Thursday, April 22, 2021

Receive back your inheritance: a parable from the Holy Spirit

Receive Back Your Inheritance  A Parable from the Holy Spirit

The Kingdom of God is like a man who went away to a far country and he left his children in charge of his household.  Instead of taking care of the fathers household the children decided to maximize on the things that they could make and the things that they could do, so they allowed merchants to come into their house and to live on the land and to rent out the different rooms of that household.  Now many years went by and after some time the father wanted to come home to give the children the inheritance.  So, they traveled back to their own country.  But when they came onto the property and into that household, they found merchants who had legally acquired shops, places to rent, they had a bakery, they had all sorts of merchandise and things for sale, and the children of that household and the father could not enter back into that household, because they would have to hire a lawyer in order to make it back onto their own property.  So, one person standing by said, he said to the father; “Why don’t you not put up a fight, just give that entire inheritance over to those merchants and then purchase another property, another land, and give THAT to your children?”  But the father responded and said; “This is all of our inheritance and if this is lost EVERYTHING is lost!”  In the back of the father’s house was a river.  The river was beautiful.  And one asked; “Does this river belong to you or who’s river is this?”  And the children answered; “The river is not God’s, the river belongs to the government.”  Eventually the father himself put an end to it all.  The father evicted those that were in his house, he got rid of all those who were selling merchandise and he gave back his inheritance TO THOSE CHLDREN WHO WERE WORHTY TO RECEIVE IT.  For those who have an ear to her let them hear this parable, because God’s house has become a house of merchandise, thieves and robbers, and they will steal your inheritance away from you.  What do you think will happen to those ungodly children who have willfully done this with God’s inheritance?  God’s house shall be called a house of prayer, but the merchants and the men of this world have made it into a den of thieves and robbers and sorcerers.  Will you be part of those that are worthy to inherit God’s house, the inheritance that is for you and your children?  Or will you give it over to the merchants, like how the children of this world and how the worldly christens have given their inheritance over to the merchants?