Sunday, April 4, 2021

Don't chase after Hebrew Roots, knowledge and dark sayings


Don’t Chase After Hebrew Roots, Knowledge and Dark Sayings

There is only one way into everlasting life and that is through Jesus Christ.  Jesus promise the gift of His Holy Spirit to lead us and to guide us and to teach us all things.  There are people though that will try to steal the Holy Spirit away from you for THEIR teachings, for knowledge, just as the serpent tried to deceive Adam and Eve by tempting the with the knowledge of the fruit of GOOD AND EVIL.  A lot of Christians fall into the trap of chasing after knowledge, dark sayings, evil mysteries about Babylon the Great and the church of old, they research Bal, Baal, the Asherah’s, those sorts of things, and these sorts of things don’t lead anyone into the truth of God.  Rather they get people into all sorts of conspiracies, they chase after aliens and demons.  These things make people fearful, but THEY DON’T FEAR GOD.  It is GOD who we need to fear and it is the SPIRIT OF GOD THAT NEEDS TO LEAD US AND GUIDE US.  There are some people who are very knowledgeable who know the roots of words, they study the lexicon, they know the scriptures, and they will try to convince you that you have to know God’s name in Hebrew, that you have to know the “Yod-Hey-Vov-Hey”, you have to know “Yeshua Hamashiach”, you have to know these certain words to proclaim God and if you are not saying His name correctly and if you are not studying these roots of words then you could be calling upon the name of a demon by saying the name of JESUS.  This is foolishness!  Don’t listen to the people that preach this message.  The truth is the Living God is looking at your heart.  He made all nations, peoples, and if your heart is seeking after the true God His name will be know in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.  They way God manifested Himself to people throughout time was by His Spirit of Truth. Remember when God came in the burning bush to Moses He spoke saying I AM the great I am, I am who I am.  He did not say I am “Yeshua”, That revelation (of Jesus as the son of man) was not yet.  And when that angel came to Mary and Joseph proclaiming who Jesus was going to be, the Angel (did not just say) His name will be “Yeshua”, but Immanuel GOD WITH US.  Why is that?  That is because Jesus Christ will save people from their sins!  That is what is for told.  And if we are seeking after a Savior who is going to save us from our SINS, THEN we are seeking after the true God.  But there are many people who do not know the name of God that know how to say; “Yod-Hey-Vov-Hey”, they know how to say names of God in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.  They know all the roots of these things, some of them are becoming Jewish and studying Jewish history and Jewish traditions so that they think they can get to the bottom of all these things and become more spiritual and closer to God.  It’s not going to happen.  You can not grow closer to God by becoming like a “Berean”, that’s what they say; “Become like a Berean, study to show yourself approved…”  You can NOT study to show yourself approved before GOD.  The Pharisees thought they could do that.  They were studying all the time, memorizing scripture, and you know what the Lord said to the Pharisees?  He said that they were studying that book for in there THEY THINK they will find eternal life, but they refuse to HIM (JESUS CHRIST) that they may have everlasting life.  Are we like the Pharisees who are studying and just studying and never coming to the knowledge of the truth?  Or are we really worshiping God in Spirit and in truth?  It’s about your heart condition, it’s about where you are spiritually, it’s not about getting a good education and knowing how to dissect and play these games with semantics with the bible.  It’s not about the right commentary, it’s not about the right guy teaching you.  It’s about You submitting to the Holy Spirit, disconnecting from the world, disconnecting from those people that think they are so wise and teaching the bible and all those things.  It’s about repenting of your sins, putting on righteousness, coming clean and saying clean!  Do we really know the name of God because He has written His name and His truth on our hearts?  Do we know the Lamb of God who takes way the sins of the world?  Do we know Immanuel GOD WITH US?  Jesus is Immanuel GOD WITH US, He is GOD in human form.  He is alive and He is working in His people through His Spirit.  Don’t be deceived by the people who chase after knowledge, who chase after dark sayings, they will say; “If you don’t know these secrets about church then you should go and study these things, now that they are pagan, know this is pagan, know that is pagan…”  It doesn’t matter what’s pagan, You will still be taken to hell by the demons even if you know all these things were pagan, if you did not stay surrendered to Jesus Christ and really get sin out of your own life and live for Him with complete humility and righteousness.  Are we really disciples of Jesus?  Or are we just like the hypocrites and Pharisees who rejected Jesus Christ for their traditions, for their knowledge, because they were puffed up knowing the scriptures.  I encourage you to separate, sever yourselves from these sorts of people.  Have nothing to do with them.  We need to make sure that we are a peculiar people, not like the Pharisees, not like the hypocritical Christian culture.  We need to be that peculiar people, that strange people that harken to NO ONE but to the words of Jesus Christ.  Are we living on the true WORD OF GOD that proceeds out of the mouth of God?  Not the bible, not men’s interpretation of the bible, but the true living God that speaks from heaven into our hearts!  Are the Scriptures alive when we read them because our eyes have been opened by the Spirit of God?  Or are we reading them like a Pharisee and a hypocrite and a religious man or a religious woman?  What spirit have we received?  Have we truly received the Holy Spirit?  Or have we received that fruit of the knowledge of good and evil like how Adam and Eve received from the serpent?  They were deceived and satan is still a deceiver.  Make sure that you are not deceived.  Stay separate from evil.  Keep yourself away from evil people and live for the Lord Jesus in complete humility and in righteousness and in TRUTH.