Monday, April 26, 2021

Refiners fire and severe division

Refiners Fire and Severe Division

Praise Jesus today.  It truly is a day that Jesus Christ has made for us to come out and to be separate from the world.  God is bringing His judgment upon the churches, upon the pastors, upon the Christians, upon those who say they are believers, but are making light of the commandments of GOD, who live hypocritically, and who reject to live holy.  The division between the sheep and the goat, the wheat and the tares truly is becoming a massive division, a big separation, and the refiners fire only will become more severe.  The judgment of God that is coming is not just coming upon one area but it is coming upon the whole entire world.  And the Lord has put it in the hearts and in the mouths of His children to speak the truth and to warn people to repent and to follow Him.  The refiners fire is not going to become easier; it’s just going to become more severe. 

              The other day as I was walking taking a hike through the mountains and taking a drive, we just noticed the areas that the fire had burned in the last few years, and the things that the bark beetles did not get the fires got, and the few trees that the fires left, the fire the next year gets, until there is absolutely nothing left, and what once was green and dark green is now shades of gray, brown and black.  Look up because our redemption is in Jesus Christ, it’s not in this world, this world is coming to an end.  Everything is going to be shaken except that which is unshakeable and Jesus Christ is the Rock of our salvation and nothing is going to shake Him.  But everything else in this world is going to shake. 

              I bring this message today with sorrow in my heart because many people are sealing their destinies, they are choosing evil, instead of repenting and putting on righteousness, they are putting on worldliness and ungodliness.  In the scripture it is written about how the beast will turn and it will eat the woman.  In revelation we know that that woman or that harlot represents the church, it represents the churches across America and across the world that have rejected God.  The beast represents the government system, it represents the principalities of the world that satan is in control of.  And for a time the governments, the principalities were willing to put up with the religious culture, but as time presses onward God gives the hypocrisy and all the sinning Christians, the entire wicked church, Babylon the great, He gives it over to the hands of the demons, and it is written that she is devoured, HER FLESH IS EATEN. (Rev 17:16)  You are going to see what that looks like in real time.  The judgment of God is upon the Babylon church system, it’s upon America, it’s upon this world.  And you are going to have to make a choice either to separate, to get yourself out of the world, out of hypocrisy, out of sin, or to be fully under the submission of satan.  You aren’t going to be able to fight it without being killed.  Either you will submit to satan or you will fight against him to your death.  The option is to their surrender to Jesus Christ or to perish.  But there will be absolutely nothing in between.  Will you choose Jesus Christ and be part of His kingdom?  Are you part of His kingdom already?  Are you living righteously?  Have you been severed from this world?  Or are you one of those that are riding the middle of the road, riding the fence?  Because that middle ground is disappearing, it’s going to vanish.  There will be no more fence, no more middle road.  No more middle America, it will be GONE! 

The demons are already manifesting.  The church is already going to be devoured.  What side will you be on?  Are you taking a stand with Jesus Christ?  Is He your provision right now?  Are you calling upon Him when you pray?  Are your prayers answered because you truly are His child, you have received the seal of His Holy Spirit?  You are not going to be able to resist satan if you have not received the seal of the Holy Spirit.  The only way to overcome is by the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, by receiving His Spirit and enduring with Him to the very end. 

              The Christians of this world are deceived, the churches of this world are deceived.  They think that because they know the bible, because they pay their tithe, because they are good people, they know how to read the bible and study the scriptures, they think they will be approved by GOD.  What hypocrisy! What ignorance!  Without righteousness, without surrendering to the LORD, without dying to ourselves, none of us are going to enter the true Kingdom of God.  You may enter the church, you may convince other Christians that you are a good person, but you will not enter heaven.  Get serous.  Surrender to Jesus Christ or you will perish.  Remember that the beast will devour and eat the woman. (Rev 17:16)  Will you be prepared for what is to come?