Saturday, April 17, 2021

Don't become demonized


Don’t Become Demonized

Praise Jesus today everyone, it’s truly a blessing to stand with our Creator Jesus Christ, HE is the living God and He is the only one worthy to lead us and guide us into everlasting life.  We need to make sure that we are separate from the world, the deceptions of the world and of the flesh and of demons.  On the news more and more they are talking about UFO’s, aliens, and I find it interesting during this same time is Covid-19 that we are going through and all these riots that happen across the nation, and people are speaking about things like “racism”.  And while it is good NOT to be racist, it is not racism to be against our enemy satan, and the world is trying to make this deception that if you are against EVIL then you are racist.  It is NOT against black people or white people or any nationality because God created every nationality, every tongue, every people, BUT God IS against hypocrisy, He is against SIN, He is against corruption, and He is against demonism, and our culture is accepting demons, they are accepting witchcraft, they are accepting all kinds of evil and perversion and hatred of God.  And because they are preaching lies the world is starting to believe that being against EVIL is being racist, if you are against aliens and demons then maybe you are racist, if you are against just pure wickedness then maybe you are racist.  One ploy of satan is to get you to fully accept every sort of demonic thing because if you don’t you won’t be politically correct.  And the thing here is this was foretold actually in Daniel, I want to read this to you because it’s telling of the times we are in, but until satan can get people to fully receive the antichrist and to receive demons, satan will not be fully empowered, so once he can shatter the power of the Holy People and make them believe that they are racist if they don’t accept demons, until he can get people to that point satan will not have complete power.  I want to read to you this prophecy of end times in Daniel…. (Video cuts out) Sorry guys, I’m not sure what happened, some difficulty with the streaming here, but you can read Daniel chapter 12 for yourself but in that chapter it speaks about  how that evil empire wants to crush the power of the HOLY PEOPLE, GOD’S PEOPLE.  And satan will not be able to fully reign until he crushes the power of the holy people.  So as long as you and I are rebuking satan in the name of Jesus, as long as we are casting OUT the demons in the name of Jesus and living righteously, satan will have NO POWER in our life and he will not have full power to take over.  I encourage you to continue to pray, seek the LORD, don’t let the culture demonize you, don’t receive aliens and demons and strange teachings REJECT THEM because these things are demonic.  Call on the name of Jesus HE IS THE NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME and He will save you, He will help you and He will lead you into everlasting life.