Saturday, April 17, 2021

Break your word to Satan


Break Your Word to Satan

Guys, I got a few emails about this topic so I want to address this, and this topic is about breaking your word, because a lot of us in some way or other have made some kind of deal with the devil.  Maybe we didn’t know it was the devil at the time or maybe we did, and now we feel guilty not to keep that word because we think that it is written in the scripture “don’t break your word”.   Satan is very manipulative and he will make you make deals with him, and then if you break that deal in any way he will accuse you to no end telling you that; “God condemns you because you are breaking that deal with the devil.”  I want to share one example of this, and how you can be set fee.  One example was when my mom was a little girl my grandpa, her dad of course, made her promise that she would read the bible EVERY SINGLE DAY, EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE until she died, and so my mom as a little girl wanting to please Jesus and wanting to please her dad promised her dad that she would read the bible every single day, and she made a deal.  When she grew into her adult life she started to realize the hypocrisy of her parents and that they were using the bible for manipulation, they were using church for manipulation, they had made themselves into their own gods and she realized that she had made a deal with the devil.  It wasn’t your traditional deal with the devil that you would think of, It’s not like she sold her soul to satan or anything like that, but it was a manipulation that came from satan and she felt compelled to read her bible every day even if that was not what the Holy Spirit was calling her to do.  And eventually the Lord just showed her “That’s not of me”, you know, that’s not of God.  And she was able to break free from that by the power of God.  Breaking our word to satan is not a crime against God.  IF you have made a deal with the devil and you break your word to satan, satan will accuse you to no end, but Jesus Christ will NOT condemn you because any word that is being upheld in the world for the devil is NOT sin against God, it rather is the precepts and the rules of satan.  So, I encourage you to break your word to satan.  Break your words to this world, but never break your promise, your word to Jesus Christ.  When He calls you to follow Him and He makes a covenant with you, that new covenant, don’t break the New Covenant.  Make sure that you are covered in the blood of Jesus and that you are living for Him every single day, taking up your cross, denying yourself, ridding yourself of your sins, living in the newness of life, because when we uphold the Covenant then the Lord Jesus upholds HIS end, and when we are not ashamed to spread the gospel and when we are not ashamed of the truth then He is not ashamed of us, He is not ashamed to proclaim us before the angels in heaven.  Break free from whatever binds you, whatever holds you.  A lot of people they feel that they are in between some walls, they can’t escape because satan has put them in a place where they cannot speak because they have promised they would not say certain things, maybe you have people in your family that are keeping you back, and you feel you can’t say anything because you promised uncle so and so, or your dad or whoever that you would never pursue this way of righteousness.  Well, if you want to inherit everlasting life you are going to have to break ties with satan, he will accuse you but Jesus Christ will accept you.  Would you rather be accepted by satan and taken to hell by keeping your word?  Or would you rather break communication, break ties with satan, break your word to satan and inherit everlasting life with Jesus because HE cares for your soul?  May the grace of Jesus be with you.