Friday, April 9, 2021

How to escape the mark of the beast

How To Escape the Mark of the Beast

There is no way to escape the mark of the beast as Revelation speaks of except by receiving the seal of the Holy Spirit. (Revelation 13:8) The 144,000 are those who have received the seal from the Holy Spirit. (Revelation 7:3-4)  There are not only 144,000 people, but that number is spiritual and it is figurative.  It represents those people who belong to the Lord and who sing the song of the redeemed!  Just as there is not only 666 people who worship satan and are going to hell, there are not only 144,000 people who follow the Lord.  These numbers are spiritual.  The only way to escape the mark that is coming upon the world as is spoken of in Revelation is by truly receiving the Spirit of God and living on every single word that He speaks.  Some people think that they will be able to escape the mark of the beast just by not getting a needle put into their arm, they think that as long as they can avoid certain places, certain countries, maybe as long as they avoid flying, they think they will be able to avoid it.  But there is no way you will be able to escape the grip of satan, because the mark is coming on every single man and woman high and low, everyone who is not sealed.  (Revelation 13:16-17) (Rev 13:8) So the question is, are you sealed?  Have you received the Holy Spirit? Are you hearing from Him?  Or are you just trying to escape satan by your OWN power?  Because it will never happen.  100% of humanity is going to fall under the grips of satan and satan is going to take them to hell.  The only ones that will be able to escape are the ones that have the Lamb of God, His blood on them covering them, who have received the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and who have received the seal of the Lamb.  If we truly ae the ones who have received the seal then we have His protection and nothing will stop us from pushing into the Kingdom of God, nothing will harm us.  But don’t be like the people who are fearful, running around thinking that they are going to protect their family and navigate around the end day prophecies, from the end of the world, making bunkers, keeping their family from getting vaccinations or whatever they think they are going to do to protect themselves… You can do all those things and still end up in HELL if you have not truly repented of your sins and if you are not following after the Lamb of GOD who takes way the sins of the world. 

              People wonder what is the mark of the beast?  Are these sings and these things that have happened since 2019, is that the mark of the beast?  What I can say is this; It’s a VERY good indicator of what is to come.  It’s not the completion of what that mark is going to be, but it is a precursor/prerequisite.  What we know about the mark of the beast is it is the MARK OF MAN, people say the mark of satan, but it is the mark of a MAN.  What is the mark of man?  It is something that man made, man created.  What has happened in the last year, year and a half, 2 years, is man has made something, and isn’t it ironic that it has 666 all over it.  Wherever you go you will see 666!  If this is not a manifestation that should wake you out of your sleep, I don’t know what will, maybe nothing.  You kind of have to have your head stuck under a rock or in the sand not to see the physical manifestations of satan, pretty much in every store that you walk into, 666.  Anyone who has a bit of wisdom let them calculate the number, which is the number of a man 666.  Does that mean anything to you, do you see that anywhere?  When you walk into the stores does that compute to you, can you calculate that number, what do you think that means?  Anyone who is hearing from the Holy Spirit and all should be able to calculate that number to some extent. 

              What do we know about this mark?  We know that at the completion of this mark you cannot buy, you cannot sell. (Rev13:17)  What does that look like?  That look like you cannot go into the grocery marked unless you have that mark.  Are we getting the picture?  Do we not see the signs of the time that are plainly in front of us?  We wonder what is the mark of the beast?  What do they say about the beast, they say; “WHO IS LIKE THE BEAST, WHO CAN COME AGAINST hIM!”  (Revelation 13:4)  That’s pretty much what people say; “Who can stop this thing from happening?  How are we going to get our groceries, how are we going to continue to work, unless we bow down to this beast and take the mark?  How will we continue to live?”  Well, how is that mark being forced on you? Is it by gunpoint?  NO!  Is it by knifepoint?  NO!  BUT IT IS A FAITH ISSUE!  When you have your faith in men then you will do anything for men in order for them to give you what you want or what you think you need.  And that is how the mark of the beast will be forced on all people. 

              My provision is in GOD and yours should be also.  And if we know that it is the HAND OF GOD that provides for us, we will not bow our heads and knees to satan.  This world will bow to satan because they don’t have any provision except that which satan gives them.  That is why when the mark is FORCED, not by knifepoint or by gunpoint, when it is forced they will gladly receive it, so they can get everything they need, the money they need, the food they need, they can continue to go back to work, they have protection.  It’s just like the prophecy, “WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SAFETY SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMES UPON THEM…” (1 Thess. 5:3)

              We know a lot about the mark just by reading Revelation, we also know that a loathsome soar comes. (Revelation 16:2) What does that mean?  It says that those that those who received the mark have this nasty/foul and loathsome soar that comes upon them.  What is that speaking of?  I bet you can guess!  When they received that mark on their hand or on their forehead, wherever they received that mark, they get a sore.  Can you guess what that might be?  Can you guess what might be backfiring that people are going to stick in their arms or in their hands or in their forehead?  There are physical manifestations of what is spiritually happening in the world.  And if you don’t see that now I don’t know if you EVER will!  We need to be VERY cautious what we allow into our mind, what we allow into our bloodstream, because these things are prerequisites/precursors for the full-fledged mark of the beast and the reign of the antichrist.  And those that take this mark, after they received that mark and they have rejected the Holy Spirit there is no turning back. 

              I encourage you SEEK THE LORD, pray to HIM, ask Him for guidance, ask Him for His provision!  But don’t give into this mark that is already being displayed around the world, in the physical realm people are already seeing it.   They already have a hunch of what it is.  It’s what you think it is, (full-fledged reign of satan) and it’s only coming more powerfully.  But for those that have their faith in Jesus Christ He will protect them.  Do not fear satan.  Do not fear the one who can destroy your body but who cannot touch your soul.  Nothing can touch your soul if you have the WILL to stay with Jesus Christ.   It is written that there is no weapon that can be formed against you that can harm you. (Isaiah 54:17)  That is if you are with Jesus Christ, if you stay in His will and in His protection, even if they force you into a hospital bed and start shooting you up with needles, even if they force you somewhere and start bringing some weapon against you, NOTHING is going to touch your SOUL!  Nothing is more powerful than the SPIRIT GOD put in you.  And each of us have to choose to go with Jesus Christ no matter what.  We need to let nothing overcome our WILL.  Jesus has given us a will to either serve HIM or to serve satan.  And there are some people who will serve satan to the very end and nothing will break their will.  And there are others who have the WILL to serve Jesus Christ, and no matter how much they are persuaded to serve the devil, no matter how much they are persuaded to serve the enemy, they will never stop serving Jesus Christ no matter what!  No matter what comes our way we have to continue to pursue righteousness and holiness and let absolutely nothing stop us from pushing into the Kingdom of GOD! 

              So, what is the MARK OF THE BEAST?  I think you can guess, it’s already here, its already on the way.  You can’t buy or sell without it.  It brings a loathsome soar.  The devil wants everyone to have it.  People will say; “Who can come against the beast!”  They are already saying it.  “Peace and safety!”  As it is written in the scriptures.  They are already saying it.  I think we can guess.  But the question is will we be able to avoid it because we are sealed with the seal of GOD?  There is no other way to avoid what is coming upon the whole world.  You cannot avoid it by hiding under a rock.  There is no way to avoid satan.  Either you received the seal of GOD and you are protected because the HOLY SPIRIT IS IN YOU, or you are not protected because you are relying on the ARM OF THE FLESH.  Start praying, I encourage you to SEEK JESUS, seek that oil that comes from the Spirit of God, seek the LIVING WATER, seek the nourishment of LIFE that comes from Jesus Christ.  Pray to Him with all of your heart and don’t let anything stop you from pushing into the Kingdom of GOD!  Because HE is the ONLY ONE who can save you.  May the grace of Jesus be with you.