Sunday, April 4, 2021

Hell is real so put on the full armor of God

Hell is Real So Put On the Full Armor of God

Give God glory today because Jesus is still working, He is calling people out of the world, He is calling people to TRULY REPENT, to repent of their sins, to repent of listening to demons and to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Every single day when we wake up we have to immediately put on the full armor of God.   And we have to remember that we are in it for our souls.  satan will quicky destroy your soul if you stop realizing that you have an adversary.  This morning satan spoke to me 2 lies right while I was waking up and I knew it was a lie and I immedicably rebuked it in the name of Jesus.  Those 2 lies were number 1; “How do you know hell is real, have you seen it?”  And the 2nd lie was; “Why do you think that you need to put on the full armor of God, isn’t that just something that the Apostle Paul taught?”  When we hear lies from satan we need to immediately rebuke satan in the name of Jesus.  Casting out demons starts in our mind, when evil spirits are speaking in our mind we immediately have to rebuke them.  And when we resist satan and when we draw close to GOD, satan will flee and the Spirt of GOD will draw close to us.  That is how we overcome temptation, that is how we overcome satan and that is how we receive the Spirt of Truth.  Everything that is good comes from GOD, which is Love, Joy, Peace… gentleness… ALL those fruits of the Holy Spirit.  We need to receive these as the Spirit of God, but envy, lust, murderous thoughts, fornication, greed, pride, all those sorts of things we need to immediately rebuke and push out.  satan will especially come against you with doubt and lust.  He will make you doubt, make you doubt that you really are in the faith, make you doubt that you are really a child of God, and then he will say; “Well since you are doubting anyways, why don’t you just fall into the lusts of the flesh, go chase after women, go chase after money, chase after your dreams, don’t worry about your family, don’t worry about your children, do the things that YOU want to do NOW…”  he will tell you; “Remember how much fun it can be, remember how much fun you used to have, don’t worry about the future, remember how much fun it is in the moment…”  As soon as you listen to satan you will be deceived, you will be receiving that lie, you will be receiving that doubt.  But as the children of God we have to push OUT doubt, we have to rebuke satan in the name of Jesus, say; “Get behind me devil.”  And when we rebuke satan, and are serous about it he will flee.  And when we are serious to draw close to God His Spirit will be in us and be working through us. 

              I had a few things that I wanted to share that I wrote down.  One things is I just notice how when we do choose to rebuke satan and when we stand firm in the faith people will be watching you like a hawk.  They will be looking for the smallest amount of hypocrisy, they will even be pulling thigs out from your life that are NOT hypocrisy, and that reason is not so much because they care if you are a hypocrite or not, but they are trying to justify THEMSELVES.  See, when we stand in the truth with Jesus, it really convicts people.  People become convicted because they would rather everyone be on the same playing field, they would wish that everyone were in sin, because if you were in sin then your sins would a little bit justify them and they would feel better about themselves.  But the fact is, not everyone is a sinner, some people have repented.  All of us have been sinners, but some of us have been washed clean, some of us have TRULY REPENTED and said; “We NEVER want to go back to those old sins.”  And when we put our faith and our hope in Jesus, we push off the old life, when we continue to deny ourselves and take up our cross then we truly become saints and Jesus washes us clean.   And people will watch you like a hawk, waiting for you to mess up because as long as you are pursuing righteousness, it brings complete CONVICTION to their life, because they KNOW it IS possible to stop sinning, it is possible to get sin out of your life.  And that makes people VERY SCARED, because then they know HELL IS REAL sATAN IS REAL, THEIR SIN IS REAL, and unless they OVERCOME they will perish.  A lot of people they like to go around saying; “Well, you can’t stop sinning brother, and they will be looking VERY intently at YOU, because if they can prove you are a sinner then all their theories are right; “See,  no one, NO ONE can get to God, NO ONE can stop sinning, everyone just continues to sin and as long as you believe in God, as long as you believe in grace brother you are going to heaven…”  That is satan’s gospel.  Jesus has come to truly give us peace, to truly give us that peace that passes all understanding but we have to receive that peace when we KNOW WE ARE IN HIS PEACE.  The Holy Spirit will not comfort you when you are in sin.  You will look for that comfort, you will look for that peace AND YOU WON’T FIND IT.  That is why it is said that there is NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED.  They try to find it and they CAN’T FIND IT.  We need to make sure that we are actually in the peace of God because we are seeking first His righteousness and His Kingdom. 

              Another thing that I wanted to share was still about this idea of “fellowship”, there are a lot of Christians who, if they were seeking after Jesus HALF as much as they are seeking after Christian fellowship, seeking after just friends with people, MAYBE THEY WOULD FIND GOD.  But because they are so worried about fellowship and bible studies, they are so worried about what people think, so worried about being in connection with PEOPLE, they don’t find God, they don’t find HIS PEACE.  Jesus did not call us to fun after Christian fellowship.  He did not call us to run after people.  Call it what you want, call it church, call it fellowship, call it friendship, Jesus didn’t call us to chase after any of that, He said to SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and then everything else will be added unto you!  Jesus does place friends in our life.  But if you chase after friendship first, friendship with the world, friendship with people, friendship with brothers and sisters, THAT IS THE VERY BEST WAY FOR sATAN TO GET INTO YOUR LIFE AND TO DESTOY YOU.  If you want a steadfast relationship with Jesus Christ, seek first HIS righteousness, seek first HIS Kingdom and don’t let ANYTHING stop you.  Don’t let anything get in your path.  Don’t seek first Christian fellowship, don’t seek first what brothers or sisters think.  Seek first the righteousness of God, the one that made you, and the only one worthy to lead you and guide you into everlasting life.  Are we really seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness?  Or are we listening to demons, are we giving a way for the demons to come into our life to distract us to derail us?  I encourage you as a brother in the Lord to truly be seeking Jesus in these times.  It starts when you pray, get on your knees, find a quiet spot.  Start just praying and saying; “Lord, show yourself to me, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing in these times but I sure what to hear from your Spirit, I want to be filled your Holy Spirit, I don’t want to be drained, drained by people, drained by work, drained by the worries of the world…”  And if you truly seek after Jesus in that quiet place, HE will fill you with the power from on high.  The power from on high doesn’t come from getting into a bible study or getting into fellowships or listening to sermons.  The power from on high comes from GOD, that oil that spiritual food and that spiritual water comes from the Spirit of Life, and that happens when you pray.  God made your spiritual ears, and He made your spiritual eyes.  He made you in a way that if you seek Him, He Himself will fill you.  But you need to be careful who you are going to, to be filled.  Are we truly going to Jesus, are we draying close to God and so that He will draw close to us?  And are we truly resisting the devil and resisting evil doers so that satan will flee?  Check your own heart, check your own life.  Make sure that you are really walking the straight and narrow path.  Because there are so many things that will derail you unless you truly seek FIRST the righteousness of GOD and HIS KINGDOM!  May the grace of Jesus be with you.