sins, are they going to pick up on your perversions, your immodesty.  Are they going to pick up on all the things that you do that are ungodly?  You can’t just put your children in Christian school, get them into church and think that they will inherit some good morals, some good morality.  They will 100% pick up on YOUR SINS, your perversion, and your hypocrisy.  So, I encourage you to seek the Lord with ALL of your heart, rid yourself of all hypocrisy and all sin.  Make sure that you are 100% solid with the LORD.  And make sure that you raise each of your children of the LORD and NOT for the world.  God has given us this time really to be separate from the world.  That is why He allowed Coronavirus, covid-19 to come upon the world, so that we could pull OUT of the schools, pull OUT of all the sporting events, pull OUT of everything that is ungodly and take a look at our own lives, that we could dross ourselves and have Him purify us from unrighteousness.  That we could become acquainted with the precepts of GOD, that we could get to know our own family and train them in righteousness.  So, the question here is, are you raising your family for GOD?  Are you raising your family and that generation for righteousness?  Or are you raising your family and your generation for hell?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.